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  • I'm a hang-em-high sort of person…but I know a number of cons who really turned their lives around in prison. And I know plenty who are sort of situational criminals. So for many convicts life ...
  • Chimps and humans are descended from a common ancestor. But yes, waging war is part of our genetic makeup.
  • We're fighting hillbillies in the desert and spending $20 million for each one we kill. Does that make sense? A lot of them don't even have shoes!
  • The criminal's family is about to become millionaires. Their lawyers will make a couple million. And Ferguson will become one more ghetto with boarded up shops, no grocery or other stores. There ...
  • If they had the chance…..I was raised to believe the Pope is satan…. So why pick on ISIS?
  • If the Jews can do all these wondrous things, and I'll be the first to affirm that they have done wonderful things over the centuries, why can't they get along with their neighbors? And I don't ...
  • The USA should get out of the middle east and stay out. If Europe wants to do something about ISIS, that's their business. If African nations have a problem, then let them resolve it. We haven't ...
  • Replied in You're a moron
    I buy stocks to invest in companies which I think will do well. Favorites include Apple, which I started buying in 1983 after photographing Steve Jobs for Forbes Magazine, and GoPro. The idea is ...
  • Forget the lightweight ones.
  • First of all, it's only a certain type of burglar who will enter a house when people are present. This is a very small percentage of burglars and generally they have motives other than just burglary. ...
  • The media in Brazil doesn't even report on it because it's so common.
  • Commented on Fujifilm X100T Overview preview

    You want resale value buy one of those gold snakeskin Leicas

  • I can't believe a Brit would see this as something positive. Is a gun that doesn't work really a gun? I don't think it is.
  • Children have certain rights their parents may not interfere with. In Europe I saw children of a certain ethnic group who had been mutilated so they could beg more easily. That bothered me.
  • Other cultures are very much out of control….we've got a good mix of everything in the USA. Last week a citizen of Iceland was killed by the police. First time that's happened in the history of the ...
  • Sitka, Alaska. Built around 1760 by the Russians. Unfortunately, it burned down long ago.
  • At least not in urban areas. Drunks, morons, weirdos. All sorts of dangerous behavior.
  • Some cultures need a brutal dictator, and that is true of all the Arab countries. The reason the US has been going around whacking all these tribal chiefs is because Israel wants chaos in the ...
  • Big problem for America. Any African immigrant will tell you that. They hold black Americans in total contempt.
  • Why should they change? They should continue to be French!
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