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marike6: The sample images actually look very good. I could see this lens being useful for a traveller or tourist. Also really like when DPR shoots samples in London as it's much more interesting than Seattle (a nice city, but not nearly as much history and cool sites).

Kurt Cobain's bench is worth a 1,000 Buckingham palaces to some..just sayin..

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Alizarine: I wonder how the Pentax version of this lens will fare on a Pentax body, especially the K-5 IIs :)

Just scour Flickr any time soon and there'll be a dedicated group for this particular lens. and some Pentaxians in that group..

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On Just Posted: Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200 Review article (177 comments in total)
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IndianaIronButt: I purchased the FZ200 and used it for about a week, then returned the camera. I agree that it is a good camera and deserves a high score - for a small sensor super zoom. What I did not realize is that the image quality is not what I am used to. The APSC size sensor on my Canon 7D at 55mm, when enlarged to match the FZ200 was just as good IQ. So, I found that the super zoom doesn't really give any more reach than I already have. However, the primary reason I returned the camera is that the EVF lags too much to capture the moment of a moving target. I could never get the facial expression in the image I was seeing with my eye - even when prefocusing.

Exactly - put a 300mm on an aps-c (450mm) crop 50% (675mm) and the IQ will beat anything from these superzooms..

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5D MKIII capability in a Canon IXUS - sized body :)

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On Background blur and its relationship to sensor size article (18 comments in total)

Great work Carsten; it also shows one advantage of all that zoooom in the Nikon P7700, regarding purchasing one of the latest compacts, with out-of-focus stuff in mind..

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On Just deployed: New forums system article (699 comments in total)

well, everyone is happy then..

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX7 Preview preview (178 comments in total)
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Timmbits: Is it me, or do all of the sample images look dull?
Colors seem washed out, drab.

Timmbits - most new cameras need a +1 in saturation/contrast/sharpness. I'm always curious why the 'default' settings for cameras are usually crap?! and yes weeks later i'm back to check out the LX7 because i was holding out for the XZ-2 prognosis. Good, not great. So now it's a toss up between this, Nikon P7700 and Fujifilm X whatever..i'll just call it the Austin Powers camera..

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Tim in upstate NY: These posts, some of them, show that DPR has become a magnet for malcontents who lack civility and only want to tear down those who have gained recognition by making clever comments but the unintended result is to embarrass themselves along with this site.

Anything 'out of the ordinary' upsets closed minds...

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Image 7 is such a keeper for the Swedish photog - photo taken by Bolt at a majorly historical sporting moment, with his camera, and he's in it, along with loads of colleagues, and it's decently composed - on the office wall i should think :)

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Maybe Canon are underestimating the market competition a little too much...

Even if this one is clearly designed for the not-too-fussed masses, if i was a newbie in a camera store i'd be more excited by the latest 'enthusiast' compact offerings from Pana, Sony and Samsung, or the now lower prices of the Sony C3, Fujifilm X100 or even the Pentax Q....

The serious/bitter & twisted photogs will not like this but they're a minority so Canon couldn't give a toss..this will sell sell sell..

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Eleson: So, if you had $800 (as the EOS-M + 22mm lens) ,
what camera would you buy...?

Fujifilm X100 :)

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Doug Bale: The improvement I would most like to see in Flickr is a filter that would catch multiple postings of the same photo, or of photos that are virtually identical. One of the chief pleasures of the site is the ability to seeing what other people are shooting. It's a pleasure severely diminished by people who take forty-seven virtually indistinguishable shots of the same thing and post every last one of them. It would be nice if Flickr had an algorithm that could tell when anyone does that, and if those peopler could then be required to select no more than three or four of images to keep on the site. It's called editing.

That's a gripe i have with Flickr too, but the only way around it is to limit all users/members to a strict quota of daily uploads. 3 photos per day would suffice, then we'd be spared 35 photos of an oil tanker gradually exiting stage left...

