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  • Neither the S6 Edge nor the + version have a removable battery or SD card.  That disqualifies them for me. Frankly, I'm going to stick with my Note 3 which is just off contract.  I do feel like I ...
  • Depending on your usage, it may actually be cheaper to go with one of AT&T's new "no subsidy" plans.
  • PS: A quick search seems to indicate that the LG G4 has OTG capability.
  • I kind of agree with you about OTG being more important than SD card - at least with a phone that offers lots of built in storage, but, to me, a removable battery is also very important.  If the ...
  • I'm afraid I can't help  with the "which model" question.  I'm a Verizon (CDMA) user, and it sounds like you need a GSM phone.
  • I would say yes.  I am still using my 2 year old (maybe 3year old) Note 3, and am very happy with it.  Verizon says it's time for an upgrade, but it seems silly to upgrade to the Note 4 which is ...
  • Replied in FASTSTONE
    I suspect that it is not a default issue.  I'd bet that when you use Windows Explorer to rotate a jpg, Windows uses Windows Photo Viewer to do the rotation.
  • Replied in FASTSTONE
    That's the answer then.  I'm sure that Windows uses Windows Photo Viewer 6 to rotate the photo, and it dutifully writes that info into the EXIF data.
  • Replied in FASTSTONE
    Now, we may be getting somewhere.  How did you rotate the image?
  • Replied in Thanks...
    I'm probably not going to be much help, but I've pretty much decided to go with the G4 for non-camera reasons: it has a removable battery and an SD card slot.  The S6 does not.  From what I've ...
  • Why on earth would you think that?  Do you suspect that Sony released the HX90 without the capability to run that specific Play Memory app?  Doesn't seem likely to me. I have no inside information, ...
  • A good solution.  But, don't short change richardplondon's suggestion above.  If you work from Grid mode, there is no need to select any syncing options.  Just select the images you want to ...
  • This is beginning to sound like a quality control issue: some people seem to have this problem, while others don't.  I'm one of the ones with the 1 second delay, so I can "fix" the problem by just ...
  • Replied in Verdict?
    Ah, that makes sense.  I never shoot video, so I don't have that problem.  And, I'm not as tall as you so I suspect that the camera seems smaller to you than it seems to me. I'm with you all the ...
  • Regardless of what you would like "aspect ratio" to mean, it is also involved in the manufacture of computer screens.  And, for many people, it affects the useability of that screen.  Some people ...
  • Replied in Elliott does!?
    It sounds like the OP was mostly interested in pictures not videos.
  • OK, you're mentioning a different complaint.  I was responding to somebody who said that you had to hold the EVF too close to your eye. I, too, prefer quick response, but I'm not sure whether Sony ...
  • Replied in Verdict?
    Wow.  Different horses for different courses, I guess. While I agree with most of what your complaints, they are advantages for me.  The small size is precisely the reason that I bought the HX90, ...
  • Same here.  It is a bit slow to react.  I think that's confusing some people.  If you learn to put you eye in position, and then wait about one second, the EVF works fine.
  • The problem seems to me to be the lag time rather than the sensitivity.  If you put your eye (or glasses) up close to the EVF and pause (count 1-2-3), then it seems to work fine.  Unfortunately, ...
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