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On Opinion: The myth of the upgrade path article (1457 comments in total)

FX is definitely worth the effort because of the incredible high ISO advantage it has over DX, or an iPhone for that matter. As an older film photographer I settled on Nikons. I now use a D700 which brings back all that film era joy. It can pinpoint focus a 50 f1.2, but really shines with my 70-300 VR. The ability to get good quality with Auto ISO at 6400 and a minimum shutter speed of 1/250 makes nighttime and indoor shoots a pleasure. All those AF-D lenses I hoarded now work as they were intended. So far the 12.3 mp is fine for 11X14's but RAW files still tax my computers ability. Not sure if I would be happy with a 36MP camera uploading some of those files. My camera bag is now back over ten pounds weight with only a few lenses - HMMM.

The real threat to all camera manufacturers today is the smartphone. An iPhone or Samsung can provide a very satisfactory 8X10 print and it can always be in your pocket. When someone puts a tripod socket onto these things - look out.

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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1418 comments in total)
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ecube: What an entertainment reading comments, specially those threatening Nikon with ultimatum that they will jump ship if Nikon does not give them the specific feature they want.

I wonder if those enthusiast even have the Nikon bodies they claim to have. If they do, I wonder if they have the collection of lenses needed to take the appropriate photos. Assuming those enthusiast have the Nikon bodies and matching Nikkor lenses, I wonder if they know how to take advantage of the features for which they paid for when they purchase their toys. I am puzzled by the logic of jumping ship if Nikon does not provide the features some of these enthusiast DEMAND. Are they going to sell their lenses at bargain basement to prove their point to NIkon?

I wonder if enthusiast who are die-hard Canon, Pentax, Sony/Minolta, Olympus, Fuji owners does similar childish threats.

Me? I just buy the product that has the features I like. I do not like to part with the my superb collection of lenses

I think that both Nikon and Canon are running scared of the Apple and Samsung phones. The phones have destroyed their consumer market. This year Nikon did not issue their fabulous calenders and dropped a lot of products. That has me worried. I hope the D750 is a big success!

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On Nikon D750 First-impressions review preview (1418 comments in total)
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ScottRH: I would like to know when the replacement for the D700 will be. This D750 is essentially a D620.

How do you KNOW a D750 is better without shooting with it? It appears to be a D600 with a tilting screen. Cheaper shutter and no AF button hits me hard. I loved my D200 for the PRO FEEL, but it never focused my fast lenses very well. Replaced that with a D300 and was very happy. The focusing on the D300 is perfect and a huge improvement for my fast MF glass and 500 mirror.

Recently I purchased a used D700 recently because I wanted to keep that same D300 solid feel AND full frame usability of my old Nikon glass - specifically a 50mm F1.2 AIS and my 20mm AFD. It does that perfectly,with same 51 point AF I loved. Dead accurate focus in any mode and an AF-On button so I can actually control my auto focus lenses! Sure, you can program a button to do AF-on but there are issues with that too.
I have a D7000 to get video while retaining the functionality of the D300 - it does'nt.

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On 1939: England in Color (part 1) article (222 comments in total)

Thank you Barney!
Thanks for sharing, these are fabulous - kind of like Christopher Timothy in "All Creatures." Amazing to see the harbors with some old sailing ships that might have been sent to Dunkirk!

What was the film used? Looks like Agfa Chrome to me. Very nice. My first thought was Kodachrome - but those generally hold up much better, with bright reds. I have a few K-10 slides taken during 1939 and they still look fresh. Kodachrome is immediately recognizable by the reflection of the separate layers on the emulsion side. It required a complex support network to process and that may not have been possible during the war years.

lf I am right about the Agfa film, this batch may have been the last available till after the war. It was reputed not to fade, which was a real problem with most of the color films.
I hope that today's digital images will hold up as well.

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Pity that Nikon Lenses - with the F mount - will probably not be worthwhile on this body with such a small sensor. The Sony Nex is closer to the mark with an APS sensor. I passed on the 4/3rd system since it was a bit smaller than the APS sensors that Sony and my Nikon digital SLR's use. What I am hoping for is a full frame mirrorless body that lets me use the dozens of great lenses in my collection. In the meantime the Nex-5 is the best game in town for a collector who enjoys using his old glass.

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