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On Fujifilm X-E1 hands-on preview (410 comments in total)
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Nuno Souto: Funny. When the Xpro-1 came out and I commented the viewfinder was idiotic without an inbuilt dioptre correction, I got back derogatory comments from idiots here, saying it was not relevant.
Apparently, Fuji thought it was. Where are the "experts" now, I wonder?
Same old same old, Usenet or dpreview forum...

I remember reading somewhere that they couldn't make the adjustment fit on the x-pro1. The hybrid VF was too big and complicated so they had to leave it off. The lack of an adjustment was one of the main reasons I held off from buying the x-pro1 and why I'm getting the x-e1 instead.

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Marksphoto: pictures look ugly, skintones are gray and lifeless. Looks as if there was a piece of transparent plastic placed in front of the lens while shooting.

another reason to shoot raw and if you are a raw shooter the upgrade from Mark 2 is irrelevant.

I can't tell the difference in image quality improvement. I can do the same in jpeg mode with 5D Mark2 and just tell everyone I shot it with the new camera.

I have to agree about these photos, they're pretty bad. I upgraded from the mark ii to the mark iii and honestly, I don't see much difference in image quality. I'm sure people will find differences, but I'm getting the same class of prints that I got with my mark ii. I don't generally shoot above 3200 ISO and I rarely shoot that high, so I can't really comment on the improvements in extremely low light. If all I was looking for was a significant bump in IQ, I'd be sorely disappointed.

That being said, the mark iii is so much more versatile. It is a completely different shooting experience. For me, the AF, shooting speed, and build quality really do make a difference in everyday use. I'm a little bitter at the price increase, but I'm really happy with the improvements. If these things aren't worth the price to upgrade to you, then I think the mark 2 is a perfect choice.

PS - I don't shoot video either, so I can't comment on any differences in video quality.

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