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the screens shots bring back dark memories since I was using an iPhoney

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9himage: No reason just to test the camera with the kit zoom. With this performance, I will use this camera for serious work.

a prime lens will do the camera some justice :)

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On article Facebook buys photo sharing service Instagram for $1bn (144 comments in total)

I refuse facebook so ....

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On article First Impressions: Using the Nikon D800 (307 comments in total)
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Taikonaut: Those videos are soft, much worse than from phone cameras.

@Taikonaut i don't think that people are interested in the d800 are also interested in how it does against a phone camera ....

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D200_4me: I'm still liking Android better...mostly because it's more open. Apple seems to lock you into Apple. For example, can you get an iPad with a memory card expansion slot? No. Want more memory?...spend a few hundred more :-( At least some of the Android tablets have expansion slots for extra memory. Not all though.

obviously the only thing new is the display which I hope to trigger an epidemic in screen resolution on computers. A 4.65 inch display with 1200+ pixels (nexus) and now this!
For the rest it is business as usual. A shiny annoying itunes device full of features that pass as innovations in the world of apples

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pdelux: The back of the camera looks like its 10 years old. I guess style is too much to ask for @ $3K.

It function not style here. This is digital photography not digital BLING

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Kissel: Seems like Nokia's death agony.

i do own the Lumia 800, i don't know what you are talking about.
It is expected that things change from time to time, it is in out advantage. And Nokia had a ridiculously large market share 3-4 years a go. Things got complicated to consumers advantage. It is easy to sell bankruptcy predictions around, it sells well. In this case they don't have any real life support

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Lee Jay: The demise of compacts is greatly exaggerated.

My compact goes from 24-105mm equivalent at 12MP. You'd need 230MP at 24mm to crop to 105mm and retain 12MP.

I'm considering buying a Canon 260HS. That's 25-500mm equivalent at 12MP. You'd need 4,800MP (4.8GP) at 25mm to retain 12MP at 500mm.

Worse, let's look at aperture on the 260HS. 4.5mm-90mm f/3.5-f/6.8. That's an aperture of 1.3mm - 13.2mm. The new Nokia is 8mm f/2.4 for an aperture of only 3.3mm. So, to match the 13.2mm maximum aperture of the 260HS, the Nokia's lens would need 4 times the aperture, and that would give it an f-stop of f/0.6 - not practical.

So, it's 41MP, 8mm and f/2.4 whereas it would need 4,800MP, 8mm and f/0.6. Even versus a modest 4.4x-optical zoom compact it would need to go from 41mp up to 230MP and keep the same aperture while retaining enough sharpness to use those ultra-tiny pixels effectively. Again, not practical.

Don't underestimate the power of optical zoom. Cropping has a long way to go.

True, no need to demise compacts. Amazing technology though ... A big leap for camera phones. Nokia really delivered this time

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On article Nikon D4 & D800: What do the Professionals Think? (391 comments in total)
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Graystar: "perhaps the most significant of which is a very impressive-looking video specification."

WHAT?? Pass what you're smoking, cause I want some!

At this level, if a pro needs pro video he's going to use a real video camera! The AF operation down to f/8 is far more significant, allowing the 500mm and 600mm lenses to auto-focus when used with the 2X teleconverter. THAT'S important to a photographer! Not video!

i am stunned about how much criticism this camera is getting ... why ? it is not supposed to prepare your breakfast, too. I find this segment 5d/D700/D800 very appealing

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On article Flickr poised for much-needed interface improvements (81 comments in total)
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snake_b: Flickr's interface is garbage, including linking numbers of pictures being a joke.

I'd love to see an improvement, which might even make me finally buy a membership.

I can't agree. There is always room for improvement but the Flickr interface is very functional. Other similar sites make it more difficult to browse by groups, tags etc

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Debankur Mukherjee: With a 36 MP sensor how will it perform in low light - one of the selling point of FF bodies.Moreover remove the pop up flash from such high end bodies, looks more professional........

what does the flash has too do with iso performance? it is a portable full featured camera ... iso doesn't help you make a portrait shot in the sun if she/he has a hat on ... and there is a long list why people USE flash

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Peter iNova: Are you willing to spend 400% data space on every shot just so you "might" need to refocus a shot later?