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rusticus: sorry, but who needs this camera?
the good old 550D is at least as good

T3 - This 650D has obvious upgrades to the 550D, but if a first time DSLR buyer was asking for my advice, i'd send them to Ebay for a used 550D every time, and buy a great lens for it with the pocket change..

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On Preview:canon-eos-650d-rebel-t4i (274 comments in total)
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Crotonmark: I am a total DSLR newbie. I am considering this camera or the Canon 60D for my first DSLR. I have two old EF lenses from an EOS 10S so I thought it made sense to stay with Canon (i have a 50mm 1.8 and a 35-105 3.5-4.5)

I want to shoot nature and the occasional sports as well as traditional family pictures.

Does the new T4i sound like a better buy than the 60D?
Is it worth staying with Canon?

Thank you for your patience.


I recommend the vastly reduced in price Pentax k-5, which is superior to every camera mentioned here - also if shooting sports and nature is a priority, a tele lens is necessary. Pentax DA-L 50-300mm is a very good and cheap lens to start out with.

Don't ignore the mirrorless choices either...if i was starting fresh again the Olympus OM-D would be a big consideration...

Not to make your decision more confusing or anything... :)

Posted on Jun 11, 2012 at 09:09 UTC
On Just Posted: Canon PowerShot SX260 HS Review article (99 comments in total)

My next compact will probably be the XZ-1 but my options are still open so naturally i tend to use it in the comparison tool...once again it destroys the competition in the center, the corners, tones, etc..

SX260 HS conclusion: Not bad. Next please...

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NiallM: It's essentially a k-r (which i own and love) with better autofocus, weather-sealing, better video and better VF, just the right amount of MP's, and a very reasonable price too. Seems a real bargain. I guess after all the hoopla surrounding the k-01, Pentax will be relieved to release a more 'normal' camera..

I should have typed "k-r in spirit" but obviously it's far superior :) Even just the WR alone is such a big deal, for some photographers anyway..

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Griffo59: I remember when Pentax was a manufacturer of serious photographic tools.

What happened?

They joined up with Ricoh, so now the company that produced the best aps-c camera is working alongside the company that makes the best compacts. Sounds good to me :)

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It's essentially a k-r (which i own and love) with better autofocus, weather-sealing, better video and better VF, just the right amount of MP's, and a very reasonable price too. Seems a real bargain. I guess after all the hoopla surrounding the k-01, Pentax will be relieved to release a more 'normal' camera..

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josan: from sample photos, My opinion at this point is :
high ISO performance is on the canon's side, but details is on D800 by far.
I am a long time Canon user, but I can say this time NIKON really did a good job, for the first time I am tempted to jump ship .
I can't say which one better for me, until I try both camera myself then I will make my decision . Looking forward for In Depth Review of both camera as well.
I am sure I am not the only one tempted to jump ship for many reasons.
unless Canon come up with something similar with D800 or even better .:)
Canon .... you can !

The Nikon sounds perfect for your needs, and jumping ship (airplane?!) isn't such a big deal when you've got the likes of Ebay around to get rid of the old.

However, if you do a lot of cropping, maybe a new telephoto lens is in fact what you should be investing in..

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On Pentax K-01 preview (376 comments in total)
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jonikon: No viewfinder and no phase detection auto focus is a deal killer in a camera like this. If this were a rumor, I would not have believed it. Using traditional SLR lenses on the K-01 means the auto-focus will be maddeningly slow and no viewfinder is just totally unacceptable for telephoto lenses.
The ill conceived tiny sensor Q system from Pentax along with this poorly designed K-01 make Nikon's new V1 camera look like pure genius by comparison. Sad to say, but it is obvious that Pentax's best engineers left years ago, along with most of the Pentax camera customer base.

No viewfinder is a deal killer for me too..but Nikon V1 is genius? LOL That honour looks to be going to the Oly E-M5..

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