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Tungsten Nordstein

Lives in Tonga London, Tonga
Works as a Male photography expert
Has a website at www.tungstennordstein.com
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About me:

Getting photography wrong since the 80s.

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    Rondom, it's a good point. My feeling is that if people do not care much about the micro textures in their photographs then they can safely ignore them and leave the debate up to people for whom it ...
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    Just pulling your leg!
  • Replied in GR/D Rankings
    This is getting very personal, rondom ;) Am I a pixel peeper? Well, I like look at photographs from many different magnifications. I also think the textures of a photograph are an important part of ...
  • Replied in GR/D Rankings
    That's true - create a preset and you're done. One button processing. I'm all for it! But I have been unable to create a preset in Lightroom that works as well as one of the built-in Lightroom ...
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    Mike. Interesting. So, I wonder – is there an applicable, practical idea in that simple piece of information?
  • Harold, I know you think that the post processing option is the answer. I find post processing with the GRD4 doesn't give me the results that I like and the ones I do get are certainly not as easy ...
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    I couldn't disagree. The GRDI has it for b&w, the 4 for colour - although I can still perfectly enjoy the colour from the I. The GRDI for the mechanical interface, the GRD4 possibly better for it's ...
  • I take great photographs in my dreams but I've always forgotten to take the lens cap off.
  • Already a slew of reactionary comments.

  • Some people like minimalist design. No one is making you buy one and it's no threat to the cameras you are probably likely to buy. So what is the problem?

  • Touch-screen AND physical controls? Wean them off the buttons slowly? Clever. Ricoh lens and sensor implants? As long as they have great monochrome in-body jpg processing.
  • Glad i thought of one, because my anti-touch-screen sentiments are probably based on fear and loathing rather than rational thought! ;) But I guess soon we'll be able to grow transparent ...
  • I've got no time. Half-click to focus on the object of your subject, re-frame , complete full press to shoot. No time at all. How on earth can you see what you're doing with a finger in the middle ...
  • 'A touchscreen to access functions is unnecessary' Spot on. And touchscreens are fiddly with no sense of tactile feedback. The GR/GRD has great physical controls to access menus quickly. Although I ...
  • I like your portrait. And I like the way you spoke to him and asked to take his photograph.
  • And DPReview have already reported on Ricoh-Pentax new kit, so it seems pretty clear the rumour is an empty one. Seems unlikely they would put the old GR on display and then announce a new GR. ...
  • They look great. Positive film mode is one of the few special effects that just seem to work well straight out of the can. 'I don't take photographs, I steal them.' Tungsten Nordstein, 1999
  • agreed double agree agree double agree don't care 20fps? Anything that makes AF faster has to be good, so not sure why any camera would not need this if it works. And contrast detection AF has to ...
  • I have three GRDI's, so – I'm no competition. One is unused waiting in the box!
  • Rondom. Well funny, you should ask that - but no. ;) Actually, to be honest, I quite like the ersatz shutter click –I find it quite satisfying! Sometimes I use it when I'm in OVF mode. It gives the ...
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