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pgphoto_ca: For's a very good combination.

Smaller than the D800 (and my D3S) for hiking....great !
The D800....36mp is to much.......24mp is just right....great!
But a bit slow at 5.5 fps....not so great!
The 1/8000 sec missing is not a deal often we use 1/8000 sec....
If the image quality is approx equal to the D800 ...including DR et Noise....that will be great! Let's wait for good sample image before ordering one.
I also hope the video will be sharper then the D4.....but the D600 with clean HDMI's great! bug for this on the D800 focus issue....:)

5.5 fps is slow? Do tell.

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CFynn: "No AF micro-adjust function (D800 allows micro-adjustment in +/-20-step increments)"

This makes no sense. The D7000 also has +/-20-step AF micro-adjustment.

Nikon's website says the AF can be "fine tuned" - isn't that the dame thing?

DP has since changed the article to point out it DOES have af tuning.

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VividExposures: "No AF micro-adjust function (D800 allows micro-adjustment in +/-20-step increments)"

That unfortunately is a huge deal breaker for me :(

HA Bare - you are being sarcastic right?

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Lyric: This looks like some cheap s**t. I can't believe Nikon is selling this cheap body for $2000. The D300's is a lot better than this junk. So Nikon places a Full Frame sensor in the camera and that gives them the right to price this at $2000? It would be different if the specs were better or at least the same as the D300's. But instead they choose that cheap crappy design of the D7000 and if you go a step below to the D300s you get a better camera and better build. I can say dump this idea and those interested should just save up for the D800 or buy a D300s. Because by far the D300s have a better build quality and functions. If the D300s or D800 is not an option than worse case jump over to Canon. I would pray and hope that Canon is not this stupid. Nikon should get hell for this. Just because its an entry level full frame doesnt mean it deserves crappy build, options and more. Like I said, heck the D300s is better than this crap whether it be build quality or options. So all about sales?

Dude - relax and form a coherent sentance. This is a huge block of text.
In conclusion, you actually told people to choose between a non-FX and a super expensive FX. Seems like there is a market for the inexpensive FX camera, bam - d600.

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I Wayan Pica: I'll wait for the upgraded version, lets say D4z, with strip-out video capabilities...

Maybe you should try it? What has better video quality, a $1000 video camera or a $1000 DSLR? Why carry 2 devices?

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Eric Peltzer: Firstly, I have a Canon 5D II and a Canon HD video camcorder. The 5N in most ways is better than either or both. I've shot hours of video with the 5N, reviewed it closely, never got a single click. So last night I took it out and shook it pretty vigorously on video, and yeah, I can hear clicks. The picture doing this is not even close to usable, a shaky incomprehensible mess.

I take a lot of video & try pretty hard to keep the camera steady. But I do walk around with it & film the kids etc. On one shot my kids were in a push car tearing around the driveway in circles. I sat in the center & panned the camera halfway around, then quickly panned the camera in the other direction to pick them up circling around again, repeat. No clicking. So, again, it's a violent shake that produces this phenomenon.

But, from the sound of it there may be some cameras where the problem is worse than mine and occurs at lower accelerations. For me it's completely a non-issue. Awesome camera.

I hadn't shot any video with my 5n, but when I read there was clicking issues I took it out for a quick test. Mine clicks when I slowly move it from horizontal to vertical or do anything faster then a slow pan shot. Hopefully the repair / fix will correct the issue. Sounds like some cameras are better than others...

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