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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (941 comments in total)
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TheBaldEagle: I wish/hope that the new high ends Nikon Cameras (like D810) have at least 4K video output (even in APS-C crop size) for other recorders in order to compete well with Sony Alpha 7S and others 4K capable cameras because 4K is the future (next several years) for high end video!

I wish the D810 replacement ( D900 ) has NO VIDEO. I never shot video and never will.
The point is: the world is not revolving around one's needs. In this moment all the gear in the world is superb ( Canon, Nikon, Sony, etc. ) stop complaining and pick a system AND USE IT.

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On Nikon D810 Preview preview (941 comments in total)
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Just a Photographer: According to Nikons' current naming convention.
The D800 was flawed, why else call it D810?

Everything off late that has the x10 naming with Nikon had hardware problems.

Too bad that current D800 owners will now know there will be no firmware updates to their beloved camera anymore and that they have a EOL product after only two years.

You do understand that all new products have flaws. Early adopters often have to pay a price and encounter all sorts of issues. Yes some models had this problem, but as a percentage I don't think this was such a big deal.

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On Ethics of prize-winning photo debated article (151 comments in total)
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Alejandro del Pielago: Some posts are so filled with bitterness... about everything, but not everything applicable in this case.

Get all the information, then judge.

So many people don`t use the available information, but just a black liver to judge.

It's just sad. People judge so easily, yet they don't know all the facts. They didn't bother looking at the whole series of photos. They didn't try to process all the information and don't know what was wrong in the photo description. This thread is a ridicule to photography and photojournalists. An absurd rant driven by ignorance and lack of knowledge.

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RoccoGalatioto: Nikon should be ashamed of themselves for even considering a plastic mount.


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