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Sell it to the Chinese and next year they will be selling like "hot-cakes" for $9.99....as a key chain....remember the old "peep-show" keychains.

Good Luck Lytro

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Michel J: As Apple does, they use our money of licenced guys who paid for a friendly workflow environment to develop and promote something totally unfriendly for the rest of us, and what desserve our cause...! Then only for do more money.

(permanent-subscription-based model, net-boot apps downloadable only through the clouds and so on)

only for doing more money without any sens of ethic nor educational way of thinking.

Michel J....would you please repeat that in English...for the rest of us? Thanks

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Some great shots...new Beatle material!! Yeah!!

Oh....and to the snarks, trolls and little children jealously complaining in these posts...nah-nah-na-nah-nah!

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The pans on Amazon [http://www.amazon.com/Edward-Weston-Hundred-Twenty-five-Photographs/product-reviews/1934429570/ref=sr_1_1_cm_cr_acr_txt?ie=UTF8&showViewpoints=1]
seem much more reasoned and studied than do the raves.

I agree with one purchaser - try to see this book before buying.

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What a grand assemblage of pure louts and ruffians you are....constantly arguing over the numbers of everything...as if you were really qualified to discuss more that the number of feet a pig possesses!

Even the most unwashed, unlettered and unrepentant among you must be well enough educated to realise the writer was simply trying to explain the costs involved in developing a lifetime profession.

Grow up...or go back to arguing about the number of angels that can dance on the head of pin and leave photograpghy to the practitioners

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I read the judgement and concluded, based soley on the evidence presented in that judgement, that the judge is a doddering old man that has never held a camera more advanced than an auto point-shoot throwaway.

What of all the photographers that intentionally tried to find Ansel's tripod marks? Shall we confiscate their cameras, take away their birthdays or simply jail them?

There are so many postcards available in London right now of "similiar" shots of these three iconic elements of London - Parliament, double-decker and misty-moors - that I can only imagine the judge must be one of those that have plagued British photographers for the last decade concerning the "link" between terrorits and photography....poor old man...he should just go home and tend his roses.

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I too appreciate the style of your educational article. I have been using CS5 and LR3 and was hoping to add the NIK Collection but I understand that all of the disc versions require extensive "download and upgrade" ....which is a problem on my old dial-up modenm.

Any clarification regarding "currency" of the disc-based Collection directly from NIK would be appreciated.

Also they say they "can't" use the Post Office....everybody can use the Post office except folks on the Homeland Security Watchlist....?

Father Bob Anderson

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