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Merry Christmas!  In this episode, Jim takes on questions from photographers around the world who ask about taking photos of kids in front of the Christmas tree, SD card issues, product photography tips, and more. The show will take the next week off but we’ll be back on the Monday after Christmas and follow our CONTINUE

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ImprovePhotography, 4 months ago

There is so much to photograph during the holidays from religious symbols, to beautiful outdoor lighting displays, a well decorated tree, and the gathering of family and friends. You might already photograph and print your own holiday cards or a personal calendar, and each year you might be thinking of new and unique ideas for […]

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There are all sorts of statistics we can look up to tell us how the photography industry is doing and whether or not smartphones really are going to steamroll the market (spoiler alert: it’s not as bad as some make it out to be). One source of information that probably doesn’t cross your mind, however, […]
PetaPixel, 4 months ago
Reuters’ photographers captured some incredible photographs in 2013, and now that the year is wrapping up, it’s only fitting that they compile the best of them into a Photos of the Year slideshow that will hopefully inspire you to take on your photographic goals with renewed vigor in 2014. The photos range in subject matter […]
PetaPixel, 4 months ago
Carli Davidson‘s photos and slow motion video of dogs shaking off water and spittle have been a huge hit with people all over the world. In October, the photos were even immortalized in a book by the same name, and while she was working on that book, Nikon caught up with her at her Portland, […]
PetaPixel, 4 months ago
Show your texBlend art work at our Flickr group. This is also the right place for all texBlend discussions.
We plan to feature selected texBlend work here. Show us your work.
Digital Outback Photo, 4 months ago
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