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About me:

The very first camera I ever used was my mom's Kodak Instamatic 177XF. In the 90's, it happened to me to work as a photographer, but I always had problems working by myself and I was too picky to find a partner. Actually, what I needed was someone to deal with the marketing thing, promoting the work.

After a long time having unsuccessful jobs, I started teaching English. It was by chance, and I moved on with it. I can say I do something I love, because when you learn naturally and is part of your life since you were a kid, it never gets old. Moreover, most things I learned through reading, including photography, were written in English.

Curiosity: The first contact I ever had with photography literature in English was in 1993. I was riding my bicycle and passing by a supermarket I decided to stop at a newstand for a quick look at the magazines. I wasn't looking for anything in particular, but that's when I saw that beautiful red glossy cover with lots of SLRs on it. It was the December 1993 edition of Petersen's PHOTOgraphic magazine. I was in awe because I had never seen such an appealing cover (uncommon to Brazilian magazines). I bought a compact Collins Gem Eng-Port Port-Eng dic and a calculator, and spent the whole month trying to translate most of the magazine and converting feet to meters and inches to mm and cm. I continued to buy that magazine for the next 6 months. At first, equipment adds, cameras and lenses guides and articles, and shop catalogs, where the sections I read the most.

Note: You might wonder how I am putting up with a Kodak M583. Well, cameras are much more expensive here, and since I lost my LX3, my frustration resulted in me focusing my attention to another activity I like very much—sound—and bought a respectable pair of speakers, so a good camera has been having to wait a little more.

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