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Mfritter: I had two Merrills which I ultimately sold because of the shooting ergonomics and lack of a viewfinder and the agonies of Sigma Photo Pro (on my underpowered Windows system). But the IQ was just fantastic and I miss them. Now I have a much more powerful Mac (and can use Iridient). If this thing delivers a more mature shooting envelope, I'll buy it. And the lens. Very excited by the pricing.

I do wonder what happened to the APS-H, which seems to have been stricken from the Sigma web site.

No, the sdQ H is still on Sigma's website:

Link | Posted on Jun 29, 2016 at 02:16 UTC
On photo I Thought That I Would Never See... in the Abstract Photo - Landscape challenge (1 comment in total)

Wonderful capture. The starkness of the tree and the square format make this shot.

Link | Posted on Jun 28, 2016 at 01:50 UTC as 1st comment
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sportyaccordy: Sigma is going after the highly overlooked Cyclops and tryclops markets with that EVF placement. Good for them.

The EVF is in the same position as the Hasselblad X1D and I don't see either as being a problem.

Link | Posted on Jun 24, 2016 at 16:06 UTC
On photo Spotted Pardalote in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge (2 comments in total)

Very impressive, Denjw.

Link | Posted on May 25, 2016 at 23:57 UTC as 1st comment
On photo Transport Frozen in Time in the Film Transport challenge (16 comments in total)

Bravo! A pure classic.

Link | Posted on May 13, 2016 at 11:05 UTC as 10th comment
On photo Meeting in the Mountains in the Foreground elements. challenge (3 comments in total)

Great shot!

Link | Posted on May 12, 2016 at 00:49 UTC as 2nd comment | 1 reply
On photo Boston sunset in the Your City - HDR in overdrive: cityscape challenge (10 comments in total)

Congratulations. Impressively worked out capture(s).

Link | Posted on May 11, 2016 at 04:11 UTC as 5th comment
On article 2016 Roundup: Interchangeable Lens Cameras $500-800 (214 comments in total)

It seems a little strange to judge X-E2s' LCD screen as, "Fixed LCD, not touch-sensitive" when, according to a recent survey - right here on DPR - hardly anyone cares about touch screens on cameras.

You seem to be be obsessed with 'features', regardless of whether they are useful or not. In effect you are encouraging camera manufactures to stuff as many features as possible into their bodies, just so they can say, 'Buy our cameras. We have lots of features!' Not, 'Buy our cameras. They do what they were designed to do better than the competition.'

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TriezeA72: Ever since TIME magazine named Angela Merkel person of the year for 2015, I find it hard to take them seriously anymore!

Yeah... but TIME also named Adolf Hitler Man of the Year in 1938. Who would you prefer...?

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ThatCamFan: In short: Very pro apple, and also Google Glass? Its the one product everyone HATES and nobody bought. A waffle maker was more of a game changer.

The Pocket PC had far more influence on the shape of things to come. Without it there would be no so-called Smart Phones of any kind and no camera phone either. The Apple iPhone is standing on the shoulders of giants and proclaiming themselves originators. They're not. But they are brilliant marketers.

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star shooter: Amazing sights indeed but to astronomers, all those areas lit up by night lights is what they call Light Pollution. This cancerous growth is killing the ability to study the Universe with telescopes from areas NOT affected by bright lights. FYI, 4/5 of the world;s population live in the Northern Hemisphere and 4/5 of them do not see, any stars, due to this stupid, paranoidal mindset of having to light up every nook and cranny with lights!

While many of you will poo par this post, ask any amateur or prof. astronomer about Light Pollution. They will tell you that the they are loosing their God given right, to see the Milky Way.

The night shots from Space just goes to tell you just how much waste of energy we are wasting at night. There's no need for this. Many nocturnal species are disappearing due to the growth of light at night. In a generation maybe two, no one will see any stars.

Well said, star shooter. Too many people make light of this situation. Too many people simply don't look up.

Link | Posted on May 7, 2016 at 13:40 UTC
On photo Before Sunset in the Landscape Photo with Sun Rays challenge (9 comments in total)

Congratulations. Very nice work.

Link | Posted on Mar 10, 2016 at 01:10 UTC as 5th comment
On photo gww-0089 in LWW's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

Beautiful shot. Lovely country too.

Link | Posted on Mar 5, 2016 at 14:30 UTC as 1st comment | 1 reply
On photo Spitfires at Dusk in the My Best Photo of the Week challenge (1 comment in total)

Nice shot. The Spitfire on the left looks like a LF Mk V.

Link | Posted on Mar 2, 2016 at 04:04 UTC as 1st comment
On photo DSCF0204-6 in tolleknolle's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Works for me.

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On photo Harris Boat_Print copy copy in tolleknolle's photo gallery (1 comment in total)

Wonderful shot. Terrific composition and great atmosphere.

Link | Posted on Feb 29, 2016 at 00:25 UTC as 1st comment
On article Opinion: Enthusiast compacts have finally come of age (496 comments in total)

Where are the Sigma compacts; the DPx Ms and dpx Qs? Cameras that produce IQ way ahead of any of the cameras mentioned in this article.

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SynE: Mount sigma SA, noooooooo ! Even i have SD1 with some good zoom, take a licence from canon is the best option for sigma mount... Sigma SA is pain is the ass for brand new and used lens...

Ok, let me see if I have this right. You go out a purchase a Canon (or Nikon) IL camera - both lens makers too - and then complain that you can't mount another manufacture's lens on your camera.

Link | Posted on Feb 24, 2016 at 02:47 UTC
On challenge Lost In Translation (5 comments in total)

Are giving us an example of the challenge by using the phrase, "This phenomena", i.e. instead of the correct use: 'This phenomenon'? Or did you mean to write, "These phenomena"?

Link | Posted on Feb 3, 2016 at 01:12 UTC as 1st comment | 1 reply

Well, bully for Leica! They are cashing in on the new class of young Chinese nouveau-rich boys and girls who just have to have a 'panda cam' to go with their new Maserati. If they actually made some effort to donate some of the profits to a conservation effort then maybe I could live with it... but this is just a big fat scam.

Link | Posted on Jan 28, 2016 at 03:22 UTC as 32nd comment
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