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On Sony announces Alpha a5100 compact mirrorless camera article (106 comments in total)

full sensor readout sounds very good!

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On Sony a6000 First Impressions Review preview (894 comments in total)

what mean the new cameraApps " Star Trail, Live view Grading, and Smooth Reflection, "?
Is live-view grading is equivalent to Olympus Live-Bulb mode?

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want to create something new? OK, so please design some E-mount Prime COLLAPSIBLE (very compact) lenses. A prime tele or mid-tele is full of... nothing... just a few optical elements (much less than a zoom lens) in a big package! make it collapsible so everyone could easily carry high quality lens in a pocket.

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bcalkins: Sounds promising!

organic material: what about lifetime? is it as high as tranditional sensor? the main problem with OLED screen, to compare, is lifetime. No such issue with this sensor?

second point: 88dB dynamic range.... seams enormous, no?

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On Just posted: Sony Alpha NEX-6 Review article (330 comments in total)

This NEX 6 is a really great camera, and the 16-50Pz a good lense to go with it.

Anyway, i wish Sony could add a few features, not quoted in the review:
- fully articulated screen for self-portrait
- live-bulb mode as the Olympus OM-D EM5
- "crop zoom"available for movie shooting (without interpolate, as Pnasonic do on micro4/3 cams)
- more still picture aspect ratio : 4:3, 1:1
- more videos modes: Only one version PAL+NTSC and not 2 localized versions, 720p, more mp4 resolutions, slow motion VGA 120 or 240 fps.
- max ISO-auto parameter

And we would get a near perfect camera on a functional point of view.
maybe some of those features could be some future "apps", or firmware updates

I'm impatient to see the future "mid-tele prime E-mount lens" (many people says it will be a 85mm f/1,8). I hope it will be very compact (why not collapsible as the 16-50pz?)

Also need more accessories for the accessory socket (microphone and standard microphone plug....)

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On Just posted: Sony Alpha NEX-6 Review article (330 comments in total)

long awaited review!!! good job.
2 points anyway:
- you talk very little about the lens that goes with the camera: the 16-50pz.... there is certainly a loooot to investigate and say! meaning concerning native optical quality and quality after correction.

- You write a few things about the efficiency of hybrid AF during movie shooting... but Sony says in the NEX 6 manual the PDAF is dissabled during movies (work only for still pictures). So WTF?

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still waiting for NEX6 and more important: 16-50PZ E-mount lens full REVIEW

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Whats worry me about the nex6 is not the NEX 6 itself (for sure a great camera)... but the very interesting but questionning lens that go with it: the SEL1650PZ

see DPreview forum... many many questions
This lens require strong amoutn of correction to give good results (auto correction in JPG, manual or semi-manual correction in RAW).

So, what about the "measured" lens quality with and without correction
What about the real field of view (focal legh equivalent) at wide angle for corrected and uncorrected pictures? What about compatibility with older NEX cameras. Could you ask Sony some official explanations?

The only point with NEX6 is: what about hyrid AF efficiency? and why no hybrid AF available for video shooting? can we axpect an update by Sony concerning this point?

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On Roundup: Enthusiast Zoom Compact Cameras article (421 comments in total)

One question:

Most of those cameras are little bit "big" for a compact camera.
For a only slightly bigger package, you can get Panasonic GX1+14-42X pancake zoom or Sony NEX6 + 16-50PZ pancake zoom.
This give much larger sensors, but you loose wide apertune.... so, what is the best?

Do those "large sensor with extreme compacted zoom lenses" really bring better image quality than the compacts cameas of this review or not?

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ezradja: Come on, those who defend this system, are you not considered yourself fanboys? LOL
It's not about it's look, it's not ugly.
The system that's suck! Small sized sensor, relatively slow lenses, unbelievable high price, all are bad!

slow and BIG lenses regarding the sensor size!

Is this new camera a Joke? april fool?

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