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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ1000 First Impressions Review preview (1282 comments in total)

Marcos - not tested....?
The RX 10 has a very nice Macro ability included which ads a big bonus to its overall very good performance. DPR didn't mention anything about the macro features of both cameras here. Did I miss something or is it not worth mentioning?

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2979 comments in total)

Almost llooks like the camera I have been waiting for ages - since the sucessor of Canons's Powershot S 90 had been announced, to be precise.

However, I would never spend money on a camera for 500+ bugs with no seals and no chance at all to get rid of the dust that will create sensor spots on every unselaed compact or changable lens camera, sooner or later

Anyway - this promises to be a fantastic photography tool. Thank you Sony!!!

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On Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark II Review preview (634 comments in total)
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wootpile: Apart from faster lens / dof difference... the GM1 with kit lens runs circles around it in studio IQ scene. Smaller sensor, more pixels, much smaller package, same price... go figure.

Not sure where you compare prices - in Europe the GM 11 with 12-32 sells for less than € 600 and the G1 X II for € 850.
You can easily buy a second good GM 1 lens for the same cost.

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On train in the Motion blur challenge (3 comments in total)

Fantastic compo.My favourite. Congratulations.

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On La Plage in the The Beauty of Seashells challenge (4 comments in total)

Thanks all for your kind comments.
I like it natural - seems some of the voters didn't.

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On Old pocket watch in the Objects 100 years old or older challenge (6 comments in total)

Very well done. Congratulations!

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On Let There Be Light (Part 1) challenge (6 comments in total)

Hi - this sounds like an interessting series. Good challenge theme. Thank you.

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I am using a SW720 since 2006 - 8 years now and it is still working well.
The seals are fine although I didn't use it in salt water very often and as a snokler hardly ever took it deeper than 5m under water.

The specs here look great, very usefull zoom range which I am still missing on all other compact enthusiast cameras.

One important information is really missing here: How about the ISO range?

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On A To Z - Letter A challenge (17 comments in total)
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bluemoonman: Great idea for a challenge,
Just for future clarification will you be accepting Latin words ie plant/insect names in Latin? (it might be useful when you get to things Starting with Z)

You should reduce the languages to english and latin or the idea and your concept will be totally lost. There are so many different expressions for the same thing in the world.
You can e.g. expect to see almost everything under A because there is a language with a word starting with A for almost anything you can imagin.

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On Frozen Ginko in the A Leaf Part III challenge (2 comments in total)

Thank you Barb. Ginko trees and leafsalways look different from all other trees around.I really wonder why this shot gets so many views. What is so special about a yellow leaf?

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On Natural Rock Formations challenge (14 comments in total)
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ragmanjin: Wow, 11 views but 37 votes on my photo. So...what, two in every seven people who voted on it actually looked at it first? That's the kind of sh¡t voting system that gives you 10 years of Bush.
Pretty common here for entrants to vote bomb all their competition's entries?

Don't worrie too much.
Here in the challenges and forums life is all about exactly the same as real life - either you have good family and many friends or you will always be a poor guy and nobody cares about you until you are doing something exceptionally well - or wrong.
So if you really want to be competitive in the challenges - start making friends or your own family and always take good care of them. Cheers.

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On Snowy tree in the Sunset in the countryside VIII challenge (10 comments in total)

wonderfull landscape. Very well done. I really like the view and the superb IQ.
However one thing makes me wonder if this picture is in the right challenge or if the challenge host really sticks to his own rules.
The Additional rules:
The picture must show something about a sunset and something about the countryside, a small town or a village outside of a big city.

Five out of the first ten pictures don't show anything like a small town or village, they are plain landscapes and one is a seascape - far away from the countryside.
It would be a lot easier to participate if everyone just ignores the rules or -. even better: the host of this series changes the rules if he doesn't care if they are respected or not.

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My first little compact DC was a Casio QV-R3 back in 2003. It was handy, innovative, kept promise and I loved it.

I never liked or even thought of a Sony because they simply tried to make things different and ended up worse.

I am still enthusiastic about my S95 and also like my SX240but all that came later was a step back as well or say something different in a similar box producing inferior results.

Times are changing - now I am starting to think there is only one way to go ahead and the signs say that the next compact or bridge DC will become a Sony.

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On Canon Korea teases new camera, EOS M2 or SL1/100D? article (259 comments in total)

As long as we fill 3 pages of more or less senseless comments here the campaign will be a succes for the Canon marketing. They will be amused.

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1514 comments in total)
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Chanthis: Junk.

Not quite. The price tag will raise it from junk to heaven.

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Finally - thats it. Bye bye Canon Powerscraps S100++
Thank you Fuji!

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On Ruidoso, New Mexico challenge (14 comments in total)

I bet the host can sell airline tickets to all these famous places!

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On Canon PowerShot S120 real-world samples (UPDATED) article (67 comments in total)

Wow - what a surprise: lots of blown highlights, average sharpness and the overall IQ of a $200.00 point and shoot camera.
The only amazing 'improvement' of the S120 is the price tag (for Canon).
Maybe some more serious sample shots would have helped to find out what is so special except the size and operations (nearly unchanged since the S90)

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On DSC_0509 in the Odessa, Texas challenge (11 comments in total)

This one is a winner - I am pretty sure it is!

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On Bluey in the Butterflies: Peacocks of the Insect World challenge (3 comments in total)
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RuthC: Congratulations, mjdundee, on placing third in this challenge. What a beautiful blue butterfly.. Ruth :-)

Thank you all for looking, enjoying and for voting.
Have a nice Sunday.


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