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Comment on about standard Japanese mfr philosophy... That's the way they have approached the market for years. That's why we get good quality products unlike the western folks who once a while come out with new products with many bugs. I'm happy that we have this variance to choose. You should try non Japanese cameras then...

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On Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM | Art Lab Test Review preview (548 comments in total)

In the past Sigma Lens seldom get mentioned by Pro's etc but today it's brand that's not only getting recognised but getting good review rank. This Japanese company come a long way. Very patient, great achievement. Only thing is, the price of their fine achievements are going upwards to.

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On Leica T (Typ 701) First Impressions Review preview (2295 comments in total)

Great information.
It's a digital world and even premium brands needs to adapt (to do the norm) to stay in the market. There is no 'premium' brands in digital world in a practical sense other than brand name showing off.

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zsedcft: Well... At least it has AF! Although I think I would just get an A7r for that money.

So Leica design products to appeal themselves? Self justification. This is why so many companies died over time.

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MrTaikitso: Why? My NEX 5R offered 10FPS shooting, 1080P 60P video, tilt screen etc for a tad less money.

Ferrari durable? Since when did italian make durable/reliable cars? Leave the reliability argument with the Japanese. the other points like style comfort are valid but I guess if you pay the same amount as a Ferrari to Subaru, they can meet the spec to.

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On Ricoh announces medium-format Pentax 645Z article (157 comments in total)
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Time for the other players to WAKE UP and smell the cofe!!! :D

(or they will go the Contax and kodak way... wich will be bad for all possible future clients! :/

This a Pentax niche market... I don't think they would want other competition. Makers could easily adapt and develop. look at Sony. Would you want Sony to venture into MF market and saturate the market. Like they're doing in the FF market.

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Antahkarana: I wrote the President of Nikon Japan last year about their lack of focus and direction. Namely, the 1 system being a flop in North America can be attributed to their "cheap" design (e.g. V2) and lack of interchangeability with other system cameras (e.g. micro 4/3 group). Who wants to be forced into purchasing Nikon glass at high prices?

Another dpreview reader commented that the 1 system sells much cheaper in Japan. I have to concur. The 1 system needs to be sold at a 40-50% discount in North America to generate sales.

My wish is that Canikon both come to their senses and join the micro 4/3 group to help make it a secondary standard to full-frame/APS-C. It would be great if one could purchase a Nikon micro 4/3 body and put an Olympus/Panasonic/Sigma lens on it or vice-versa.

Fuji's roadmap, new product-line, and recent comments to dpreview readers have convinced me to stop buying Nikon... I will be an avid Fuji user from now on.

(Fyi, I never received a reply from Nikon...)

There is more than just electronics. There are lens firmware which interacts with the host camera. Now, the number of the parameters has grown over the years. The newer camera firmware may need all the parameters values and if the 3rd party lens don't have these parameters, the camera might not be able to deliver the desired outcome.
Firmware and the algo contained is IP, why should Nikon share that with 3rd party company?

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erichK: What a boring group of Japanese corporate patriarchs! Even more excruciating than the Sigma, Fujifilm and Sony mughshots of aging male corporate types that have recently appeared here. And we saw a similar bunch of old boys scrambling to cover up the idiocies of their corporate hierarchy at Olympus a couple of years ago. ( A couple even had to give up their corporate sinecures!)

Guess that Japanese corporate leadership is closed to any real innovators, and of course absolutely to women. No wonder their economy remains on the skids: they shut out more than half the people who could really find a way forward!

and ErichK, what do the Japanese co needs to do now? every major economy is in bad state even the US and some EU countries... what they need to do, please advice?

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On Sony Alpha 7R Review preview (795 comments in total)
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abortabort: I think DPR should have included some actual coverage of the LA-EA4 Alpha adapter. Adaption of lenses in covered more properly in other reviews by DPR and despite the SLT adapters being available for a couple of years are seem mostly to have been ignored.

This adapter isn't 'just' for adapting lens mounts, it actually adds significant functionality to the whole camera, by adding a second AF system (with motor drive supporting the mount fully going back 30 years), it actually converts this mirrorless camera into a fully fledged DSLR (DSLT). That is not only quite an achievement, it means that cameras like the A7 and A7R become convertibles - One camera to cover many use cases. No longer having to choose between buying a mirrorless or a DSLR.

Is it perfect? Is there confusion about what it is for? This is why some in depth coverage by DPR on what it IS for as well as how well / badly it works is more important than the assumption 'it's just another clunky adapter'.

Have you used a 6d? No doubt there is only 11 af points but they're spread out well. The af acquisition is pretty good especially in low light. Don't underestimate the importance of low light shots.

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Actually, what's wrong with A99 platform? the A series core/fundamental root goes back to Minolta SLR. Hasselblad may restart back with the new CEO but need a start point.
Most of the specialised part of EU marks are made by Japanese. Lenses, Electronics etc. This is digital era and Japs make the best stuff in the market from consumer to precise/specialised components.

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On Readers' Choice: Best Gear of 2013 Awards article (210 comments in total)

I have a 6D for FF and I love the low light performance of this fellow. I have been a serious OLY follower EPL1, EP3, EM5, EM1. When started with EPL1, never thought this system would be highly accepted but broke the EPL1 and bought the EP3, EP3 is where OLY fixed the focus speed issues and from EM5 on wards was a different story all together. But still i won't claim that the m4/3 can solve all challenges especially on slower zooms. But with m4/3 prime lens, they can be quite fun.
Forgot to add, i received the EM1 battery grip for free from OLY. Nice feel especially for portrait shot. The camera looks great and the button options/settings are great. They stuffed up the battery arrangement, though.

