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I have an Nikon D2X, Panasonic GF1, 20 1.7, Canon 5D MK II, 5D, Canon 20D, 80-210mm 2.8, Sigma DP2 Merrill, Sigma DP1, Sigma SD14 with a 18-50MM 2.8 EX Macro lens, and a 70-300MM Sigma. A Fuji F20.



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InTheMist: What an interesting concept. I'm glad someone is bringing this conflict to light.

Yes, but I am afraid it is a NEVER ending conflict. Their track record there is been pretty bleak over the years and seems to be worsening as of late. Probably about one of the last places on earth you want want to move to.

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Looks like there is some reviews and videos running around the web that the new Panny GH4 seems to be the best right now for fast action. They have come a long ways.

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On HTC One M8 Camera Review post (53 comments in total)

Thanks for the review. Yep, this phone looks pretty terrible camera wise. Not sure how you can beta test it and say yeah, lets release it the way it is??

As to the people on here that complain about every cellphone review. If you don't like them why are you even reading the review, or even commenting?

You guys NEED to wise up. This is not 1995, it's 2014. Cameras as we knew them are a dying breed. Hardly any young person prints anything anymore.

I have taken some pretty darn good pictures with my phones. Can I make a 20x30 print with them, no. Do I need to or want to no. My children and grandchildren see them just fine in emails I send them, and in return I get shots of them from their cellphones. What else you want, a picture from a 80mp MF back you are going to look at on your computer screen at 100??

I am not suggesting you throw away your cameras. I still own a LOT of them. But the average young person probably does not even OWN a real camera anymore.

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On Lomography seeks crowdfunding for Lomo'Instant Camera article (44 comments in total)

I guess if you were a 10 year old girl on a sleepover this might trip your button. But it sure is not going to trip MY Visa card. Sorry.

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On Panasonic Lumix DMC-ZS40 Real-world Samples Gallery article (87 comments in total)

God, those are pretty terrible. Imagine going on a vacation of a lifetime and coming back to show the shots to your family, friends. Jesus, who thought this camera was a GOOD idea to make in this day and age?

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On Street photography tips with Zack Arias article (149 comments in total)

Well, that certainly is a video worth watching. Some nice interesting tips and well produced.

Would be neat to be able to go all over the world, but sort of dangerous anymore and pretty expensive on top of it.

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This looks like the biggest waste of time I have seen in a LONG time. Not counting, like has been stated, don't just have ate and watch this.

God, can you imagine the poor person that edited this stupid thing.

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On I'm Luthier in the The Guitar Luthier challenge (1 comment in total)

Wow, That guy NEEDS a haircut!!

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On Lytro Illum in the hands of five leading photographers article (163 comments in total)

Wow, I have been doing photography and video's both as a living and a hobby for over 50 years. Younger people have so much to look forward to now with advanced technology.

This camera is exciting to me. It is sort of like a video in a still print. You can look at it in many different ways and draw your own conclusions on what you like about the photo not necessarily what the photographer seen, or wanted to be front and center.

This IS the future like it or not. And so are Video's in modern day cameras. I have no clue why there is so much negative reactions on this site about this the Lytro camera or cameras that shoot video. You are living in the past. This stuff is the future. Learn it and use it.

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Holly cow. The shot of the family in the car is one of the best shots of how unfair life can be I have seen in years. That poor women looks like she is 80 years old.

And here we are peeing away thousands of dollars on camera stuff while it looks like they live in that car.

There can be no god that lets things like this happen No way.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2978 comments in total)
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Menneisyys: Guys,

any source for European pre-order? Amazon.de, unlike amazon.com, doesn't list it - and, needless to say, the latter doesn't ship to Europe. No mention on it on Expansys either.

I want to get this before the holiday starts (01/Jul).

Yes, the Nokia 808 is a pretty hard smartphone camera combo to beat for something that you REALLY have with you 24/7. I know the Sony does better, but for a man I really doubt you would carry it with you ALL the time.

