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On Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path article (1445 comments in total)

".... frustrated by how little reach their 70-200mm now offers"

I don't quite understand the "frustration of not reaching as much in FF format". APS-C simply crops a FF image. If you use 200mm on a FF and you want the effect of 300mm on a APS-C just CROP your image and voila ! you got a APS-C camera in your hand.

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On Nikon D610 preview (627 comments in total)
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r32chaos: Nikon did me very, very wrong!
I do not have money to throw away but bought the D600 kit with 24-85 & 70-300 in February. Noticed the spots over the weekend when I for the first time tried to take portrait orientation pics of a lake with the full moon in the back ground at dusk. I contacted Nikon and uploaded pics. I demanded an upgrade to D610 and offered repeatedly to pay any difference. They declined stating it was against their policy. I asked; "why, is it your policy to make defective products?" Well, my policy is to not be shafted with a defective product.
So, I waited patiently and did not hear back from them. Thought it was very evil and underhanded that their business decision of introducing D610 would devalue my camera immensely. I was mortified!
By some miracle yesterday I took the entire D610 kit to Costco & gave them facts; miraculously they returned the camera and I got my cash back of what I had paid in February! MIRACLE INDEED! In principle; avoid NIKON!!!

Is this a typo? Your returned the D610 or D600 ?? I thought you wanted to upgrade to D610...

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5200 fw LINK IS WRONG. It points to 5100 update ! Nikon file extracts as 5100.bin ...

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Danica: Is the D5200 link correct? The download says f-D5100-V101W.exe

I think they got it mixed up. The link points to 5100 update NOT 5200 ! When the file extracts, it's for 5100...

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Target customer must be an 8 year old. I certainly can't read those dials w/o magnifying glasses. The style is befitting an 8 year old too so congratulations to Leica for creating the most expensive (perhaps) and most useless camera.
PS: At least it's for a good cause.

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SanPa: Nikon US does not recognize an issue as of last week. I have to wonder if there is veracity in an EU D600 post citing the mirror box, not the shutter, as the source of oil droplets per Nikon Service.

The issue sure smacks of the numerical processor flaw denied by Intel for weeks and weeks. While the issue per postings seems self-limiting with enough clicks and wet cleanings, Nikon corporate should really campaign to recall oily cameras post-paid. At the very least, the image of corporate responsibility should be important, and the offending marketing manager should be allotted a corner office with a window, per Japanese tradition.

May be off topic but Intel did not deny the processor bug, they merely stated that the "average" user will not encounter this problem over the lifetime of the product. Later they realized their blunder and rectified it by recalling all procs. ( I know this because I used to work for them when this happened) :)

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Snapsort recommends D600 ($2k) over Canon 1Dx($6.8k) (see:
I guess for $4.8k I can live with this little problem which most likely will disappear after the initial "break-in" period. I will do a wet clean after about 3000 clicks and see how it goes after that.

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I just found this website that claims dust may be due to the scratch on the Shutter Curtain. If this is the case it's a very serious problem.

After inspecting my picture of white background shot at F22, I found lots of dust spots, only visible when magnified on the left side of picture consistent with the others and the video. Still hoping an official response from Nikon.

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compay: I guess Dpreview has to change the GOLD award into......euhhh....
Wit all the complaints about dust already before the review....they shouldn't have given a gold award at all. All these pixel peeping tests etcetera and then give a gold award while knowing the problem of dust/oil spots.

it's like america having the triple A staus and the greatest debt off all countries.....??????

i guess it's a thing!

This is a quality control issue, not design. I am sure it will be solved in manufacturing process. So the Camera still merits whatever rating it's given to.

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I got the D600 too, I have not noticed any dust issue so far. My guess is that since the dust accumulates on the upper left side (actual lower right side of sensor) it is most likely due to the shutter mechanism lubrication (if there is any kind used).If it were dry particles, auto sensor cleaning should have helped. I doubt it's due to mirror since mirror comes down after shutter closed ( I think ?)

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On Lytro Light Field Camera now works with Windows article (39 comments in total)

Hmm I thought these would be sold in ToysRUs for kids to play with ! I wouldn't wanna be caught with this in my camera bag. I think a Kaleidoscope would be more fun to play with :)

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On Just Posted: Canon EOS 5D Mark III review article (706 comments in total)

DPR definitely trying not to upset Canon community. If DXO mark results show D800=95 and MKIII=81 and they give equal scores to both, there's got to be biasing going on....I wont even go into the the slew of features D800 has over MKIII not to mention the $500 price advantage !

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On Canon acknowledges 'light leak' in the EOS 5D Mark III article (257 comments in total)

This is another slap in the face of Canon. Don't these guys have a testing process before they release an important update like this ? I sold all my Canon gear after my 40D (err99?) shutter just broke after only ~9000 clicks. Got myself a D7000 and couldn't be happier. Not saying Nikon cameras don't have any problems, but at least they give you more options and superior UI.

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On Canon announces EOS 5D Mark III 22MP full-frame DSLR article (488 comments in total)

Hmm, it looks like they recycled an old 30D body, Come on Canon have some creativity !

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On Lytro Light Field Camera first look with Ren Ng article (225 comments in total)

Interesting concept but I see this as a niche product for experimenting. I don't think it will gain much traction with general public. Most of us take a picture and post it somewhere on the net or show to our friends (if you are not a professional) We don't have time to play with focus or whatever later....Personally I don't want to carry a brick in my pocket when I am travelling. A $200 Point and Shoot camera has better specs and more features than this. I will give up the ability of re-focus later any time.

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