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On Two photographers re-imagine city potholes article (147 comments in total)
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Phil: Or they could have just patched a pothole or two.

Because that's what photographers know how to patch pot holes. Photographers taking pictures on the other hand...that's jus strange right?

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On Is Sony making a sensor/lens combo for smartphones? post (110 comments in total)
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Boerseuntjie: Depending on price this would be a game changer for the Chicago Tribune Iphone photographers ;)


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On Is Sony making a sensor/lens combo for smartphones? post (110 comments in total)
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justmeMN: A new low - DPR repeating sonyalpharumorscom rumor and speculation.

It is speculation but the photos neither prove nor disprove the truth about the rumor. Many OEM product shots are photoshopped or even rendered in 3D, does that mean the product does not exist? Your jab about photoshop is irrelevant.

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jon404: Great. Just what we need... a new technology allowing even-smaller viewfinders. Hey, camera makers! We baby boomers, the only segment left with some savings, have poor eyesight! All the pixels in the world can't help if the display device is physically very small...

Yikes...I wonder how much more power this thing will consume, refreshing at 120hz and using LCD not OLED panels.

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On Social media photo trend: Dragon Ball attacks post (13 comments in total)
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Camediadude: The stupidity of humans ... it never ends.

Actually it's not a fallacy of relevance. The poster above completely undermined your authority with regards to stupidity, hence any comment you make about another persons stupidity is absurd.

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Wow, that a story. There seems to be more and more success stories that start from doing personal work.

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This is so stupid, the point of a tablet is portability. 20" and a 2 hour battery life is any BUT portable.

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LOL I think the MIT guys need to redefine what they mean by "professional" looking images. To be more specific they should explain they are trying to improve the image quality from mobile sensors, that alone does not constitute what the general description of a "professional" image really.
I'm disappointed guys that are scientifically inclined and used to being precise and accurate, are so blatantly misusing descriptions to get notice for this development.
It's like watching Superman pick a half eaten burger out of a trash "dude" c'mon have a little self respect.

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I don't think this phone is catering to tech heads. If it was the 4.0 OS, small screen and lack of 4G will put techies off. As a status symbol it might sell but not to anyone that cares about function or advanced features.

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On App tutorial: Give portraits depth with HDR feel post (38 comments in total)
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villebon: Wow.! Blown highlights and an unsharp image probably due to poor focusing. No wonder you need HDR to rescue it.

The delete key is your friend. Use it.

Seriously, this tutorial is horribly mis-titled. You can't give depth by playing with curves, it has to be captured in the initial image. A black shadow is a black shadow and blown highlights are blown, period.
This example especially talking about more depth, there was way more tonal and dynamic range in the original image. The new one looks like it was shot on 3200 ASA Illford film, them smudged with ink.

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On Just Posted: Sony Alpha SLT-A99 review article (498 comments in total)
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(unknown member): Just used the a99 for a three day conference here in Austin. The EVF was perfect for "pre-chimping" in mixed lighting for stage shots, etc. The 3200 and 6400 were very clean and the body and controls felt just right in my medium sized hands. I think it's a remarkably good camera for any professional who does not shoot fast moving sports stuff. Don't underestimate the appeal to working professionals of the EVF. It's a great addition for me. And the front dial on the camera, set to exposure compensation, means you never have to take your finger off the shutter to mess with EC when actively shooting speeches, etc.

Bonus, the EVF is much better than OVF under very low light.

Thing I thought I would never used that came in handy? The Smart Teleconverter.

I think DP Review's rating is just right. You buy this camera for the sensor and the EVF. If you are dropping $3000 you know why your are buying it and those features outweigh all the anti-fanboy rhetoric.

Me think's it's Barry's bubble that needs to burst, for his sake. To him we might be nuts but when he stands alone, who really is the outsider?

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Reg Natarajan: Terrible change, and I type that sitting in my office in Vancouver. Copyright law and patent law are destroying innovation, exactly the opposite of what they were intended to do. Before copyright law, we had Beethoven, Bach and Mozart. Since copyright law, we have Justin Bieber, Avril Lavigne and Nelly Furtado, and it's not lost on me that the latter three are all Canadian. This is an improvement?

That's a completely unfair comparison and you know it.

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On iPhone 5 vs. iPhone 4S: Image comparison article (94 comments in total)

Seems to be more DR with the iPhone 5. In any case it's not a step down and I was impressed with the 4's camera before especially with HDR.

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Sad Joe: Does this shoot uncompressed video? Another interesting release by Sony that will fail totally to pull anyone from being either a Canon or Nikon user. Too expensive and a lack of a real system to support it.

Yep, uncompressed through the HDMI. It'd be quite the drain on a memory card to record uncompressed video. It's bad enough having to use SDXC or UHS-I cards for stills, but for full HD video 1080p 60 frames progressive? I don't want to spend that much on a memory card when I don't have to.
They also did include tethering for stills. I didn't think I'd need a FF so soon since I'm loving my a77, but strangely I'm pulled to the a99 for video. The new battery grip allows for 3 total batteries to be used at a time on the a99, again for video that would be a godsend. I was thinking of expanding my business into video but now I'm almost certain I will, and not in the near term but almost immediately.

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Octane: I'm happy that as a customer we are getting more alternatives, more competition. It's a good thing for all of us.

Sony is great with adding new technology and fresh new ideas to SLR cameras. They are great at marketing these features. Unfortunately they don't quite work as well in real life. Each cool new features comes with limitations. The very small AF coverage for example really limits the hyped AF capabilities.

I love all the innovations that Sony is adding to their cameras, I would love to use them, but frankly as a pro system it's not there yet. Sony has *one* full frame camera. With Nikon I can pick from a number of cameras that each is designed to match a certain priority.

But most importantly the number of up to date full frame lenses just doesn't cut it. Sony has a long way to go to catch up with Canon or Nikon here. And frankly I doubt they ever will considering how consistent and fast the big two come out with new lenses.

While I see where you're coming from with the impression that Sony's advancements seem unpolished, I think it's a little harsh to say they simply don't work as well in real life.

To your point regarding the hybrid PDAS if you look at the grid for the on sensor phase-detection points, while it is limited and not covering the entire frame it does cover all the points where the rule of 3rds applies. While it may be of some use in certain situations to have hyper accurate focus tracking on the outer sections of the frame, the immediate areas of importance are covered sufficiently and the hybrid focus is from reports simply amazing.

Second, regarding Sony's lack of modern full frame lenses there's nothing wrong with any of Minolta's G lenses. The only addition to the newer lenses of note is the coating and the SSM. The coating wasn't an issue for an entire generation of pro's and is a luxury today, and the SSM motor is quite the luxury and only of significance for video.

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On Sony Alpha SLT-A99 preview (326 comments in total)
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HobbiesAreFun: Is it just me, or is the basic 19-point AF system ridiculously small, and perhaps a little bit more than just resembling that of the A77.

Did you miss the part about the 109 point on sensor phase-detection points, to support the 19/11 cross point?

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