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Hans von der Crone: Only one thing needed for me to make the complete switch: is the iso3200 performance same or better than Nikon d750?

@AlbertSilver Greater resolution = greater detail. Noise reduction = less noise + less detail. If you start off with greater detail at iso3200 due to high resolution sensor or can add noise reduction and reduce noise to below the D750 while keeping detail as good as the D750.

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Cant wait for the full DPR of this one

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On Olympus OM-D E-M10 First Impressions Review preview (619 comments in total)
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Mika Tuka: The viewfinder of E-M10 is a shame for 2014. While everybody is including ~2.5 million dots this one is 1.5 million. I compared E-M5 viewfinder and E-M1 – they are different like night and day. I’m very disappointed – this is the camera I was waiting for and it doesn’t include a modern viewfinder.

Any thoughts why?

I believe the EVF looks better or should I say 'bigger' on the EM10 than the EM5 although they both use the same chip.

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jcmarfilph: I'd rather leave a useless device like iPad at home. It's a PITA to upload pictures to it due to Apple's proprietary non-sense-to-get-more-sales adapters etc. Right from the camera's LCD, it is much easier to view and delete trash pictures right away. I'd rather buy a backup battery or card for the cam than spend 20 bucks for an app that does nothing special. There are tons of freeware photo viewer that you can use.

Actually it is absurdly easy to transfer your photos onto an ipad. All you have to do is switch on an 'eye-fi' card and open the app and all your photos will be automatically download.

I agree that US$20 is an absurd amount to pay for a 'photo viewer' but you are failing to understand the core functionality of this app. What it does is sync all your metadata (tags, colors, stars) that you have created on jpegs on your ipad over wifi to your RAWs in LR.

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One point I would make about Photosmith. Photosmith 1 and 2 were very buggy and relied on Apple's camera roll. Photosmith 3 has sorted out the bugs and bypassed the camera roll. It really works now and it really works well.

I import my jpegs via eye-fi card sort rate and then sync the metdata back with my RAWs in LR. It is far quicker to sort and rate your jpegs than sorting your RAWs in LR.

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)
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seri_art: Can you shoot RAW + JPG and have the card transfer only the JPG files?

Yes, you can. In fact this is precisely what I do with an eye- fi card and my ipad

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)
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Artpt: Wonderful article...I just returned an EZ Share card that was not compatible with an OMD EM5. Given your information, I plan on purchasing the Eye-Fi.

Thank you.

I use the Eye-fi card with the OMD - works well, even has its own on/off switch in the menu.

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)
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photonius: What about the Sandisk Eye Fi cards? Is this simply a licensed version of the Eye-Fi card with the same software and features as described here, or are there differences?

I had never heard of Scandisk Eye-Fi Cards. However I looked them up and found them here.


I dont think many people would recommend anyone using these cards because the read/write times of the cards are so slow (which is why they are cheap). They are Class 4 which is really slow by today's standards. Class 6 many people will say are too slow (although they are adequate). Class 10 is the industry standard.

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)

I see some people have run into problems setting up the Eye-Fi pro x2 - it is easier now than it was a year ago - but for 90% of people they would be better off buying the Eye-Fi Mobi...

1) It is cheaper
2) It has zero configuration

Its drawback is that it only works with smartphone and tablet devices rather than PC/MAC computers. However computers are basically for 'RAW' - wifi cards are too slow for RAW - and you are better of using your SD slot.

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)
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Chris2J: I would still like a CF Eye-Fi card :-). The fact that this is still not available, indicates that this is technically not possible - however, I do not understand why. Furthermore, I do not understand why nobody has developed an SD-CF adaptor that will facilitate Eye-Fi SD card usage, so you do not have to butcher the adaptor to not block the WiFi signal - even an adaptor that will somehow boost WiFi transmission. The WiFi solution offered by Nikon is just too expensive.

I honestly dont know the answer to this.

There is a 5 year old thread on the Eye-Fi forum requesting a wifi CF that was totally ignored by the company.

Maybe patents?
Maybe software?

I also dont understand why noone has created a successful adapter.

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)
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wlad: there's a whole paragraph about "speed" and it does not have the most important information - average transfer speed.
Which would be a pathetic 1MB/s at most.

I have an Eye-fi connect x2 card that has been gathering dust for the last 2 years.

Good point. I actually think that the average speed of these SD cards using wifi is about 1.3MB/s. That is fine for jpegs - you can easily transfer 100 in 5 minutes.

But it is next to useless for RAW which takes 10 seconds or so each.

