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  • Best camera brand is the one that takes beautiful photos. Oh wait, they all do... Moti
  • Yes, there is lots of blur but it is in the background, there where it should be. The subjects looks sharp to me. If this is not your case, maybe you should do something about your monitor or go ...
  • What you believe is completely irrelevant. These photos are an example of good wildlife photography no matter how they were shot and what processing they have been gone through. Deal with it. And I ...
  • I'm sure you could name a lot more if you scratch the bottom of the barrel but none of these really answers the question - What types of photos are full frame cameras NOT recommended for?' Moti
  • Will first invest in skills and learns how to get the best out of his gear and then, for most cases, he won't need a second system. Moti
  • Of course ergonomics are the main thing especially when you spend long time at the computer and in general, good gaming mouses have usually very good ergonomics. But when it comes to photo ...
  • Replied in Logitech G602
    That is another reason to prefer the G602 over the G700s. It has a lower profile than the 700s which makes it more comfortable for smaller hands. Moti
  • Replied in Logitech G602
    Get a Logitech G602 and you won't regret it. it is the best mouse for designing and photo manipulation software. Cheers Moti
  • The OP's question was about what you CAN take aboard and not about what you WANT to take aboard and you are not answering his question, so you are the one here who is having a discussion for nothing.
  • This has nothing to do with being a pro, it is just a matter of being sensible. Moti
  • There are two ways to do it. A photographer will take a photo, look at it and if he is happy, the lens is sharp. A gearhead will download a test chart, shoot several photos, will look at them at ...
  • One of my photography teachers once told me - you don't have to be the best, you just have to be better than last week. It now about 2,860 weeks since I took photography for the firs time so I ...
  • Replied in The secret is
    Now you start talking some sense. A night vision windshield is a compromise but not a cheat, and so is ISO, a compromise sometimes, but where exactly is the cheat?
  • Replied in The secret is
    LOL, that is almost like saying that pressing the accelerator pedal in a car is actually a cheat bcause it is just sending more fuel to the engine... Moti
  • Maybe, but I always smile when people come up with DPR test charts in order to make a point because very often, these results do not have much to do with real world photography. Practically in ...
  • Five years ago I went on a wonderful adventure - crossing the Atlantic on a sailboat. We were a crew of 5 friends on a 60ft sailboat. We sailed form Antigua in the Caribs to Europ with 10 days ...
  • I'm sure that certain thing would improve if some posters will understand that the purpose of a language is to communicate and as long as people understand each other, this is all what counts even ...
  • Yes, I posted it as a good example because in this photo, the highlights were intentially blown for an aesthetic effect.
  • Words of wisdom. Walking into the light Cheers Moti
  • You can be an excellent politician, so many words and so little to say and of course, very much on the topic. I guess that this is your usual style of starting childish name calling whenever you ...
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