The days of printing are over with. Just uploads to Facebook (sic) are common now. Flicker is pretty much the home place for real photos now, and Twitter is for nude selfies in the mirror lol. So cellphones are a bigger deal than most think in this day and age.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2978 comments in total)
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Dimit: Sony nailed it again.
The whole RX line has not competition.
RX100 in particular,holds it's prime name throughout the whole compact camera area,no matter whoever likes it or not,more or less.
My sole mini gripe: As there's no room for a shoe,they could probably offer a mic out instead.I think that there's no way for someone to use a more powerful external flash in a camera which is half( ok,merely!) the size/volume of the flash.As a result the exclusive use of the MIS would be for an external mic.Besides the video capabilities are fine...I'm sure mk.4 will deal with the issue

The Hot Shoe thingy is not needed for the VAST majority of people. And you are really not going to hang a Stereo Shotgun mike like you should have off a hot shoe on a camera this small anyways. I like it.

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On Sony Cyber-shot DSC-RX100 III First Impressions Review preview (2978 comments in total)
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wetsleet: So glad to see viewfinders making a comeback in camera designs

I am 67 years old. Trust me holding a camera at arms length is sort of a thing of the past long ago lol.

It is on my bucket list trust me.

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On Sony announces pricing and availability for Alpha 7S article (131 comments in total)
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Mooman: Very nice, but at that price I'd have to liquidate my lens collection just to afford that body. I was hoping it was going to be priced under the a7R

Well if you have ever made a movie you can NEVER have too much ISO. Fast, cheap cinema lens are sort of scarce.

I admit it seems over the top, but I bet ISO 6400 will look great, and that IS great news.

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On Sony announces pricing and availability for Alpha 7S article (131 comments in total)
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ottonis: It is remarkable how some people already bash the A7s and some others already praise it like the new holy grail.

We still don't have any serious review of this camera. What we have are some extremely promising specs that are of particular interest for those people whose main interest is in the low-light capabilities for stills/video.

We have the extraordinary specs and we have some stunning video/stills samples, but I would really wait for some serious and more detailed reviews and testing before making a conclusion about this camera.

Personally, if the A7s is at least one full stop better (with regards to SNR) compared with its A7/r siblings, then it would be of interest of me, as it would put it 2+ stops above the best APS-C cameras today.
If on my Nex 5N ISO 800- was the maximum tolerable ISO with regards to IQ/noisefloor/SNR, then the A7s would allow to shoot at ISO 3200 at the same quality, which is just astonishing.

As for the "Stunning" videos I don't know about you but I have no way to view them. I doubt you do either? When I win the lotto I will buy a 4K TV or monitor.

I will take Sony's word for it that they are pretty darn good. 4K is the future like it or not. And this seems like a cheap way to do it.

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On Light Field Cameras - Focusing on the Future article (134 comments in total)

If I had the money to burn I would have one tomorrow. Sounds pretty cool to me. It IS the future like it or not. No more out of focus shots. A wedding photographers dream.

Kudos to the people that came up with this. Wow, interesting times.

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On Journey to the center of the Earth with Robbie Shone article (49 comments in total)

Serious way to make a living lol. I noticed he used a Canon 5D and a Nikon D700 a lot. I wonder if he has switched up to lighter gear like the m4/3 or Fuji stuff? Seems like with a few lenses FF stuff would be a hump to carry in Caves.

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On Senior Nokia imaging engineer is joining Apple post (35 comments in total)
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Houseqatz: i jumped ship from an iphone to the lumia 1020, for the camera. however, if apple were to include OIS, and a high megapixel/large sensor, with their version of oversampling baked in, i'd be tempted to go back...

there are so many good ios apps that simply do not exist in the windows phone 8 ecosystem

I just checked. There are 1,207,970 android apps. I bet they have a LOT of them I will NEVER use just like a ton of Apple apps either. People, its not like Apple has 20,000 and Android has 48 apps.

And if you bought the cheap 8mp iphone there is not a lot of room for any apps anyway.

I have owned both and guess what they both make phone calls and do text. Pretty much what you use it for 98% of the time.

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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review preview (1050 comments in total)

What this review shows is that we are pretty much unable to see much difference between cameras anymore.

Just spend your money on a camera you feel comparable with and have a bunch of lenses with it and have a good time. End of story.

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On Seven photographic hacks, one short video article (34 comments in total)

Yeah, did some of these things years and years ago. But nice to see someone introduce them to newer people. Well done.

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