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Daniel Yii: Siri: Where is iPhone 5?

Could you please repeat that? Command not found.
No, Siri, where is iPhone 5?
Your credit card pin is : 23...

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larrytusaz: I am with elleyyh totally 100%. What in the WORLD is going on with all of this worship of Apple lately? How come none of the Android smartphones are mentioned, ever? What next, are they going to rename this site "" And the pros drooling over this things are mindless idiots with zero credibility.

*Scott Everett* hopefully we will get some reports on those too. There are many more Android phones alright .... but not so many at 500$ - nobody is comparing apples :) and oranges here.

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Poweruser: Sad to see dpreview jumping on the phone-camera bandwagon. iphones suck.

the idea - dear apple fans - was that the were other products on the market and not all manufactures have just one phone on sale ... and the features presented were already available on other devices yesterday , before yesterday, before before yesterday ....

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snake_b: Could be the end of the full frame SLR.

the d800 will have only one button ....

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SF Photo Gal: This could be the end of the compact camera.

Which? it is not the first, not the best, and quite expensive, no battery performance, poor flash, microscopic sensor, lens like you get on a webcam etc. If you average 1.8 shots a month it might fit the profile though

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DiscreteCosine: It seems that some of the people posting here think that if I publish "Lord of the Bracelets", a story about how a Nobbit named Froto destroys Souron's One Bracelet, that wouldn't count as copyright infringement, because it wasn't "an exact copy".

Read the ruling (or even this article, which you clearly didn't). For a change, this judge actually had a clue about artistic plagiarism, and how it can be objectively demonstrated.

And if you design a pair of jeans, put on the market you get an army of Armani layers at your door claiming copyright infringement?
OK, they did still the idea, but copyright infringement!?
Maybe "Lords of the Rings" was a copy of a photo too. Lets have a look in our galleries, maybe there is a jackpot coming our way.

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On Bird of Prey in the Birds of prey challenge (15 comments in total)


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