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  • It's unfortunately as there are quite a few things that could have been improved with a software update, especially as this was a rather new concept (fixed lens zoom lens camera with manual ...
  • Market differentiation. These largely aren't "pro" cameras. They are enthusiast cameras, so they represent something other than just tools to get the job done. Why churn out shapeless, neutered...

  • I use the clip-on OVF, but would love a built-in OVF. Prefer OVF over EVF for a camera like the GR in order to save on battery. An EVF seems like overkill on a fixed lens 28.

  • Is it any faster? Recently ditched Lightroom 6 for Capture One due, in part, to how slow LR6 ran on my computer. Just curious, no desire to go back.

  • Yeah, that's what's annoying is that both these issues could be fixed in software. I don't hold much hope because Fuji has had years to install some kind of quick zone focus in the X100 series, but...

  • Until someone builds a compact, fixed lens camera at this price with zone and hyperfocal focusing implemented so well, the Ricoh GR has no competitors for many street photographers. Fuji almost got...

  • Size and snap focus are the reasons for the GR. No other compact I know of has implemented zone focusing as well.

  • Commented on article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X70

    Barn, if you are serious about street photography and understand how to incorporate the GR's snap focus into your workflow, you'll understand why an electronic distance scale is an inadequate...

  • One of the X70 testers notes in the comments that the LCD on the X70 cannot be turned off. For those of us who shoot the GR with ...
  • Commented on article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X70

    The rumor is that the GRII was slated to get the Sony a6000 sensor, but delays in sensor production plus Sony's contractual delay required from competitors to use their sensors meant it wouldn't...

  • Commented on article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X70

    I really want to love this cameras as a street shooter as I prefer Fuji classic controls over the Ricoh GR controls and I prefer Fuji RAW files, especially at high ISO.

    But if Fuji can't figure...

  • Commented on article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X70

    The problem is that you have to muck with it every time you switch aperture. GR allows you to permanently link an aperture and associated focus distance in the MY settings.

  • Commented on article Hands-on with the Fujifilm X70

    Who cares about auto focus on a 18.5mm ASP-C camera? It seems Fuji failed to include a fast way to toggle zone and hyperfocal settings like you can with the Ricoh GR. If you shoot street, being...

  • I would miss the Ricoh's snap focus more. So far, there's nothing to suggest Fuji has designed a way to manual zone/hyperfocal focus any easier than the cumbersome electronic focus scale on the ...
  • Fuji's has minimum shutter speed for auto ISO for their other X cameras and I would suspect this has it as well. My concern is whether they do some kind of snap/zone focus feature. Fuji hasn't ...
  • Oh and reliability for the Fuji. I don't think the Ricoh lenses are too prone to getting stuck, but it does remove another potential point of failure.
  • The lens doesn't recess, so it won't be nearly as pocketable.
  • Yeah, it doesn't retract. Plus one for aesthetics, minus two for portability and no-lens-cap-need convenience.
  • Well, it's Ricoh's auto exposure. It's pretty much always a stop underexposed. It's not the worst thing in the world as it's correctable in post and prevents highlights from getting too hot and ...
  • Just I hope Ricoh continues to ignore them.
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