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On App tutorial: Give portraits depth with HDR feel post (38 comments in total)

Wow.! Blown highlights and an unsharp image probably due to poor focusing. No wonder you need HDR to rescue it.

The delete key is your friend. Use it.

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GPW: Can anyone else see where these devices can become an invasion of privacy!!!

Wow $49! Does it even come with a lens?

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On Coming soon: Lens Reviews to return to dpreview.com article (272 comments in total)
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jkrumm: One strange thing about Dxo lens tests, unlike lenstip and slrgear, they rate 4/3 and m43 lenses from poor to middling, at least in resolution. Not sure what the reason is. Maybe they are not taking sensor size into account? Will be interesting to see what they get out of the new Oly 75 1.8, which appears to be about as flawless as lenses get.

And so does photozone.de!
M4/3 uses in camera processing to overcome lens shortcoming. They were probably the frist to do so.

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In a way it's kind of funny reading comments from the know-it-all idiots who can't fathoms the idea of the Panasonic G5 being used at the Olympics.

These appliance users have no idea on how sport photography works except what they imagine: long lens and high ISO. They are ignorant that the indoors meets are lighted for television at ISO 200.

It's all about the photographer. The average appliance user wouldn't last a day at the Olympics with the top of the line camera equipment: all they would take would be amateur snaps worthy of the delete bucket.

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Only measurebators judge the quality of an image by its sharpness or the lack of apparent noise, simply because they don't have any other criterias: the're camera users as in appliance users. Photography for them is point, shoot and pixel-peep.

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On Let me in please... in the Dirty Laundry challenge (1 comment in total)

Picture of a stuffed dummy.

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On Queen Elizabeth's 60-year reign in the Queen Elizabeth's 60-year reign challenge (4 comments in total)

Wearing gloves so common people can't touch her.

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On Practical HDR, Second Edition article (54 comments in total)

HDR Photography.

That used to be a valuable tool until the amateurs started doing just about anything with HDR and ruined it for everyone else and gave it its bad rep.

Now, HDR resides in the basement of color photography from where it may never come out.

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On Just Posted: Sony DSC-RX100 preview with sample images article (645 comments in total)

Count me in. I'm getting one. This camera has nothing in common with the puny sensor of the Canon S100. Finally a pocketable camera with a larger sensor. Sony will sell a boatload.

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For those who think that the megapixel race has outdistanced the lens, see myth # 4.


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On butcher PS IMG_3870 photo in Toon Vogels's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Looks like the guy is waiting for you to release the shutter!

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On dpreview.com gets mobile article (110 comments in total)

On my 10" tablet the regular version works just fine. No need for a whimpy mobile version. :)

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On DxO Labs announces Optics Pro 7 with faster performance article (167 comments in total)

dpreview said:

"A fully-functional trial version of DxO Optics Pro 7, good for one month, is available on the DxO Labs website (http://www.dxo.com/us/photo/free_trial_version).

Well, only version 6 is available for free trial download. Not interested.

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On Sun rise 5-30-10 002-1 in the The Garden challenge (5 comments in total)

Overall a nice pic, but not an easy one to make. I see blown highlights, dark area without detail, CA and even posterization. The first three I would expect in this kind of lighting and can be adjusted, but posterization?

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On "The Afghan Girl" in the Flattery: Imitation challenge (33 comments in total)

Plagiarism. Akin to using tripod holes of other photographers. Like using someone's else imagination!

Or like copying a great painting: would one win a first place for doing so? I don't think so.

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On New York Cab in the Hep! Taxi! challenge (7 comments in total)

Congrats to Jesse for this image and his interpretation of the scene and for your first place award.

We need more of this type of image instead of the boring stuff floating around.

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