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arhmatic: Why is the guy playing with the camera in the last shot wearing white gloves?

Wearing gloves does not prevent spreading of flu.

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daveinorillia: This is silly. All Marketing hype. Although "The Dark Continent" is archaic and may be offensive to some. The wording of the ad is meant to add a sense of adventure. Most of these scopes will never see Africa.

It should be no more offensive than "African-American" term for black (negro) people.

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James Babb: Hunting can benefit a species. If a particular animal brings hunter tourists into an African community, that community will value and protect the species.


As for the "dark continent" reference, that was just a little sloppy. Even NPR made the same mistake.


What's wrong with "dark continent"?

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People, where is your common sense?
What is wrong with rifle scopes and "black continent"?
Liberalism is truly a mental disorder.

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Tape5: 'And God placed the gigantic disc of earth....'

Last time I checked it was a sphere.

It looks like disc from cosmos. Anyway, you are at the wrong forum section.

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