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On Nikon D4s First Impressions Review preview (819 comments in total)
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kcallo: I got Breast Cancer 6 years ago (I'm male). I saved and saved for my D3s. I love it. I take photos of family, events, singers, bands, etc. I brought the best glass I could. Life is short. My father died just over a year ago from cancer. About 4 months after he was diagnosed. My mother has Dementia. I care(d) for both of them, and pretty much gave up my career. I have gorgeous photos of my father taken with my D3s. So much detail. Priceless.

Whatever camera you get, big or small, it's not ALL about the specs. It's what you get out of it.

Been awhile for the D4s, If I can get it, I will. My D3s does everything I want it to. I want another body so I don't have to keep swapping lenses.

If you want and can afford a D4s, go get one. If you want a P&S, great. No right or wrong in camera choice. We live in amazing times as photographers.

Get out, shoot. We're all gonna die someday, and I for one, aren't gonna bitch about a few megapixels, or FPS here and there.

LIVE LIFE !! Take a photo.

I agree, we have sometimes to come back to "basics", to what LIFE is giving us. Sometimes not so fine, but you're right, we should have to appreciate and like what we can enjoy day to day, specially in photography.. Might be that we could consider we are now in a kind of new "golden age of photography", with a huge amount of possibilities. Even if all is not perfect ? Mpix, Framerate aso.. are not the most important and anyway, we will allways waiting for better specs, which will come or not..? With time Mpix and others tech specs will be forgotten, photos remain ! That's important.

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On Nikon D5300 Review preview (235 comments in total)
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select: I have this camera and I love it!
It produces such high quality images... for sure it's the best camera in this segment, but Nikon should advertise a lot more.
This camera destroy the Canon 650D/700D

A camera must be good not only with technical specs on paper but during shooting too..! Do you tried a Canon 700D or 70D ? Try and then tell me what you think about, still and video. Yes the D5300 could be a good camera but guys who own a 70D are also very happy with. Actually Canon is not destroyed at all.

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On Adobe leaks 'Lightroom Mobile' app news story (210 comments in total)
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howardroark: Dear Adobe,
You are trying to innovate into the future but all you're doing is embracing a pricing scheme that will never, ever work. There are some situations where people are more likely to accept taking it in the rear for the privilege of using PS CC on their PC, but I very seriously doubt LR on a tablet will ever get any traction as a subscription service. $99 for the app is one thing, $99 a year makes me want to find your face and laugh in it. Modern Canon cameras come with an app that will allow immediate wifi access to images and I wouldn't be the least bit surprised if they wise up some day soon and also release a DPP Mobile version. Adobe, you are far too confident in your market superiority and you are phasing yourself rather than becoming more relevant.

Yes I agree with your comment.. and my main question is "what to do with LR on mobile..?" Pads are completely closed systems. It's more convenient to buy a Macbook Air or equivalent to use a classic LR version ? I don't see any interest for this solution. The annual price seems for me as a real joke. On the other side, I'm a C1 user, better than LR, gone from Adobe with their "PS exclusiv cloud story".
NB : Adobe announced that LR will be a delivered as "non cloud application in every case.." : really ? So what with this announcement, if it's not a fake ?

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MikeFairbanks: My previous post is tongue-in-cheek, but the event is very real.

Adobe said the Creative Cloud is a year-long committment. But since I signed up via live chat with an Adobe rep, I believe I was mislead. I even appealed and was denied through the appeal process.

To require a year-long committment shows me that they don't have enough confidence in their product that you'll want to stay with them.

I'll continue buying stand-alone software in the future. I don't want a subscription-based service, especially one that locks you in for a set amount of time. That's just desperation, in my opinion.

Plus, all I really want is Photoshop Elements. I use Canon's FREE software for my raw files (it's almost as good as Lightroom and just as fast).

Yes, DPP is better and faster as LR4/5.. (RAW), at zero cost. Of course LR do more in other aspects.
C1 too is much more better than LR and do the same !