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)
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davel33: It would be nice to see how they compare to a 6D/70D, so see if its worth the money to upgrade to a camera with wifi or get an SD card? I think you missed half of the show :)

This is a good point. I use the eye-fi (although I have also tried the others.) It actually has a number of advantages over the built in wifi in cameras - bypass IOS photo app/compatibility with various Apps.

What you cannot do with an SD card is control your camera from a smart device (Eye-fi works in the other direction.)

So for instance the Olympus E-P5 as well as having 'built in wifi' also has an 'eye-fi menu'. Inherently in-built wifi doesnt make an SD card wifi redundant as they work differently. But this is really a rather complicated subject that the whole article glosses over.

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)
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ajay67: perhaps someone could make a wi-fi card reader too? or is it already in the market?

Yes already exists - look up Airstash. Can read any SD card and wifi content to your smart device.

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)
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J D Tranquil: I am a non-professional who have both cards and I find the Transcend much more suitable for my use.

The Eye-fi card is compatible with a wider range of cameras. Therefore, I can use it on my main camera while the Transcend card cannot. The big problem with the Eye-fi card is that you have to load everything from the card to your device. That means, let's say you took 20 pictures from the week before and haven't download them to your device yet. And today you have just taken a picture that you want to load to your device; once the transfer begin you have to download the 20 pictures from the week before first.

What you state about the difference between the cards is correct.

1) The eye-fi does 'automatic push' transfer so a 'single' device must be nominated. (You can select photos rather than send the entire batch but this is done in-camera rather than on your smart device.)
2) So if you wish to 'pull in' photos into multiple devices you are need to use a Transcend/EZ Share/Flashair

I actually like to download all my photos automatically as I sort my photos on my ipad and then sync with Lightroom. Which is why I prefer the Eye-fi but your reasons for prefering the Transcend are sound.

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On Battle of the Wi-Fi Cards: Eye-Fi vs. Transcend article (181 comments in total)

The review is ok as far as it goes but there are quite a lot of other differences between these cards in use. Transcend is basically a 'pull' card while Eye-fi is basically 'push'.

This has important repercussions when using the cards with say Photosmith for IOS or I imagine Shuttersnitch. The Eye-fi card can be used to bypass IOS's own photo app which makes deleting of downloaded photos far simpler and I dont believe that Transcend is even compatible with Photosmith.

Several brands also have special Eye-fi menus which means that the wifi can be turned off when not needed and photos can be automatically downloaded immediately when it is switched on. Some of the advantages of Eye-fi means it use is actually far better than the in-built wifi in cameras.

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On Sony A3000 preview (681 comments in total)

I love the way people say that it is a rubbish camera even at US$400 because it has a 230k LCD.

It wasnt as though people were complaining about the US$6k plus Leica M8 5 years ago when it had a 230k LCD.

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A decidely luke warm reception from DPR and most posters it seems. Admittedly this isnt exactly a retro looking mirrorless like the GX7 with multi megapixel lcd and EVF, 1/8000 sec shutter speed etc - for US$1400. The most innovative thing about this camera is its price. It is in fact the first mirrorless camera to take advantage of mirrorless key competitive advantage which is cost by undercutting the Canikon offerings.

But hasnt this been done already. The Panasonic G series and with the old model the G5 already selling at a blow out price of under US$400. Well exactly - which mirrorless is the best selling at Amazon today - the OMD? the GX7? the Fuji Xe-1? the EPL-5? the Canon EOS-M? or perhaps the Panny G6?

No actually it is the G5.


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I guess I am not convinced. DPR claims to be adding new features and to be responding and engaging all the feedback it receives.

At the same time in-depth reviews of cameras and software either arrive so late it is useless or never appear at all. I seem to remember say fairly in-depth articles about Lightroom 4 and PS CS6. But absolutely nothing on Lightroom 5 and PS CC in 'additions' and not its pricing policy.

When pressed, the usual response from DPR is that 'we currently dont have the resources to do all the reviews that we would like.....' Not surprising when your attention is elsewhere.

So DPR says 'I want you to talk to one another, and continue to talk to us. Because the more you do, the less noise there will be. ' The reality is more mundane - the more we talk to one another, the less we will actually do and at some stage all you will be left with is noise.

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roy5051: Is "gw5815" employed by Adobe?

He probably is but the thread needs some balance. What with all the posters claiming indignation at a subscription model to pay for the software when they themselves havent actually paid for it and have a pirated version.

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This is a fantastic deal for photographers - the Nik apps are excellent and I was very pleased with them even at previous prices.

You have to feel sorry for the likes of Topaz and onOne who will find it difficult to compete against Nik products heavily subsidised by Google.

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