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maxnimo: Yup, this proves that there must be a God's 11th commandment that states "Thou Must Only Use Tiny Sensors In Tough Cameras".

"BigShooter, saying that you get excellent results from a teeny tiny sensor is like me saying I get excellent mileage from a 1955 pickup truck with a leaky gas tank." No it isn't. It's nothing like that analogy . If you can't get a decent shot with a small sensor then chances are all you'll get from a bigger señor is an average photo with better resolution - or pristinely rendered crap.

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This is embarrassing. Sales guys like these are just the worst. Usually found in car yards.

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lem12: A very nice camera body and I believe a lot of effort put into it to create such device. But all this around 1/2.3??
One of my friends ask me to suggest a camera when he travels, something he would slide into his pocket and forget about it until needed. I showed him few slim/compact cameras. About a couple of month ago he told me that he found exactly what he was looking for. He bought a new iPhone, and why to spend all this money to buy another camera and have another pocket for it.

So true..:) He could take an RX100 of course but - it's still another separate device. The other factor iPhones or many smartphones don't get enough credit for is the interface. Simple - intuitive with almost no learning curve and in terms of the quick snap my iPhone can resolve a lot of tricky lighting and colour situations better than many cameras I've owned. They get flamed here where people are focused on what they aren't instead of what they are which is brilliant pieces of engineering. I love my dslr of course but you gotta give credit where it's due.

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In the music biz it's called a sound alike where the licensee will pay for publishing [songwriting] but doesn't want to pay for use of the original recording master so they get it replayed to sound exactly like it. Got away with it for a while but they get sued for that now.

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Ok so the reason I love my phone camera…is cause it's IN MY PHONE!?!? …:)

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steelhead3: Apple uses a Sony camera module

Papi it's the fact you feel the need to share how sad your life is in a whiney little girl tone that's so stomach churning. It's genuinely awful and sad. Please - go outside. Get some sunshine and Vitamin D and cheer up?!

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GaryJP: Apple makes cameras?

(Incidentally my Samsung Note 4 has a better "camera" than my old iPhone and even shoots 4k video.)

Is there a bigger loser on the planet than the Apple basher? Get a life.

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larrytusaz: No thank you. I have an NEX-6 that would just smoke this thing (and via Wi-Fi can still share quickly), and if I needed something really small I could always get an RX100. These sorts of cameras remind me of the junky Polaroid SX-70 candy cameras of yesteryear, I didn't care for those either.

God I hate that "real photographer" BS. Tiresome rubbish. Pazin is absolutely correct. I've seen beautifully composed evocative and emotional photos taken with a phone and I've seen pretentious rubbish taken with so called pro cameras. Who doesn't love a beautiful camera or piece of gear?That doesn't mean a camera like the one reviewed isn't great. I love my iPhone camera just like I love my hi end gear.

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Petak: Since this is not a new idea and has already been implemented by several manufacturers, this is obviously nothing more than an advert, Why is it in the news section? Also, warming filter is irrelevant in digital photography, which is 99% of today's photography.


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vFunct: lol reviewing a product 2 months later that absolutely no one bought.

brownie -"phone cameras are still a joke to most photographers. " Really? Most photographer I know simply appreciate and enjoy them for what they are - a camera in your phone. Handy and all things considered pretty useful. It's the wannabees think it's a comparison even worth making.

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Sonyshine: Why on earth did Apple have to infuriate so many existing iPhone users by dumping unwanted U2 music onto them?

Following closely behind the recent iCloud nude celeb photo scandal this "abuse" of iCloud by Apple themselves is going to raise many questions in their customers minds as to how trustworthy iCloud really is!

It's certainly annoyed and worried me!

I like and use Apple stuff a lot but the U2 thing and the Beats purchase smacks of old heads trying to buy cool. Why buy Beats? Why?! Why give Iovine and Dre all that money?! For what? Colourful plastic? It's not like their streaming service has set the world on fire. Maybe Apple know something we don't about it's potential but I think someone got sweet talked. Linking up with U2 is just odd. Again - why?! It matters not if they keep making decent product but I can't help thinking S.Jobs wouldn't have made those moves.