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On Phase One makes Capture One 7.1.4 available news story (17 comments in total)
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RudivanS: How does it compare to DxO Optics Pro 8 re. image quality rendering?

@Rudivan5 : you're right, color rendering of DxO and white balance is often a question to discuss about. Try to crop a picture and then compare with previous state just by clicking on image..! The manner they remove dust spots should be changed too : in some cases you don't see them on original non processed image but only on adjusted/modified image. But you'll have to remove them from initial image. Good luck !

Another important point to mention, for some users who own several PC's : license with DxO is installed almost forever on a specific computer. When reinstalling or buying a new system you've to contact service to transfer license. With C1 you do it yourself on PhaseOne site.. the best license management available !
So you can't switch from one computer to another quickly, what is possible with C1.

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On Phase One makes Capture One 7.1.4 available news story (17 comments in total)
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ZeevK: I do not understand why the need to release new s/w version each time support added for a new camera? Why not use DLL or a plug-inn? I am really glad C1 now supports "300 different camera models" 298 of which I will never need... And it's not only C1 but also all the rest...

If you have bug-fix - release it as a bug-fix, if the u/g is only support for a camera I do not use - don't bother me..

yes they add new camera support.. BUT the main thing is possibility (new but still beta version) of importing LR catalogs under windows OS ! Previous release had already this feature under OS X (also beta).
Sure that C1 is now competing with LR and attacking head-on.
NB : DxO and Adobe too support hundreds of lens you probably will never use : a common thing ? So what ?

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On Phase One makes Capture One 7.1.4 available news story (17 comments in total)
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RudivanS: How does it compare to DxO Optics Pro 8 re. image quality rendering?

DxO vs C1 : DxO is unbeatable concerning lens correction but image rendering is, IMHO, far from the one you can achieve with C1. C1 is also easier and faster to use, DxO (Pro version !) is furnished with a huge amount of corrections and the way they process photos are not the same at all as C1 do. DxO keep with devotion since a long time some curious "behaviours" which are no so fine.
C1 is more competing with LR, both work with catalog but C1 also handle simple photo directories. I'm not sure that one can tell "this soft or this one is the best..", it's useful to try before you decide. Easy because all these softs can be downloaded and tried !
From my point of view and for my use, C1 is a very very good solution with which you can do all your workflow process and get Pro results. Price ? Not cheap for the Pro version but it's worth, really !!

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On Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 5 news story (281 comments in total)
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Marcin 3M: Any news about CaptureOne competitive upgrade from LR?

@Marcin 3M : Phase One offer now a lower price for their software (-20% C1 Pro and 50% for C1 Express, upgrades and full version !). Fine, C1 is also better than LR, IMHO.

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On Adobe releases Photoshop Lightroom 5 news story (281 comments in total)
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Cipher: To those sticking with LR4, what will happen when Adobe releases updates to LR5 that enable it to handle RAW files from new cameras?

@Cipher & @JayEm Photos : ok, LR5 upgrade is not so much expensive.. but C1 (now with lower prices !!) is in most areas much more better than LR. Rendering is obviously better and I have to do less adjustments to get what I want. Why to stay with a company which is trying to trap customers within their system ? DNG is already an abortive project, probably used by people who have no access to their image format with a non upgraded LR. Time will tell...

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On New CompactFlash card to allow RAID-style 'mirroring' news story (99 comments in total)
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Pythagoras: off topic, but... why do CF cards still exist?

@Josh152 :Sorry, but your comments are wrong.. on Sandisk page, the related speed are "read speed" NOT write speed..! Have a look on Rob Galbraith's page who has seriously compared almost all wellknown CF and SD cards.
Size of CF cards : do you shoot sometimes in winter in hard conditions and have to change your memory card, eventually with gloves ? Likely not. CF is very big compared to additional battery, lens, filter aso..that you normaly have in your bag ? It's a joke no ?
I use CF since 2003 and had never any trouble with connection although pins are supposedly not ideal, but they're well protected.
The main reason why CF are faster than SD is the fact that CF has its circuit driver IN the card unlike SD cards which are driven from DSLR directly, thus processor load during shooting is higher with this card. This certainly also explain the significant price difference..
I use both SD and CF cards on a D800, write CF speed from Lexar and Sandisk are far above best available SD card.

