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I don't understand why he wouldn't use this situaition to prove that iPhones are not suitable for serious photojournalism. Show them what a "real" camera can do. Instead, he shoots the same crap he is about to be replaced with. When I read about his project I was expecting incredible work, owing to his status as a former staff shooter for a major newspaper. Now I see that he is just shooting the same sh*t as everyone else. Sorry, why should he have kept his job?

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Dvlee: This creates something of a conflict of rights. The right to freely take videos and photographs and the right of individuals to not be photographed and recorded without their permission.

Photographers have been dealing with this conflict for ages, but this takes things to a whole new level.

A bigger issue is that people will be able to reverse people's likenesses in Google Image search and find out their identity. Try it, you can do it now from home already. Take a social media avatar, upload it to Google Image search and it will spit out their twitter, their facebook, etc. This is going to have major implications.

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emilygomez: Well I figured there'd be some negative reviews regarding iPhone photography but blatant ignorance? Geez. There's a reason film changed to digital...because technology advances. Move with it. Go with the flow. Let your hair down. Give it a try. I was actually just asked to shoot an entire wedding love, via my iPhone and Instagram this coming April. By the bride. Times are a changing.

And as for the "we like our photos to look vintage" comment regarding instagram, you've clearly not explored instagram at all.

Can't wait to see the spectacular results Kev. I know you'll kill it!

You're joking, right? I have had brides ask for cross processing. They know film and they want film, because they prefer to the look, and I'm happy to charge more for it (and they seem happy to pay more for it).

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Maverick_: Wow! one of the most boring videos being shared so far. My suggestion, use the helmet cam style for the divorce, it will generate a much more dramatic and existing footage.

Some of you lack a sense of humour. My guess is that Maverick_ is just writing what a lot of us are thinking....that we are sick and tired of stupid wedding photography BS. All this money being dumped on a single day that ends up in divorce or if they stay together, is shoved in a drawer or hard drive and never watched again. Do you think they will be making sweet love to candle light with their bouquet video playing in the background ten years from now? As well, why are people so old now when they get married?!

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Timmbits: Is it me, or do all of the sample images look dull?
Colors seem washed out, drab.

Like most dpreview samples, the images were taken in bad light. They have a thing for "high noon."

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Roland Karlsson: I have now looked at Stephen Shore's images at 303 gallery. And I find them boring - all of them. You have to say though that he is consistent ... ly boring. Thats a kind of quality most people cannot live up to. There is often some thing of interest in some of the images. But Stephen has very skillfully avoided that.

Regarding Eric's blog - I still dont understand what it has to do with Stephen's images. Mostly unrelated as far as I can see.

I have also looked at Eric's images. Not so bad IMHO. Not my style really ... but not without emotional reaction from my side. And after that I understand even less why Eric refers to Stephen. I see no relation at all.

I don't think you have to shoot similar images to someone to comment on their work. You don't even have to be a photographer. Many of the best photo editors are not photographers. Frankly, you are completely entitled to your opinion, but I don't think it's necessary to critique the writer's work and to try and find some "relation." That would be like hunting down Kathy Ryan's photos the next time see a piece she was working on as a photo editor. "I just don't see how these Afghanistan photos relate to her work" etc.

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Stephen Shore is great but only when Stephen Shore does "Stephen Shore" not when someone else does "Stephen Shore." Ditto William Eggleston. Try something new people, there's way too many people copying this style and it needs to be put to death.

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Lea5: Hey Nikon, when do you adress the soft video issue in FX and DX format on our D4's? Or do you expect we record in CX only?

Time to shoot with smaller gear.

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Sam Carriere: It's lovely that Nikon upgrades a camera (D800) that they can't even manage to produce to the extent that it's available in stores.
More hype. More fraud.

Your grammar makes no sense.

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Quoth: I am at a loss for words. Well done for taking the shot and very well done for sharing it with us / bringing it to our attention here.

I fully agree with Old Arrow. Barbarism such as this should be met with the death penalty in all countries.
No excuses.
No defence.
No mitigation.

Don't be foolish. The death penalty is just as barbaric, if not more, since you are taking someone's life. Especially if you say "no defence." What if the wrong person is charged?

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sparklite: I have to disagree with all the chatter about silver lenses ruining candid street photography shots. I've been out with the black-silver PEN E-P2 and now black O-MD body and the 12, 17, and 45mm lenses. No one notices these and, compared to when i walk around with my black ZD 14-54 and MMF3 on the E-M5 or large E3.

Size gets noticed. I've yet to have any trouble with colour in this regard with my 2 silver lenses on black bodies. This is all crazy talk.

For me the only draw back is lack of weather seal.

"all the chatter about silver lenses ruining candid street photography shots"

Anyone who thinks a silver lens "ruins" street photography has other things to worry about...

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bashlal: i do not find Leon Neal's pictures any better than an amateur shooters photos taken with any point and shoot camera. i have done a lot better job with my D3s that all the stuff that you have posted above. mr. dans video could have been lot better without the spitting scene of the person sitting on his rickshaw. i decline to accept the opinion

Lol, I had a look at your "galleries." Your stuff is sh1t. Learn to shoot before you run your mouth.

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Pakio: Good one, Olympus! The best design of digital camera to date.

A pity it is 4/3. Imagine that camera on FF?????

Imagine what? A camera twice the size and heavy? Oh wait, then it would be a Nikon.

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Milimike: I have just read the manual. There is no option to change the aspect ratio, only 4:3. This is a major disapointment for me.

One of the main reasons I want an Olympus after 10 years using Nikons is due to the 4:3 ratio. It's a far more pleasing ratio, reminds me of medium format.

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Bart Hickman: Very impressive. Now the question is how good is the AF. Damn shame they use a sensor with a 4:3 aspect ratio. When you crop to 3:2, you effectively lose some at the wide end. Wish they'd do the multi-aspect sensor like Panasonic--or better yet, just use a regular 3:2 sensor.

Why would you crop to 3:2? For most people who print photos 4:3 is far better since it's very close to standard frame sizes.

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eyedo: On the Fuji x100 I was able to get ISO 3200 that looked better than the Nikon D7000 at ISO 400.
I had even good usable results at ISO 5000.

The Canon s95 looks good at ISO 800. I've not gone beyond that.

Fast 2.0 lens on it which is nice.

I'm disappointed in Nikon's compact offerings. Which it would work-would love to use all of my SB-900's in commander mode with them without using my Pockets Wizard's when I'm on a trip.
I like to travel light. :-)

Well you're obviously snorting something then if you think "net high 6 figures as a pro photographer" means you know what you're talking about. You're lying. If you're not, post a link to your website or at least your real name so we can google all the images you sell.

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