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  • I've had the GRD IV and the GR now, I never liked the WB with either. Contemplated getting the II for improved WB but doesn't seem like it's leaps and bounds better so may hold off.
  • Body larger & heavier =/= improvement
  • Replied in Image samples
    The official sample images actually look really good at f/5.6. Though some of the samples look like they have low contrast/poor color... A compromise though especially if it seems sharp? The ...
  • Can anyone explain to me the internet forum popularity of shooting BIF by photographers? I don't know anyone in real life that shoots birds constantly, and spends big money on high-end equipment ...
  • Good call, I didn't notice the lack of a gold ring.
  • Created discussions Nikon 200-500 f/5.6
    So does anyone think this lens will be sharper than the recent 80-400? Not sure who it is being geared at. I am hoping it will be pretty good wide-open.
  • Probably true about printing yes, I never compared a print. And I agree on the sharpness completely. The GR lens is stellar.
  • When you compare them at the same resolution and with NR they are actually pretty comparable I would say. Maybe not at 6400. But the resolution advantage is there. But as others have pointed out, ...
  • Have you been able to determine if the GR's tendency to focus on a background as opposed to a foreground subject has been changed?
  • http://camera.itmedia.co.jp/dc/articles/1507/07/news048.html
  • Also wondering the same. Less photo-savvy friends that use the camera to take a photo of me or a group will usually provide an unsatisfactory result, due to the hit or miss AF.
  • Created discussions Ricoh GR II vs GR comparison
    I have been trying to find some comparisons between the 2 models in terms of images and came across this recent article on a Japanese website http://camera.itmedia.co.jp/dc/articles/1507/07/news048 ...
  • I also like the first image, neat. Great colors in it too, usually things posted here look pretty flat. Where were these taken? I also recently sold my RX100. The image quality was good but it just ...
  • @audiobomber

    Well the RX100 III never exhibited this problem. Not to the extent of the GR at least.

  • Thank you for mentioning this, I thought I was the only one that gets this problem. It's easy to work around for someone familiar with the camera, but hand it off to someone to take a photo of you...

  • Thanks for sharing your thoughts. Isn't the body the exact same apart from the WiFi button, so grip would not be changed? Do you still have a GR I to compare it to? I am curious about the white ...
  • Replied in GR II in hand
    Bah I wish they had at least done some minor improvements to AF. I can do without sensor differences, but the AF accuracy in wide-zone is pretty crappy (so many photos I had people take of me only ...
  • Replied in GR II in hand
    Thanks, I didn't know what that CTE was exactly but from the samples it seems like I like that mode more than the standard.
  • Replied in GR II in hand
    Thanks for the heads up, I will continue reading your impressions. What am I curious to know is if there have been any enhancements to autofocus accuracy or speed (especially in ...
  • Competition is always good. If it'll be APS-C I'm interested. Maybe it'll make Ricoh regret making such a weak upgrade with the GR II.
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