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On Nokia Lumia 1520 camera review post (101 comments in total)

The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 has a 5.7 in screen rather than 5.5in which was the screen size of the Note 2.

I did consider the Nokia 1520 as the camera on the Z Ultra is very poor even for a phone camera but after trying out WP8 for a bit on the 925 I decided not to. There is a lot WP8 does well but the problem for me is the bits it doesn't do so well or you want to do differently, you largely cannot so some elements like the poor keyboard (compared to Swiftkey) you can't change.

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On GoPro updates with Hero3+ post (34 comments in total)
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Francis Carver: Wow, is anyone half serious about video will take these laughable half-witted claims from GoPro at their face value?

"GoPro claims makes the Hero 3+ Black Edition 33% sharper than the Hero 3 Black Edition. "

"2x faster image processor."

"4x faster Wi-Fi."

And so on. C'mon, GoPro, get serious.

Unfortunately many people probably will, numbers are much easier to use to sell a product and it seems GoPro have decided the best way to fight off the challenge from other action cameras is to use more impressive sounding numbers.

I made the mistake of buying a Black Edition which was rubbish at the start and many months on it's better but still unreliable and thirsty on batteries. I blame that on GoPro trying to give it specs they could show off with rather than working on producing a solid and reliable device.

I was curious to see if with these new cameras they would acknowledge the problems with the original Black Edition and make it clear this camera won't be the same but instead we have all manner of nonsense numbers as you say which doesn't give me any confidence in it at all.

Interested to see what Garmin produce with the Virb but have my doubts after the issues with the Edge 510/810.

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CortoPA: I like it.

As far as the OS, I'm cool with Win 8.

These days Google worries me more than M$.

Looking forward to a full review!

I have read about what's coming with Xbox One and Windows 8.1 but it doesn't sound like you have at all. Microsoft have done a complete u-turn on the DRM system for the Xbox One (which itself was not as bad as some of the existing systems) and 8.1 makes a few changes to Windows 8, some of which are to address customer complaints. So if your view of evil is changing your product to respond to customer criticism or complaints, your definition of the term is very different to mine.

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Joe Ogiba: The Hasselblad brand is now the joke of the camera industry and I thought the red Leica dot on Panasonic cameras was bad.

Leica did not make the lenses for Panasonic cameras, it was just branding on Panasonic designed and manufactured lenses. Leica and Panasonic were always vague about the relationship between the two but given most of the lenses were absolutely nothing like Leica lenses (small sensor variable aperture zooms with IS) they were clearly not designed by them, the only official statement I've read is that the lenses were manufactured to Leica's exacting quality control standards or similar.

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On iFixit tears into the Samsung Galaxy S4 post (55 comments in total)
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King Penguin: What is this talk of built in batteries are better than ones you can replace.......I bet the people in favour would say different if for instance the Nikon D600 had a built in battery.

I'm an iPhone user and it would be great of I could put another battery in the phone when needed.

Remember the Nokia 6310? Why can't we have smart phones with batteries like that...........

I think Motorola have been producing thicker smartphones with particularly high capacity batteries at the cost of thickness but the 6310 was obviously a very low power device in comparison to modern smartphones.

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On iFixit tears into the Samsung Galaxy S4 post (55 comments in total)
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danijel973: The removable batteries are generally preferrable but generally speaking, I would be satisfied knowing that a battery *can* be replaced at a dealership or a service center. It's not such a big deal if it *can* be replaced at all. But if it can't, then it's a big no-no.

A li-ion battery is highly unlikely to last anywhere near three years, even two years old retaining full performance is unlikely and in practice I find on many batteries (Apple included) 12-18 months is about as much as you can expect before performance drops. Hence the manufacturers only warranty the battery for 12 months or even 6 months, bearing in mind most phones are now on a two year contract that means the battery is likely to need replaced at least once.

With a removable battery you can pre-empt a failure with a spare backup battery so when it does bite the dust, it's no inconvenience. External battery packs are much larger than a spare battery and far less convenient as they have to remain attached to the device for over an hour, a spare battery can be swapped over in around 60 seconds and then the phone is back to normal with no wires needing to hang off it.

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On The iPad Workflow post (76 comments in total)

On the first and last pages. the resolution is incorrectly referred to as 2048x1526 rather than 2048x1536.

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PhotoArtKC: Apple dropped the ball for a change... The iPhone 4S is too little too late. Everyone has 8mp phones, dual cores and LARGER screens these days. Most of those even work on a 4G network! Really Apple, think about it for a second...

No it's not, that's nonsense - the Galaxy S2's processor consists of two cortex A9's, which is exactly the same as the A5 which is also two cortex A9's. However the A5 in the Ipad 2 is clocked at 1Ghz whereas the S2 is not only faster at the moment at 1.2Ghz but new versions are going to be faster yet. Furthermore the Iphone4 had a lower clocked version of the A4 than the first Ipad so it's likely the Iphone 4S will also have a lower clocked processor so if any phone is going to be twice as fast it will be the newer Galaxy phones.

The screen may be higher resolution but that doesn't really count for much when it's so much smaller and nowhere near as bright either.

So if those are the best reasons for getting an Iphone 4S you clearly agree with the original poster that there is no point in getting one.

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