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On The Wild Southwest: Jory Vander Galien's landscapes article (60 comments in total)

This guy rivals Ansel he's that good! IMHO

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On Best breakfast in Santorini in the Yum! challenge (1 comment in total)

don't forget to add some honey!

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yonsarh: Hasselblad does not make or product anything. They may be good at DESIGN concept and hardware is basically same as sony. Customers are not dumb. Instead of paying more $$$, they would rather go for other brands. This kind of marketing will loose company profit and moreover, reliability. Doesn't mean design makes product makes better, but Hasselblad should approach different concept of digital marketing if they want to survive. I bet their sales have been lack of sales, that is why I think they are closing.

Fuji !

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I'd be happy to see them succeed and I can understand film but super 8 & 16mm doesn't make sense, if I remember well it used to cost me around $20 for buying and processing 5 minutes worth of movie and you all know what digital is capable of and also how many of us still have the movie cameras?

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On Burchell's zebra in the Full Frame Sensor Challenge - Digital or Film challenge (10 comments in total)

One of the best pictures of a Zebra I have ever seen!

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On 1938 Panhard Dynamic Headlight Grill in the Old Grills challenge (1 comment in total)

Great museum, been there!

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On Lake di Trovel in the A Stroll By The River or Lake challenge (1 comment in total)

This shot deserves better than 99th place!

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Just curious, does anybody really use f2.8 on a 300? to me that's a big price to pay for one f stop.

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On Canon announces 16-35mm F4L and 10-18mm F4.5-5.6 lenses article (368 comments in total)

The 10-18 should be OK judging from other STM lenses, I was debating buying a Tokina 11-16/2.8, this may change my mind.

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On loxodonta africana in the A To Z - Letter L challenge (7 comments in total)

This is a prize wining photo!

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On Lomography launches Russar+ for L39 and M mount cameras article (120 comments in total)

I checked Russar lenses on e-Bay and they are priced in the $500 and up range.

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I knew you guys would have a field day with this and I don't blame you.

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On In photos: Flowing fins of Siamese fighting fish article (28 comments in total)

On a positive note, they are good photographs.

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Ben Herrmann: CAUTION: Be very careful - I just did the firmware update for the Nikon P7700, and now, 3rd party batteries no longer work. The camera will not respond to any of the 3rd party models that I have - including the Wasabi's that are superior. Once you turn off the camera (after firmware update), it will not start up again with a 3rd party battery (at least in my case). But it will function just fine with Nikon batteries. Way to go Nikon!!!! You Tu_ds....another way for you to make an extra buck now having to buy your batteries exclusively.

Same here on my D5100, Third party batteries don't work.

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On Retro Nikon 'DF' emerges from the shadows article (1396 comments in total)
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stefanosensolini: Nikon begin in photography making copies of Contax cameras, adopting theyr optical coupling too
and Canon making copies of Leica Cameras, optical coupling too; not so glorious or not?
after all they were from Japan, not Germany, and Japanese at that time were famous for copy not create.
They did it so well that they at the end replaced the originals.

Not everything that comes from Japan are copies except Lexus that copies Mercedes Benz model for model!

Direct link | Posted on Nov 2, 2013 at 07:22 UTC

Are you kidding? Mark Newson again, didn't he get the message the first time, camera design are not his forte!

Direct link | Posted on Oct 9, 2013 at 00:15 UTC as 193rd comment

Excellent! you deserve first place.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 12, 2013 at 17:43 UTC as 3rd comment

Another overpriced gadget (12.?MP) from Leica, other brands outperform the L-c at a fraction of the price.

Direct link | Posted on Sep 9, 2013 at 14:18 UTC as 86th comment

I think this will be a nail in the coffin for some existing systems!

Direct link | Posted on Sep 5, 2013 at 14:24 UTC as 19th comment

Didn't Leica have something like this for their R-System?

Direct link | Posted on Aug 22, 2013 at 15:15 UTC as 16th comment | 6 replies
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