Lives in United Kingdom Northwest, United Kingdom
Works as a Commercial / Wedding / Event / Press Photographer
Joined on May 23, 2002

AdamT's current gear

Canon PowerShot G1 X
Nikon Coolpix P330
Sigma DP1
After heading for 3 years and 21,000 shots as a Silent work cam, this is now in retirement as my stroll around camera and its still up to the job !! , it`s getting brassed corners on the body but lens/sensor is still clean and working beautifully. full marks for longevity !
Ultra Bargain Subcompact with a Winning Sensor / Lens combo, which are tack sharp edge to edge at F1.8 & amazing detail and DR, far beyond the performance of the Canon S series . lens gives about a 21mm Field of view in RAW without lens correction (DIY in PT Lens) , excellent range and superb IS . only two flies in the ointment - Speed (both writing of the Bloated RAW files and paging through the menus are way behind the times Like Coolpixes are) and the dials are non configurable making the nice command dial useless in AV mode. if Image quality is THE most important to you Get one ..
Slow is the best word to describe the DP1 thesedays but alongside the DP2 held on to the classic Foveon look to images which sadly departed to a degree with the AFE powered X models and the SD15 and is like Bayer now with the SD1 and Merrill models ... I still keep the Original DP1 (had one since 2008) for my Foveon-Fix now the SD9 has finally gone . Stars are for image and lens quality alone, the rest is inferior to a cam of over 10 years ago (it makes a Sony 707 look like a Nikon D4 handling and speed wise)
Olympus OM-D E-M5
Samsung NX210
Now Gracefully ageing, the Original OMD has been replaced by two models but the image quality is the same and the only compact weathersealed Mirrorless camera (the EM10 isn`t sealed and the EM1 isn`t compact) .. surprisingly good at high ISOs in RAW or JPG for the size of the sensor matching the APS-C NEX5N and beating the EOS-M , Ultra Tack sharp RAWs as usual from recent M43 bodies. lovely build and handling, go for relative peanuts on the used market... 1/2 a star knocked for Shutter shake but that`s more Oly`s Laziness than the camera .
Excellent mirrorless cam with Gemlike 20-50 lens, In RAW it shames cams costing far more . Decent handling, fast AF, totally superb sensor and decent build let only down by Lack of clipon EVF option . basically an NX200 with Wifi

AdamT's previous gear

Samsung NX1000