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Aroart: All negative commenters are losers. It's simple , this will be better than the last and there will be better in years to come. Haters need to get a life...

Haters don't want a life cause then they'd have to live it.

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Bought my daughter a Canon D20 on sale a year ago and she absolutely loves it. I owned the classic A70 Canon point and shoot all those years ago and what a great little camera that was. Then the Canon IQ really went south. Happy to say the D20 is a very welcome return to that "pleasing" look with a very high keeper rate.

IQ is the thing for me so I'd go D30 although no WiFi is a big oversight.

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RichRMA: Annoying, Apple-like, 20-something hipsterism.

What's your damage?

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On article Shockproof flagship: Olympus 'drops' new Tough TG-3 (107 comments in total)

Stick a phone in it already!…:)
I mostly shoot with a lovely ILC mirror less and have never paid much mind to the tuff cameras [except to wonder why they didn't just put a phone in there and be done with it?] until I bought one for my 10 year old daughter.
We bought a cheap 'n cheerful little Canon D20 and it's been a great little camera. Reliable exposures in all sorts of conditions including underwater and nice colour representation. When I tried years ago to replace my trusty Canon A70 3.5 megapixel point and shoot I was really disappointed with how the newer Canon models performed. The little D20s images are a welcome return to that vibe. Lotsa keepers.

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Jaythomasni: See where is Apple the back doors of Tokyo and Taiwan..This is called poaching for Japanese talents...Many Western companies are doing it lately ..Computer panels. .Microsoft surface makers are all Japanese or Asian engineers.
They will get some one with money...With all fanfare of apple phone phone and camera..all internals are sony or some Taiwanese company..made in as their product.

This poaching business is really spoiling the traditional legendary camera makers and their business..
Fact is Japanese craftsmanship and engineering is superior none can build one by poaching.
why poach let the Japanese companies survive with their skills.. they survive not by hi fi English speaking business men..but by pure talent..
please don't buy the whole electronic industry..leave them alone..... do what you are good the hardware to the people who are good at it and don't spoil their heritage ,

Whatcha smokin' there Jay?!

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digitallollygag: All of these "clip-on" gadgets are a compromise. Why won't Apple simply make a digital camera first that also happens to be a smartphone second, as an OPTION to the iPhone device we use now? Then they'd once and for all beat Canon and Nikon at their own game since those two are not particularly cutting-edge with connectivity...

Because you know like….Apple are like really crap and people only buy them because their Apple and yeah…like they're really bad and they're like lemmings and they all just are like really bad and…Apple are really terrible and anyway everyone says so. So there. Apple.

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rfsIII: LOVE IT! Who does not want an inexpensive, fun camera that will make people smile when you hold it up to take their pictures.
(One thing... I'm pretty sure that there are no more hipsters. That was a mid-century Brooklyn thing when Brooklyn was still a cheap and scary place. Brooklyn is now full of ex-husbands and middle management DBs. The cool people have moved to Queens.)

Just looking at it screams kids not Hipsters? Pre Smartphone kids. PSK! I think I just coined a demographic?!

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cmvsm: Looks great. Smart phones are getting very close to regular digital camera quality for travel photography. I see more and more people wondering why they are lugging their DSLR's around. You may not get the same DOF or low light performance that you get with a DSLR, but the compact trade off can be worth it.

At it's core - it's essence, photography IS about light. Most painters will say the same about painting. Someone else wrote here to some whining pixel peeper - "go find some light". The point is that decent or interesting light will make almost any technical argument mute. Almost…:) Yes stellar optics will get a "better" result in a given situation but the point of mobile photography is about capturing truly random opportunity which despite the irrational protestations of so many is now very possible in very pleasing ways with smartphone cameras…provided you know where to find the light…:)

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jcmarfilph: If you really want to shoot using smartphone, don't force yourself or just eat your pride and buy pureview phones and not an overpriced mediocre iPhones.

Why do you bother? Seriously why? Are you on a righteous crusade to save the world from evil? Go stink up someone else's forum.

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