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Get a better DSLR, old one's burnt out and the P&S cameras are too limiting


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Crazy, man. Crazy.

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Gary Yelland: the lens is not that fast, no gps, no wifi zoom range is ok but not stella, so to sell this one the images would have to be amazing and superfast startup and shoot time.

It's nice to see Nikon keeping the AA dream alive. I carry AA powered Point & Shooters frequently because they are small, light and the packs of spare NiMH cells I have for use with other devices I carry can be easily used when batteries run low. In a pinch you can find AA batteries pretty much anywhere in the world when traveling.

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For the camer owner who has just about everything (they already want)

I know, it's a fashion thing. I can't go out without seeing someone in Camo tops or bottoms or shoes or carrying a pack, bag or purse with camo. In 10 years people will look back upon it as campy.

If you think a camo camera case is going to get you that one picture of a bird, you need to work on your patience and stalking more than anything else.

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On Just Posted: Nokia 808 PureView Review article (208 comments in total)

Nice, but for such a large resolution I'd expect a bit better. Some of those pictures remind me of the empty resolution of my 14MP P&S.

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So Canon have put their toe in the CSC waters. Looks like a good enough entry level system for the masses who want something better than a crummy P&S, but don't want to spend big enough for a DSLR, also wanting something they can fit in a large purse or a book bag. I'm sure it will sell and people will be happy with it. Not my cuppa, but I'll not try comparing apples and oranges.

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On Snowball in the Fancy Felines challenge (9 comments in total)

Now hold cheezburger and shmile!

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On Is Instagram 'debasing photography'? article (290 comments in total)
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Photomonkey: Instagram is truly photography but the question was "is it de-basing photography?"

I actually think it magnifies the fact that for many photography is picture -taking and cool filters/actions/effects.

It is a fad and fads will pass.
Good images will endure regardless of the lack of hip effects.

I'm almost certain the same questions arose among painters when they saw pen and ink drawings. Scandalous.

A few newpaper cartoonists took exception with web cartoonists in some similar manner.

Is it photography? Is it art?

Yeah, only the eye of the beholder can tell you. But truth to tell, a lot of what passes for photography never pretended to be art in the first place. Embrace, fight or ignore.

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I see someone doesn't wait for Photokina to roll things out. Nice.

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Rick Knepper: Nikon can run off 20 copies and that should cover everyone on earth who could afford one of these things.

and is strong enough to carry it any distance.. *GRUNT*

Maybe time to hire out a Lens Caddy.

"This looks like a long shot. Hmm. Boy, hand me my 800mm."

Direct link | Posted on Jul 13, 2012 at 13:25 UTC
On Food on wheels in the A picture is worth a thousand words challenge (8 comments in total)

"We've been swindled, not a bloody lion all trip!"

Great pic!

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On IMG_1103 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

So far it seems a competent camera.

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On IMG_1141 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Looks like a Keweenaw Peninsula shot, along Lake Superior. Possibly Eagle River.

Anyway, as a broad vacation shot it looks like it does the job adequately.

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tkbslc: I find it ironic that so many tactless forum members are bashing these sample shots. Yet, when ever a new model comes out the forums are flooded with samples of canned goods, cats and boring planter boxes as "test images".

I agree. I need YOU to send me to Hawaii (or some other equally exotic locale) to take proper pictures to Wow the socks off everyone properly.

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On Black Skimmer in the Fast Movement shot ( Bird ) challenge (14 comments in total)

Great shot! 420mm with a 300mm lens?

Direct link | Posted on Jun 27, 2012 at 21:41 UTC as 6th comment
On Beer Bubbles in the Beer, Ale, Porter ... challenge (3 comments in total)

I'm suddenly thirsty.

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On Preview:canon-eos-650d-rebel-t4i (274 comments in total)
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Miles of Riles: I've been ooh-ing and ahh-ing for some time now, changing my mind one day to the next, over a Panasonic Lumix GH2 and Canon EOS 600D, now i am thrilled to pieces that the 650D offers everything the 600D has plus the one thing i wanted from the Panasonic!
Only issue - currently out of my price range...anyone any ideas on how long it will be before the launch price drops some?

These are HOT so don't expect price drop any time soon.

Posted on Jun 26, 2012 at 22:37 UTC


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eyeport: How exciting! Would be wonderful if this was for the whole world. ^^

The few.

The proud.

The few ...

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Reilly Diefenbach: Your tax dollars at work. More welfare for the military industrial complex. I really don't think it's for shooting Yosemite.

I'm waiting for the 3D model to come out.


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I remember when I laughed at plastic lenses... I feel so inadequate now.

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