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On Fujifilm X-T1 First Impressions Review preview (1657 comments in total)
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itsastickup: Single SD slot. hmmmm.

Well Said. the probability for a camera to fail is higher than the card.

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km25: Fuji looks like a company that comes up with new ideas in a slow and deliberate manor. Some companies would just start making cameras with this idea. Then sell the next model in a year or two. Even when the X100 and the X-Pro 1 came out Fuji followed up with a lot of frim ware up grades.
It is good that all these companies are moving forward. I think Nikon should goo back to producing their own sensors, their best one is the one they designed themselves, 16MP in the Df and D4. Someone should an article about how many MP one would really need, want and the advantages to having high or low MPs. The use of APS-C, FF and medium format digital. Not just dry numbers, but some real life experiences.

Would kill to have one...5d3 is a different beast, excellent camera for speed and low light shots. Looks like you bought the wrong camera.

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On Canon announces EOS M2 in Japan article (619 comments in total)
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xfoto: "It appears that the EOS M2 won't be sold in either the European or US markets."

Oh what a huge blow

Canon is pretty knowledgable and confident company. The EOSM is well received in Japan vs the western countries. I bet the EU and the US folks will still complain even after releasing M2. They may choose to release the M2 later or might release an entire new product. The MISC for canon is an experimental market. They have the luxury to play around... Advantage of entering the market late. EOSM is a good concept especially with the capability to seamlessly fully integrate with EF/EFS lens via adaptor, EOS SPEEDLITE flash. Something that other make don't have in full. canon is taking care of canon dslr users, offering them the misc experience and retaining their lens business.

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On DPReview Gear of the Year Part 3: Olympus OM-D E-M1 article (396 comments in total)
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StevenE: It's not small enough to be more convenient than my 5DIII, and if you want any shallow DOF you need at least an f/1.4 lens. Aperture f/2.8 is often sufficient on the FF, which can be beautifully thin at f/1.4.

So what use does this m4/3 serve? I would still have to bring the FF to get shallow DOF and low light performance, and I still don't get compact size. I could see m4/3 IF the package was pocketable, but I'd probably still head to the Sony A7, or one of the Fuji APS-C cameras for that.

Can't see the purpose in this one.

A lot of you'll keep going back to scientific test to determine the camera capability but I can't get a m4/3 produce as good image as FF especially in low light shots w/o heavy lightning assistance. I have the EM1/EM5 and a 6D. The EM1 AF is superb but what good is it in low light shots. at times the 6D images at 12K ISO is still useful. It's a fit for purpose issue and m4/3 is a compromise for portability.

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On Panasonic DMC-GM1 preview (639 comments in total)
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N13L5: When you are a backpacker, you're always looking for smaller and lighter, without compromising sensor size too much.

This might just replace my Nex 5 for traveling, with the Nex remaining mounted on a long metal arm at my house.

bubububut...NEX lens system is not the same size as m4/3 variants

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On Canon Korea teases new camera, EOS M2 or SL1/100D? article (259 comments in total)
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Jeff Peterman: It could be that they just threw a cloth over an SL1 to take the shot as an illustration and it has nothing to do with the actual camera that will be announced. I would not put much importance on this image.

Dpreview jumped the gun and associated it with SL1... probably spoiling Canon's plan.

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On Canon Korea teases new camera, EOS M2 or SL1/100D? article (259 comments in total)
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Almeida: If it was Olympus, it would be cool.
If it was Samsung, it would be ordinary.
If it was Sony, it would be bold.
If it was Pentax, it would be old news.
If it was Hasselblad, it would be tasteless.

But since it's a white Canon, then it's junk.

I've 3 gen of Olympus (EPL1, EP3 and OMD). Oly M4/3 only got properly recognised as 'good' after they released OMD. You should try the all the Oly M4/3 prior OMD before saying " it's a white Canon, then it's junk". The Oly cameras were slow and crappy in low light... definitely not cool.

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On Roger Cicala gives Nikon D610 a clean bill of health article (91 comments in total)
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KW Phua: The problem for most Japanese are not admit mistake and move on from there. I work in Japanese Companies before. They always try to cover up. Canon may have improved. Hope they really change.

"The problem for most Japanese are not admit mistake" statement is a direct insult to a nation. You sound racist. Not sure what's Dpreview policy is on this?

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On Roger Cicala gives Nikon D610 a clean bill of health article (91 comments in total)
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KW Phua: The problem for most Japanese are not admit mistake and move on from there. I work in Japanese Companies before. They always try to cover up. Canon may have improved. Hope they really change.

Not sure which Japanese company you worked for the one I worked never did like what you say. Don't specifically insult a nation because of some companies did some wrong.
Here in Australia we see Japanese car companies publicly announce car recall in TV but companies like VW (which includes some Audi) withheld info or denied that their cars had issues to the point where people died in accident. They finally admitted to the problem and called most of their cars for rectification after users threaten for class action law suite. Now, can we claim that Germans are bad because of one or two companies’ mistakes?
If you don’t like Japanese product then don’t buy it… try Leica or other non-Japanese cameras.

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