Or would you like to have a picture with 400% of the surface area?

Oops. The Lytro does nothing to solve the "moving camera" form of smears. And those are MUCH more common.

But good IS systems do a lot to improve those.

so , as expected, once the specs got out it is obviously a useless toy, if confirmation was needed. Funny how they were taking orders prior to this .... for 500$ a pop ...

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question: what about the various postcards you can find in touristic sites ? that's a cow to be milked
strange times .... they learn a lot in those law schools, don't they?

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choochoo22: Could someone who would actually consider buying one please help me understand why a professional photographer would put up with cameras the size and weight of a D4? Is it really just "mine is bigger than yours"? Unless you are using them to club your way through crowds it can't possibly be an advantage to wield a 4lb (guessing) camera the size of a shoebox. There's nothing in there that isn't in a D5100, just a slightly bigger sensor and more computing power. I would think Nikon, or any competent camera company, could build something like this half this size if the market demanded it. So why aren't people demanding it?

Back in the 70's the OM-1 showed the world an SLR didn't need to be so big and heavy and in a few years all the companies were making smaller models. It seems way past time for a similar revolution in DSLRs.

think about the things that take up space and how can they make them smaller
Battery, viewfinder assembly, grip, display, sensor - which would you like to shrink in a flagship camera? it wouldn't be flagship anymore ... there are already the d300 / d700 for other applications, they have it pretty much covered

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Mssimo: No USB 3.0? Would be nice to use with new XQD card.

there is no data loss when using a card reader or a cable ..... how did data corruption got here ? :)
tethered shooting doesn't need usb 3.0 and yes, for bulk transfer I think most people use a card reader, i do and i am no professional. it is just that spitting X GB of JPEG+RAW from the camera is not very practical because you can't use the camera, you discharge the battery and it is slower

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On article Nikon announces SB-910 high-end Speedlight (118 comments in total)
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caribousteaks: I have found the 900 a bear to figure out. Designed by a japanese engineer who never has to use the thing, at least it seems like it. For such a good company producing such sophisticated products they sure know how to botch it on their top of the line models. I only hope this new one works better. I wish they would take a look at the intuitiveness of Apple products to better design their cameras and accessories. Why is it that every Nikon photographer I have known ends up watching privately posted instructional Youtube videos a dozen times to try and figure out their Nikon goodies? Come on Nikon, come out of the engineering closet into the sunshine of everyday life.

can we have apple out at least from the flash discussions ? please!!! .... it doesn't make much sense ... there are optimizations of the UI , some are better than others .... but if you find a flash difficult to use, you probably don't need it

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Zvonimir Tosic: All flashes have a horrid UI and controls, made probably by chief Inquisitors in camera manufacturing companies. If Apple did one, it would come with Siri, so you can just talk to it how to fire and when.

If apple made one you would have to sell your camera to get it and then attach it to your iPhone with an iAdapter. They you will buy an app to fire the flash and you would be shouting around "fire, fire" until finally you would get arrested.
Then you can escape jail if your iPhone will explode also and break the locks

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Boratri: I'm shocked. I was going to buy the P7100 but this comparison has really opened my eyes. I can't vouch for the accuracy of the other colours but I have a very good friendship with Martini and the colour is totally wrong. I am going overseas soon to India where reds are a dominant colour. I would hate to see all my pics coming out as an orange.
I am now seriously considering buying the Canon G12 which has a far more faithful rendition of red and foregoing the extra zoom or even one of the four thirds cameras despite the extra bulk if using the longer lens.

of course you can adjust or shoot raw BUT if the Martini label is the benchmark: what about the golden border ? it is kind of red on g12, isn't it?
they are all great cameras but they are not perfect

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On article 10 Photography Accessories for Under $250 (62 comments in total)

good article! it is funny .... i actually have very similar accessories the slingshot bag (200AW), the Nissin (622i), the Sandisk's fast SD, the Giottos blower

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On photo Fractions of a Second P1020175 in the Mountains challenge (10 comments in total)

Congrats! Impressive!

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