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  • ... which shows (OP, if you are still reading) that some basic PP skills will go a long way. Best wishes
  • I agree with Richard. I travel regularly through work, often for conferences, and take my camera on my travels: Delhi, San Francisco, Nanjing, Tokyo in the last couple of years. I always try and ...
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    I disagree: the composition in the first is OK, the strong diagonal leading in from the bottom corner looks good.  The original does look flat due to the lighting - a quick PP and a slightly ...
  • Replied in Gear Snobs
    Thanks a lot for that link - those photos from Bert Hardy are superb. The one of children being put on trains at Paddington station is just wonderful. Best wishes
  • 600 shots would be around 15 GB.  You can get a 16GB SD card for $10 and a 64GB card for $25.  Why is this a problem if you can afford a D810? Best wishes
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    Best wishes
  • Don't take this the wrong way... but what you need to get the best pictures is a ton of expertise that you don't have. Your question says that you don't even begin to understand how unprepared you ...
  • Im sure what you want is possible...but you might get more comments if you re-posted with a title that matched your query? Best wishes
  • It's pretty clear what the problem is, as others have said.  Stop down a bit, say to f/2.8.  As well as the lens performing better the increased depth of field will compensate for minor focus ...
  • As you have seen - most people do not put high-res copies of photos that they are pleased with on the web for the simple reason that it invites theft.  A 500 pixel image is enough to show what you ...
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    Yes :-) Of course, for a given image circle, a square sensor that just fits in the circle is the largest that a sensor with straight edges and 90 degree angles could be - as soon as you make the ...
  • Beautiful, especially the second one. Best wishes
  • Drivel.  There is no definition of 'photography' or 'photograph' anywhere that says they must involve manual control of aperture and / or shutter speed.
  • I am not a portrait expert at all, but here are my impressions: Probably the weakest of the set. The pose is awkward and the model is sticking her tummy out which makes her look a bit fat. Her hair ...
  • 1. RAW or jpeg? 2. Mac or PC? 3. So, doesn't 'equivalence' mean that full-frame sensors are a waste of time? 4. Why are Canon's sensors so bad? 5  Why are Sony's lenses so bad? 6. I don't need ...
  • Ah, well.  So it goes... ;-) Best wishes
  • You have an amazing experience in store... http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/50825932 http://www.dpreview.com/forums/post/39660379 You have had all the obvious advice: bottled water with unbroken ...
  • ... and there is no meaningful answer to that question either.  Which one comes out on top will depend on exactly which pair of lenses is being compared: neither brand will always win.
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    Oh, wow, nostalgia… that's what I had when I was a schoolboy - a Gnome B&W enlarger. Basically a box with a light bulb in it, somewhere to hold the negative flat, and a lens. With this you can make ...
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