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On Adobe Camera Raw 8.4 and Lightroom 5.4 now available news story (66 comments in total)

Hmm MY LR5.3 says there's nothing to upadte as it's up to date

*scratches bonce*...

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On Fujifilm X-Pro1 in-depth review preview (3 comments in total)

looking at these RAW examples the fuji x Pro looks softer nad less saturated than the Fuji X100s

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On Adobe hack affects 38 million users, not 2.9 million news story (158 comments in total)

OK so I got a letter, "quick -" I thought " go to adobe site, find out which cards I have used there and cancel them" -except I can't find which they were on Adobe site...someone must know....?

as an aside they REALLY should have known this would be tried so how they failed to protect against it is flaming negligence IMO

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On Lightroom 5 Public Beta: What's New article (90 comments in total)
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Dylan Borgman: Can anyone clarify if the LAB color readout is simply a color inspector or it allows us to manipulate curves in LAB space?

not ccntesting your LR observations in the slightest but is LAB in Ps not used a lot more for a/b changes since Dan Marguilis Book? A lot of people I know seem to use itt for that

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On Lightroom 5 Public Beta: What's New article (90 comments in total)
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Kwik-E-Mart: Come on... I know you guys can do it!
Still waiting for Facial Recognition!

easy solution - just upload them all to Facebook!

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On UK's biggest high-street camera store enters administration news story (234 comments in total)

The internet killed them on price - they lost their way immediately the internet hit - Im just surprised they managed to cling on for so long.

Customer service was never better than average

Serves them right- they put most of the local independents out of business by undercutting them way back when and they're just getting a taste of their own medicine.

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On Adobe faces criticism for change of upgrade policy news story (398 comments in total)

Rang Adobe to double check that I would UNEQUIVOCALLY be able to upgrade to Photoshop CS6 boxed or downloadable version, when it came out, at an upgrade price.
-the lady I spoke to only could refer me to the info on their own website which she agreed was ambiguous ; in that it did not specify whether users of INDIVIDUAL CS products would be able to take advantage of the upgrade offer, nor whether the upgrade to CS6 (from CS4) would be for a boxed/downloadable version or whether it would be only for the cloud version.In other words it is still not clear whether users of Photoshop (as opposed to the full CS suites) CS3/CS4 will have an upgrade path to CS6 Photoshop which can be installed on their computer- it is not clear whether the upgrade path (CS4-CS6) will be for boxed/downloadable versions or for cloud only versions ( I asked very specifically about this).Nor is it clear whether the upgrade price will be within the usual upgrade price parameters.

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