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Mind you, initially they were hoping to raise $100,000.
So the good news is that they got enough money to manufacture these things. The bad news is they'll probably wont meet the demands and those who are not in the first 100-200 will have to a wait for a long time or live with some shoddy quality stuff.

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On SmugMug launches totally redesigned website article (76 comments in total)

The new SmugMug is awesome and it's finally up to level of the best portfolio sites. I can't wait to update my site. I'm sure with everyone rushing out to make the changes it's probably putting a tremendous pressure on their servers.

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With so much pixel resolution, the question remains if the color layer technology has any future. That said utilizing resonance to detect a color seems superior to foven models as it should have better sensitivity.

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$700 just for the case!

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The case for this lens is sold separately for additional $650, BTW!

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I'm a loyal reader of EOSHD and I have learnt a lot from their posts. Definitely a must-read for any aspiring movie or film-maker.

I've followed the RAW video ability story from early on and I was not convinced this was doable. So this is rather unbelievable and a huge news.

If you look at the DR in sample screen grab or read the prior posts by EOSHD on this topic you will see an enormous improvement both on ER and details.

Among critics 5D III footage is soft and in actuality many complaint the video resolution is far below the stated 1080P. The RAW video brings such a beautiful detail as compared to canon's output footage that this will make canon's 5D III (and hopefully 5DII) into the ultimate indie filmmaker tool. For now many shooters are using the ML hacked GH2 but micro 4/3 crop doesn't have the the same look as the 5DIII full-frame and if ML can pull this off you will see a ton of movies on TV Shows, and indie movies produced by this camera.

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LJ - Eljot: 90 MB/s data rate. That is impressive. I need a new memory card. Well, and a 5D III

jkoch2 - you're repeating your one-track mind over and over. I understand you have no perspective into the world of indie filmmaking and the impact this camera has. Please do us all a huge favor and read on EOSHD and their prior blogs. Especially about movies shot with ML version of GH2 that are now showing in the movie theaters or the 4K cameras that are being built and used for filmmakers. Even if you don't like the 4K or have no need for it, take a look at the change in DR as well as the sharpness and details of the video created.

But as you said some people all they need is the video or photo from their iphones and this new is meaningless to them

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jkoch2: But video does not consist of 4 megapixel frame grabs.

If people watch two video samples on You-Tube, both streamed at 5mbps, but one originally based on the 50mbps MOV h.264 files the 5D normally uses, and the other based on 90mbps RAW, which must later be compressed anyway, would they see any difference? Most of the difference would probably owe to other filter effects applied in the edit process. RAW might be more flexible for complex commercial studio editing, but of no more use to anyone else than to have an 18-wheel truck in the driveway.

jkoch2 -
you're missing the point. Read the article and prior posts by EOSHD. Otherwise, this improvement is not really for you.

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On Preview:ricoh-gr (295 comments in total)
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Mark Weston: Anyone think that Pentax might release a weather sealed version?

that would be my ultimate take anywhere camera. The question is if they can do it at a price that makes sense.

Posted on Apr 17, 2013 at 22:10 UTC

Dpreview hitting an all new low....there is ton of interesting photography story from new cheap lighting system to all sort of aftermarket products. Just read lightingurmors or endless other sites that have propped up because dpreview focusing on useless info instead of interesting stuff

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On Samsung launches Galaxy S4 superphone post (108 comments in total)

No bloatwear with iPhone. Apple fought hard to protect the consumers from all that crap. Android and Samsung are just bunch of thieves they copied everything apple did into a cheap plastic shell. Apple does have a screen issue. But that's because they tried so hard not to fragment their screen sizes. As a mobile developer dealing with android is a pain. You have to design for so many sizes. Where as apple has tried to keep the ratio consistent and at least the width.

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On Samsung launches Galaxy S4 superphone post (108 comments in total)
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HowaboutRAW: Which version of Android does it run? (I assume it's Android 4.1, but this kind of thing is important, and has Android made limiting background processes easier with 4.1 than with 4.0? Fewer unnecessary background processes is a feature that makes the iPhone experience usually better than the Android experience.)

The Camera: Then of course shooting raw would improve the camera more than a higher mega pixel count. Samsung should really do an 8MP camera that shoots raw; DNG shouldn't be too hard. Since, unlike the iPhone, this Samsung phone has a flash card slot, storage space is not problem. If Samsung really cared, they'd also include raw extraction software that runs well on the phone itself.

And yes fewer MPs helps with lowlight higher sensitivity settings, as does raw. So I don't need to read the claims that the fewer MPs thing is a myth; it's not.

Android is prone to spyware and there has been several critical security holes that google tried to quiet down

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On Epson announces VS220 and VS320 budget projectors article (24 comments in total)

WOW with XGA resolution too. I'm drooling on the specs-NOT!

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Francis Carver: A lens is a lens.... now, the manufacturer like Canon may affix to the model name something fancy and smart-sounding, like "Cinema," but still... a lens is a lens. These would be interesting; although certainly not unusual single focal lenses if sold for around $1,000, well $1,500 maximum, but at the crazy prices alluded to in the press release, i.e. OVER FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS (!!!), you won't see many camera stores stocking up on them, will you now? Well, maybe in Riyadh and Zurich.

I have to disagree. From optical design you may be right and canon is reusing that. However, these lenses require a whole new set of assembly machining, etc. For a large company like canon these costs add up quickly and are passed on into the lens. Since they have limited quantity the portion of that additional cost is high compared to mass market lenses. This is not to say canon is not making a profit on these and they are pricing their lens lines based on the competitors , but this is a simple economics. And you're right your local camera store is not the market for these products and neither are you

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On Just posted: Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM lens review article (182 comments in total)

Nikon D800e should be the de facto body for testing lenses from this point on. Not sure why DPreview is waisting their time shooting with the canon.

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On IMG_0026 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

where was the camera focused on? the Big Ben or the bridge. Because the abbey and the big ben don't look sharp at all!

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The 2nd place prize is lame. I rather win the 3rd place prize.

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LOL! Oct 15? This is hilarious. Dpreview is going downnnnnnnn..... It's almost as if NY Times reported the presidential election's results today: Obama Won!

How newsworthy would that be. I agree this product is interesting. But don't push it out as a news release. Spend 30 min and do a proper and insightful post about it.

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On Just Posted: Sigma 35mm F1.4 DG HSM Preview Samples article (81 comments in total)

I see major curvature issues. Which may not be bad if you want to isolate the center

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On PT3C9213 photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (2 comments in total)

major curvature issue

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