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marshim: Why wouldn't I get the 70-200 F2.8 + the TC 20 for less than 2700???
Who is going to be there target consumer for this lens?
It's not a PRO lens (at least the predecessor wasn't), so would prosumer pay this much....

I too own the 70-200 f2.8 VRII with TC2 III and combination works fine, indeed with some quality loss due to the TC.. but it will be interesting to see if this new 80-400 VRII is as good as one could imagine/hope by reading specs ? Price is very high, question is finally : is it justified regarding the supposed obtained quality (same quality as the 70-200/f2.8 VRII) ? Specially in Europe where price in $ is translated without any conversion in €..!! Oups.

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On DxOMark investigates lenses for the Nikon D800 news story (93 comments in total)
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doctorbza: i wanna know which photographers are going to let the body dictate the lens based on an internet score.

"well, i really wanted to shoot architecture; but dxo said the 400mm performed best so i shoot birds now."

@doctorbza : your answer is really very funny (architecture/birds) and interesting ! I've since a long time the curious impression that DxO stress mainly on lens corrections, details, resolution and other physical wonderful properties, which are without any doubt, important but not often relevant for the overall real photo quality.. as long as you look at all aspects of a "good photography" ? Many people are now looking at the very best performance of their equipment, but thus sometimes (?) totally forget other important photography factors. This is of course only a personal standpoint !

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Burbclaver: Who is the target market for this lens? What do they shoot with it? This isn't a sarcastic remark, I am just interested.

Same for me.. I don't know, except new users who doesn't have any 85, 70-200, 300mm aso.., who will buy this lens ? At this huge price ?! But it must be of course related to the "supposed" lens quality..? A comparison with 70-200 VRII + 2x III (or 1.7) teleconverter will be a good indication.

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On Adobe posts Lightroom 4.4 and ACR 7.4 release candidates news story (43 comments in total)

No, no and no.. this 4.4RC is a pity. Have made some tests and compared to 4.3 release : ok, some little improvment in color area, actually not always visible, BUT what's sure is that images are becoming much more smoother and a little detail enhancement with sharpening slider is not the right answer (imho). Have a look on PhotoNinja and you'll see the huge gap of image quality..! I've removed this pityfull 4.4RC and replaced with the "good old 4.3". Ok, it's not perfect but it hasn't this blurred rendering, completely unnatural, which is finally really disturbing.

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On Dpreview Users' Poll: Best Camera of 2012? news story (1514 comments in total)

I don't really know if this question has any sense..? Of course there will be a winner among the different cameras of this list. But I think, like many other users, that the different uses and domains of photography where the proposed cameras could play are in fact so different that a clear answer isn't relevant. "The best camera" is the one suited to YOUR PERSONAL photographic use and isn't probably the one choosen by your neigbour ? How to compare, let's say just as an example, a Panasonic Lumix with a Canon 5D MkIII ? Same users and same use (except they both just take pictures) ? I don't think so..

Another difficulty to make a fair choice will be : "who know all these cameras, enough to make a honnest choice..?". Sorry, but I haven't used more than 3 cameras from this list and I only know one good enough, the mine.

But ok, all these cameras are probably oustanding. Phew !!

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On Google acquires Nik Software with focus on mobile users news story (66 comments in total)

Bad story.. I've never seen a "happy end" in a purchase of a little (even and particularly a good company, there are a lot of such examples !) by a big one : leaders, thinking heads leave the boat and the whole story ends with disappointed users. Google was never interested in Pro imaging products and live in another business area, will this change now ? I bet it will not. And yes the short and sad comment on Nik site shows the future of the company ?
Nikon too, with their NX2 have now a real problem.

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