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Wow that is one specialized type of photography I am sure I could never be a part of.

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Question 60 is flawed. If you don't have a smart phone then there is no correct answer and it is required.

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So it is built out of tent poles. Old technology used differently. Don't expect to catch wildlife with this with all those moving parts it is bound to be noisy.

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simon65: What the market really needs is a high end, compact, well built, lightweight, DSLR with a large optical viewfinder!

Currently, no one, absolutely no one, offers such a machine.

And its not even as if its technologically impossible because it was all done years ago. Take this baby, a full frame camera with a large, ok very large optical viewfinder, an alloy body and weighing in at just 520 g and with the diminutive dimensions of just 136 x 83 x 50 mm...

Yep the year was 1979 and the camera was the OM2N.Why is it that 33 years later the industry considers putting a FF sensor in such a camera is impossible. Clearly it is not.

You have to have a mirror for that.

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ginsbu: Now make a version for mirrorless! 10mm is a useful FL on both APS-C and 4/3-sized sensors.

Of course, a 6 or 7mm specifically for m4/3 would be welcome too!

Rokinon is the same company so yeah amazon search rokinon olympus enjoy

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I'm sorry why not put up a few satellite relays in between so we can get some decent images of the planet why spend that much money on a mission that is 8 years behind in sensor technology. 2mp is a joke for landscape shots.

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The guy in the middle wore the same gross shorts for 15 years

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Crickets Chirping....

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If he came prepared for one situation and then was presented for something he was not prepared for then he should have declined to do the shoot or taken them outside for some natural background and light. This paper background he was using was destroyed through half of his portraits of photos not posted here and he did have enough to put more up.(Paper spool was empty) Yes it would have been a missed opportunity to take the photos but it's better to do something right or don't do it at all. Reputation is critical in the photo industry. He is getting a lot of press over this though.
The Olympics are kind of important and this looks as though it was done in an RV.

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thx1138: Wow, rotten specs. f/3.9 lens, 230kp LCD, no RAW, tiny 1/2.3" sensor. Sort of like every other underwater P&S. At least the new Olympus is f/2 at wide end.

Why is it assumed underwater photographers like to use crap cameras.

Just because you don't like RAW doesn't mean we should all suffer and have to use jpg. You can still shoot jpg on a RAW enabled camera and let the camera company do the processing for you. I like to control how I process my files.

Chuck Norris is the only underwater photographer.

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snake_b: Compact cameras, in general, are pretty depressing, actually.

Ever-slower lenses (maybe we'll finally get to f4 at full wide next year!), stuffed MP, noise at base ISO, and so on.

The new TG-1 is F2 snake_b

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I like cheese.

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On DSC_0525 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (13 comments in total)
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LVPhoto1: If photography is your sole income….I would never shoot at this high of an iso…they look as if they were shot with a point and shoot….I never had a problem when I shot film not matter the lighting I always got the shot….this high iso nonsense is so over blown.

Now I know the purpose thanks Terentius. Point proved... it's pointless.

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On Show Girl in the Portrait challenge (1 comment in total)

what is the smudge on left side of the frame?

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On Just posted: Nikon D800 test samples article (423 comments in total)

wow this image makes the E-5 and OM-D look awesome.

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Ah Pek: Olympus needs to reduce the price of its fast lenses. I mean just look at the Oly 150mm f2 vs the Canon 135mm f2. Why buy an E series camera? Not that much smaller but with much smaller sensor. The Pen on the other hand has little competition. Sony NEX just to bulky. Nikon V1, what were they thinking?? With the 45mm 1.8 and 75mm 1.8, great bokeh here we come!

Yabokkie makes no sense, all olympus 4/3 lens have a 2x equivalent in 35mm but it does not change the fstop. So 150mm F2 is a 300mm F2.!... Duurrrr
You can't compare 135mm canon to a 150 Zuiko...

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645D: No external mic input? A major con for serious video shooters:-(

A serious video shooter would not use a digital camera they would use a video camera...

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chris96326: Hmmm, a splash-proof camera in a m43 system that has NO weather sealed lenses. Interesting...

Hopefully I missed a new/old weather proof lens, but if not, my statement stands true. If I did, I am sure the replies to this will bring me up to speed. :) I will be optimistic and assume that Oly has some future weather proof lenses on the horizon. It seems (to my advantage) that Micro Four Thirds is gathering momentum. It has to be the most exciting platform in the camera world today. As more companies jump on board, I see a future where photo gear/entire kits won't wear you down. If they could just control image noise and/or low light photography, they would dominate.

12-50 is

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On Preview:olympusEM5 (1364 comments in total)

FASTEST AF in the world.... that is something to take notice.

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