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Boky: LX100 is a clear winner. It is bluntly obvious - at all ISO's (in particular high 3200 ISO where Sony and canon start falling apart..). Even the corners look very good. In other words, you get the high quality sensor AND optics in one package.

Sony's learned from canon... all the bad things - repackage, change/increase the number, and charge $200 more. Lame.


Maybe the sharpness is more uniform, but all the faces look significantly less sharp on LX100 than on the Sonys. And the reason why I never bought the LX100, although I thought about it, was that lens performance left a lot to be desired.

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On Canon EOS 5DS R added to studio test scene comparison article (518 comments in total)

The most fascinating thing for me was how much less moire IQ180 has compared to Nikon & Canon since it also doesn't feature an AA filter.
And second thing is a personal preference, but I have always found that Canon sensors gave skin colors with more magenta and less yellow compared to Nikon and in this case (D810 & 5DsR) it seems to be the opposite with Canon significantly more yellow and significantly different than the others (noticeable both in caucasian, asian and african skin tones to me). And the green that used to be more intense on Nikons (like my D700) now seems more subdued compared to Canon.
I know that all of that can be modified with post processing, but I found the difference in default capture interesting compared to what I previously noticed, i.e. that Canon cameras had better skin tones.

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On 12 stunning photos of Godafoss - Waterfall of the Gods article (78 comments in total)

The last one is exceptional.

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lancet: Great idea. Great execution. And his body of work shows that he is capable of producing high quality work at a regular basis.
That's why ESPN hired him and not the commenters bellow.


If you ever saw the video on how he shot Rudy Giuliani, you would probably never say that about his lighting technique. Or you would, because you never did such things.
Taking a Nikon or Canon dslr and going out shooting portraits is much easier than shooting 8x10 film with a view camera and complete artificial light setup (and no WB correction in post or such) and doing it without mistake in a timely manner.
If you could do it, you would be shooting it, and not him.

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maxnimo: So this needs an external computer to work? Samsung will eat them for lunch.

You obviously don't understand to whom this product is targeted, but it's obviously not you.
So, be happy with the Samsung.

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On Just posted: Hands-on preview of the Canon EOS 100D/SL1 article (379 comments in total)
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Donnie G: It always tickles me to see all of these posts about sticking big zooms on small camera bodies. C'mon, how many people actually do that? If you do , then why blame the manufacturer for the poor ergonomic fit that results from that union? After all, just because you can do a thing doesn't mean that you should do it. I think this new DSLR body from Canon would be a great street photography camera if paired with a fast single focal length prime lens from 24mm through to about 85mm. Canon already has plenty of choices in that focal length range, so lens availability isn't an issue (my favorites are the 50s).

Once people actually are able to get their hands on one, this new EOS Rebel SL1 will probably prove to be as popular as traditional Rebel bodies, if not even more so, thanks in large part to Canon's clever packaging that doesn't leave out anything important to the DSLR user experience. IMHO, the camera is a winner.

@ Donnie G

Since by far the largest market in interchangeable lens cameras (including MILC) is APS-C, I don't know how many users more there needed to be?!?

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Great idea. Great execution. And his body of work shows that he is capable of producing high quality work at a regular basis.
That's why ESPN hired him and not the commenters bellow.

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In 2008/09 it was a new thing. Now most of the more expensive or more artistic wedding photographers use them. Even in Croatia.

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cmc1: Seriously, and please educate me if i am wrong. Am I missing something here with these studio comparisons? I always view the Queen of hearts playing card top left corner because of the lines colours and details and every camera I think to be bad everyone else says is very good. From what I can see after comparing loads of camers nothing seems to come close to the Sony NEX7?? I don't own a NEX7 nor am I Sony fanboy but it appears to produce the sharpest images on this test card upto about iso1600.

On many cameras, especially full frame, the queen of hearts is outside of depth of field. That makes it a problem for evaluation.

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Murray Rothbard: Pro photographer: Anyone who shoots full frame and pretends that Sony doesn't exist.

Actually, I think imaging division of Canon is just a small part, as is Panasonic, Fuji, Ricoh and Samsung. Only company in Japan that makes most of it's profits in camera business is Nikon, and that is only because of the fact that their stepper business is in a downfall. Nobody wants to have all eggs in the same basket, not even Nikon, especially if the basket is the diminishing camera market.

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qwertyasdf: There are the real pros that can track a runner with a manual focus camera...just like the good old days
And there are the so-called pros that shoots with 10fps, the best AF system in the world and gets 1 keeper out of 3000 shots.

It was those pros that switched to auto focus as soon as it was available, making Canon No.1 player and Nikon loosing ground. Everybody who has an assignment to get a certain number of shots without the opportunity to redo any of them will take the best possible equipment that will make it easier for them.

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On Dan Chung posts 5D Mark III vs. D800 video shootout article (203 comments in total)
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Jun2: Yeah, put the adaptor on Canon, not the other way around.

Because it's imposible to mount Canon lens on a Nikon due to shorter flange distance.

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