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Looks like a discount purchase opportunity going into the holidays. Depending on how you interpret this news..

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On photo Tiger, Tiger burning bright.... in the Wildlife in context. challenge (6 comments in total)

Wow....1/80 for a big cat...well timed!

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On article 4K video: What you need to know (282 comments in total)

Great point about the cropping and stabilization...subjective impressions of which video "looks" good put aside..... the crop, zoom, stabilize....lots of fun...

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Given his background in business it seems like a very valuable workshop to attend. Very candid. Thanks to all.

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On article Olympus shows gains in first half financials (138 comments in total)

It would be good if Olympus can expand its video quality. The images are wonderful and the stabilization helps. It would only compliment to expand video.

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On article 2015 Roundups: Fixed Prime Lens Cameras (212 comments in total)

Looking forward to the upcoming and most controversial the "Rounding up the Roundups"....:)

on a more serious comment, the high end round up seems too difficult to rank given such a great batch of cameras.

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On article 2015 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras around $500 (268 comments in total)

The A5100 has a limited touch screen, but the most appealing part is the touch focus.

Why not implement this on all Sony models going forward?

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On photo Coastline in golden light in the A fresh take challenge (3 comments in total)

Never would have seen that....great eye for pp.

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On article JPEG Committee contemplates adding DRM to image format (186 comments in total)
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rfsIII: If it were up to me I'd add a 600-volt shock feature to jpegs that would electrocute people trying to steal images.

@jnd, well stated....print publishers have no control if one of their images is shared on the internet. If you treat internet photos as free marketing and attach some link back...a least their may be a click or some recognition.

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Stunning work...very inspiring!

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First of all, great band and a great sound. Of course I want to buy the cameras now.

From another perspective, why don't other camera brands sponsor more videos like this to showcase their products? This is a gear site. I assume we can make discerning choices based on the information at hand, whether or not it's advertised.

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A few years ago, we raised enough money to move a cesspool farther down grade from a village's water supply, which was contaminated. The local villagers were proud of their families and smiled for photos, despite the circumstances.

My point here is photos can raise awareness...which leads to examine the human condition and hopefully improve it. It may not be shocking to see people living in garbage to survive...the world has plenty of it. It is shocking to see the apathetic response to it.

I could not afford the time and cost to travel to Togo (for those interested), but my donation helped our Rotary Club (for those who want to join) make a difference.

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On ChallengeEntry:10541 (4 comments in total)

It is a real stretch in interpreting some of the later entries....

Posted on Sep 21, 2015 at 12:34 UTC as 1st comment

Crazy that the G1is surviving...great photos.

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Just to add another perspective, I've had quite a bit of fun using a Sony A 5100 for action. It seems reliable. Certainly much better than Micro Four Thirds. And the kids have played a lot of soccer lately.

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On article SmugMug Films: Renee Robyn's digital domain (18 comments in total)

Wonderful so many words, getting lost in those moments so only to find yourself after.... Brilliant.

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Wonderful showcase on the photographer and very educational. As always thank you.

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so is there a way of calculating in a simple numeric reading like a percentage of what loss in dynamic range there is. Perhaps I'm missing it here. Thanks for the article.

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On challenge Gear Porn (2 comments in total)

Sadly, not the best challenge for u43 lenses... :)

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Marty4650: "paid firmware upgrade"

I hope this isn't the wave of the future.

Moreover, the existing user's camera retains value longer. Transcending firmware upgrade to brand name in camera apps will even go some point we may see a more robust raw and video editor programs downloadable to most camera brands....

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