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On article Going Pro: We interview Fujifilm execs in Tokyo (365 comments in total)

I agree Barnaby, Fuji has had a strong showing in the medium format film area of the past, (I STILL lust over a GX-680 system)! They had some good rangefinder 645 cameras, so they already have some engineering experience in that space.
It would be smart to bypass 'full-frame' leaving that battle between CanNikon and Sony.

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I liked Sam's description of the optical viewfinder helping with timing of shots, HCB would be happy!

I enjoy the quick raw videos, keep it up you guys.

(I also enjoy seeing Seattle, I miss her).

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On article Opinion: Pour one out for Samsung cameras (323 comments in total)
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Rishi Sanyal: I was just telling my wife last night in the grocery store how nice it'd be to have a video camera in the fridge so we could see if we'd run out of pickles. I just couldn't remember how many pickles we had left. And I just don't like hamburgers without pickles.

Thankfully, Samsung to the rescue.

We laugh at the cam in the fridge, but remember the very first web cam was trained on the break room coffee pot, so users could determine if it was worth the trip for a refill!

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On article Gear of the Year Part 4: Dale's pick - Samsung NX1 (407 comments in total)

I hope the vague and improbable rumor that Samsung might be talking to Nikon is true. The NX1 would make a fantastic Nikon 1 V4!

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Love the 'bokeh' shots, (DSC05193, DSC05175)! Almost looks like a Photoshopped background!

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I very much enjoyed the video. The interview fragments of the local people made it very inviting and warm. The story line was well choreographed, between camera in the land, and the people of the land. Made me wish for a full length video of Kiliii's trip! I appreciated the tip near the end of the challenge of focus on lower cost cameras, something to keep in mind when I choose between a 5Dx, or a Txx!

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On article Into the woods: Samsung NX500 Field Test (73 comments in total)

I really enjoyed this video. The clip had a good well developed story line, and flowed very well through to the end. I liked that it highlighted the features of the camera as well as involving the viewer in a field trip to the woods.
I'd say this video should earn a DPR 'Gold' award!

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On article The effect of pixel size on noise (67 comments in total)

Hey! Could you add the Pentax 645z to the mix?

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On article Opinion: Why the Canon XC10 is a big deal (814 comments in total)

This product is probably why we have not seen a bunch of innovation in the Rebel or the 5D line lately (at least in video), they were putting their efforts into this type of camera. I think Dale is right, Canon is looking to aim for the golden mean in multimedia capture devices. Sure there are compromises, but so also is an SUV (to switch metaphors), an SUV is not a very good Jeep, and a terrible station wagon, but they sell very well anyway.

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On article DPReview Recommends: Selfie-Sticks (137 comments in total)

Ha Ha!
dpreview, here is the one I want a review on

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On article Panasonic Lumix DMC-GM5 Review (453 comments in total)
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majicmoments: Thank you for the review Allison.. nicely done. I would add that its so short sighted of Panny not to include a tilty screen.. a small discreet camera like this would be used a lot in street shooting- cafes-tight crowded spaces ect.. its allmost a must here..

Tilty screen? That is what the wifi is for, setting the camera on the ground, and controlling the camera from your phone!

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On article Sigma 50mm F1.4 DG HSM review (584 comments in total)
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steelhead3: Too bad it was tested on a low resolution camera.

If adapters are so bad, then why does dpreview, and imaging-resource use them to test micro43 camera resoultion? It is interesting to view image comparison wigets of the olympus cameras (with an adapter using the excellent zuiko 50mm macro), beating or at least equaling other competitors in resolution! Adapters are not the primary problem in the resolution pipeline!

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Good writeup Allison. I too struggle with the DSLR vs not Going Shooting choice. This struggle is kind of ironic since I used to pack a Crown Graphic into the woods with three lenses and film holders full of T-Max and Velvia! But now even my D70 and SLT-A57 seem too heavy and bulky to take along!

The only thing I would miss on the GM1 is stabilization for the small primes, but the high ISO performance is getting so good with m43 cameras that it might not be as important in practice as I'm thinking.

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On Connect post Accessory review: Shuttr remote image capture (6 comments in total)

Cute squirrel pic, (and caption)! Nice way to illustrate the functionality of the product.
I agree with Impulses that you might already have this function in your pocket if you have a bluetooth headset.

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DonTom: I like this lens, but probably won't get it. Not when the new Olympus 60/2.8 macro lists for $499.
This will probably list at $1299 like the 12-35mm, which is getting up there.

The Canon equivalent (70-200 F2.8) is $2200.00. Also the Canon is TWICE as long, and 4 TIMES heavier!
I would guess the Lumix 35-100 will be around $1500.00 or so.
And from looking at the lens tests of previous Lumix/Olympus offerings, the corner sharpness exceeds the full frame equivalents.
Lighter, smaller, sharper, cheaper, whats not to like?

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On article Technique: Digital Photo Collages (107 comments in total)

Great article. I am mostly a 'straight photography' person, so this helped 'expand the box' of my thinking.

By the way, I think many of the posters here forgot to read the statement in step 4, Barnaby said: "...but as with anything creative, there's no right or wrong way to do it." So if you want to do a collage, with with full resolution raw files from a D800 then go right ahead, just don't shoot the messenger ok?

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On article CES 2012: Lytro Photowalk (140 comments in total)
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CameraLabTester: This type of camera has great many uses... like for security recording, monitoring capabilites, etc.

But for high end artistic photography, advertising, and media requirememnts... maybe not (yet).

It's a great invention... now it needs to find a reason for a great need for it...

Yes, for example, taking photos of toddlers running around a living room. It would be wonderful to adjust focus so your little munchkin is sharp instead of the teddy bear!

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Entropius: Something that I've wondered about about the D4:

In the press release, Nikon makes a big deal out of the fact that some of the autofocus points will focus with lenses dimmer than f/5.6; they say that some of them will work down to f/8. Canons, I know, also have issues with this.

However, every Olympus DSLR will quite happily autofocus at f/7 (even my old banged up E-510, with its 3-point AF sensor, 1 point cross sensitive). It'll even AF at f/11, using a f/5.6 lens with a 2x converter -- although it's slow in poor light.

Does Olympus have some sort of magic AF sensor? In my experience Olympus single-shot AF beats Canon's hands down (although continuous AF is a whole different story).

Finally someone who knows what they are talking about! Thanks jjnik, apparently people have forgotten about how auto apertures work!

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On photo Morning in the Island challenge (5 comments in total)

Looks like Parksville lake in Tennessee, (on the Ocoee river). Hopefully the photographer will clue us in!

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