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On Getting off the ground: Cheap drones for photography article (145 comments in total)

I run a drone site for beginners and we have quite a few articles on low cost aerial photography including this one:

It's possible to get decent - notice I didn't say great - but decent shots for $180-$300 (stills!).

It's possible to get high quality stills for $500 or so.

Getting good video starts at about a grand - because you need a gimbal to really accomplish that.

Here is a still from a $180 setup:

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On Panasonic DMC FZ200 preview (155 comments in total)

I am looking closely at this and other similar options. I have been through a number of interchangeable lens cameras including a D90 and find that they do not suit me. I am a hobbyist photog and the cost of REALLY good zooms for all other interchangeables seems out of my range. Also, I do a lot of hiking and biking, so the weight is an issue.
My newest idea is to possibly buy two cameras - one of them very compact, like the new Sony RX, and then a super-zoom. But the zoom camera must have a decent lens! I don't really need 20X.....even 12X would do.

I was spoiled 12 years ago when I bought the Sony F-707. It had a lens which was much better than anything I have had since! I am looking for something which is a more modern version of that!

Any suggestions? Is this one worth looking at for my long work (hawks, sailboats, etc.)? My alternative is to buy a M 4/3 or Sony Nex, but even those lenses don't get high reviews!

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