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FRANCISCO ARAGAO: I wonder why every mobile phone camera is not like that.

Looked up that Oppo N1. Smart solution indeed and definitely better than this one.

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Joe Ogiba: I shot some 4K UHD videos of the moon with my Samsung NX1 the past week with 920mm F9 and 1480mm F6.3 scopes.

screenshots :

Impressive indeed!

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On Connect post DxOMark Mobile report: Sony Xperia Z3+ (4 comments in total)

I hope LG G4 review is on its way. Eager to see how good it really is - seems to have lots of potential.

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Lightcapture: Good to see Dpreview doing a thecamerastoretv style of video review of these video-capable cameras!

TheCameraStoreTV shot the Olympus OM-D E-M5 II hands-on test with a Sony camera, so this time DPReview did a better job of giving an idea how the video footage from Olympus looks like.

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kevin_r: Price of Sony A77II is now only $998 with instant $200 rebate at Adorama.
So if anyone is new to DSLRs or wanted to switch anyway, there's an equally appealing camera for the same money. Just doesn't have a touch screen.

@twhip It's not that bad - although it has some limitations (, it is still pretty flexible:

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Spot on:

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Artpt: I still can't understand why 4K video (or other codecs) can't be cooked into the firmware....if a smaller sensor smartphone handles a 50 Mps rate, why can't the latest group of cameras?....even a sensor crop to reflect the 8MP frames..

My only thought is that the video codecs are protected or limited to certain brands....wouldn't adding this feature at least attract attention in a crowded market?

DPR forum members, don't be shy and comment.,,,Olympus, please read...

Bigger sensors need an effective cooling system for shooting longer high quality videos without overheating. And generally the video quality on Olympus cameras is miles behind Sony and Panasonic. Obviously video is not a priority for Olympus.

Here's a bit more:

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RadPhoto: Also, I woudn't trust the first batch coming from Fuji! I got the X-T1 and had the the faulted keypad and Fuji is still in denial!

Speaking of first batch coming from Fuji, X10 and its white orbs come in mind, too.

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On article Nikon to offer D600 replacements if 'spots' continue (175 comments in total)
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lap777: Now every D600 has un unlimited time shutter warranty. Who's gonna cry now?

I agree with lightandday. After the bad experience with Fujifilm X10 and the way their spokesperson ridiculed the white orb issue, I just will not choose their products anymore. Because if a company doesn't respect their customers it doesn't deserve their money.

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Edgar Matias: I'd take this over an RX100 in a heartbeat. Nice work Canon.

Still the G1 X Mark II is too big - if it is not pocketable, you might as well choose a bigger and more capable camera to put in your bag.,475,534,375.360,ha,t

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FastFisher: Forget the image quality for now.
Korean users are finding what seems like a major design flaw with 5DIII.
Currently light leaks through the top LCD panel and it screws the metering sensor. Therefore if you shoot anything beside manual, your exposure will be incorrect. Test it for yourself and you'll see.

Seems that there might indeed be a light leak issue:

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ProfHankD: I think this means I should complete tweaking my free software that fixes orbs:

It currently has some trouble identifying orbs, but I'm collecting training cases, and should have a fairly reliable version ready for full source code release soon.

Many thanks, ProfHankD!
I am very grateful for your time and effort you have put in developing this tool. Maybe this tool is not perfect yet, but considering the time I would have to spend correcting every blown light source in every affected picture, this tool is already a big big step forward.

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I think that the hope for Fuji users might be the case with Sigma SD9 - that model had very similar blown out highlights, see

And Sigma did come up with a firmware fix:
Benefits of this Firmware (V Update:
* Reduced tendency to highlight blowouts and "blooming" in overexposed long exposure shots.
* Several bugs fixed

Sigma also made changes in its RAW processing software that also helped to improve the issue with color clipping:

So let us hope Fuji can come up with a good firmware/software fix, too.

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