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interested in travel photography (landscape and street).. also have (and sometimes still) done stock photography, which while pays pennies, has paid for all my equipment.


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I see the lustre of a lens is more important than concentrating on a good photograph. I'll give you a heads up: If you go to a craft store, you can buy 'dulling spray' and turn this lens into something you will proud of.

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write2alan: Quality will suffer. No doubt.

this is the 21st century.. quality is obsolete

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lds2k: Current EM5 model is available at great price for a great camera

oops.. i guess i was thinking of the EM10. Anyway.. the rumored EM5II has some new tech which i imagine will migrate to the EM1II (with sensor shift i hope. i frequently only take my Em1/12-40 with me. it would nice to be able to crap the crop out of it.. i mean.. crop the crap..)
See what happens when your hair turns white ?

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dougster1979: Rumors are for rumor sites, you can do better!

Calling it would be dangerous ! In no time, the administrator would have to sneak off to Russia and go into hiding. And then they would have to get Benedic tCumberbatch to play his character in a movie.,, and maybe a spot on 60 minutes.

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lds2k: Current EM5 model is available at great price for a great camera

at fmj1974, you have just described the EM1, not the EM5.

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MPA1: I hope the next iteration of the EM-1 gets much better high ISO performance and two card slots - then I can finally get my DSLR kit sold off.

what bothers me is the muddiness of some colors at higher ISOs. while the ISO on my EM1 compares with my D7000, i never recalled getting muddy colors with my nikon...

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PRohmer: I totally regret getting Olympus. I hate everything about this camera except for I.S. Olympus is a shitty company with shitty support. You're gonna tell me this is photographer's camera, so don't expect much of video features? Fujifim x-t1 is a photographer's camera, Em-1 is an angular camera. I only got it because i wanted to keep using my Panasonic lenses, but it was a mistake. I still don't get how this camera got its high ratings. Is it some kind of hipster camera? Who designed it?? It gets caught in my clothes all the time. Evolution in design is there for a reason.

i chose the em1 over the Fuji, because i wanted to downsize.. and the APC lenses are larger and heavier than the M4/3 versions. i put up with the lower IQ (for me this is a non issue. my 11x14 max prints are wonderful on the EM1. I doubt anyone can see the difference).. the IBIS is amazing as well, for quick street shots and travel where tripods are not allowed or cumbersome to use.. the fuji IBIS and AF is not as good as the EM1

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Steve: i slipped on rocks near a river bed and fell in.. someone was close by and pulled me out (the edge was quite high)..
i won't go NEAR a wet rock ever again...
unless its at the bottom of a glass of vodka

funny, i never gave that aspect of my daily life any consideration. The closest to water i get now is on a cruise ship.

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For those confused North or South Americans. These images are accurate.
There is NO COLOR in Europe. Any images or footage you see commercially, are colorized post production. I brought a box of Kodachrome to europe in '75
You should have seen the looks i got..
I asked where the mcDonalds was in Russia.. I asked for the Golden Arches resto with the hamburgers.. "OH," someone exclaimed "You mean the hamburger place with the Neutral Gray arches !!!!"

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i slipped on rocks near a river bed and fell in.. someone was close by and pulled me out (the edge was quite high)..
i won't go NEAR a wet rock ever again...
unless its at the bottom of a glass of vodka

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reminds me of an XXX rated movie i once saw

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a score of 81.. no matter how much griping DP has about a camera, it usually comes up with a score near or above 80... so they rave about one cam with score of 85 and are disappointed with another camera and give it an 85.. i'm questioning this rating system now.

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A rating of 78 seems pretty high for a camera that is prone to blurry images...
In my ratiing world that would be a deal breaker.. and rating in the 60's... at best..

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_P: Believe or not but I am still holding close to my old "grandpa" camera, E-1. This new OM-D is the one I have been waiting for... Meanwhile I got E-PL5 for my wife and D7000 for myself. D7000 is going on ebay now and the new OM-D body will pair with my 14-54. E-1 will go on display behind glass window as it deserved it well. Can you believe I never got a speck of dust from it for the last 8 years?

I think myd7000 Will join yours too.

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BozillaNZ: As a long term Canon user, I already gave up on Canon's mirror-less attempts. I started looking at M4/3 gears for a long time and finally pulled trigger for a Panasonic GX1 for $229. The M4/3 lens ranges are far better than this and, oh, the GX1 can actually focus, FAST. Also guess where does the M4/3 fund come from? Selling some of the Canon lenses.

i think you got it backwards.. m43 (or a similarly sized sensor) will be the standard for advanced shooters.. and maybe for pro work, as technology gets better ..
p&S of the future will be ONLY phones.. already companies are beginning to ditch their point and shoots from their catalogs.

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JohnyP: all of these "theoretical photographers" who sit in front of a monitor defending rights to their non-existent works of art is quite funny.

Abandonment of the copyright for all works posted on internet should be instituted. Patent and copyright trolling is a waste of everyone's time. This is the only way to make all these trolls switch to something else (hopefully more productive than arguing with people on-line over something).

Patent trolling is Not a waste of ever bodies' time. Ther was an article on it in Wired magazine. There are companies set up to do nothing but patent trolling. These companies are making millions doing this business. Unethical ..maybe in some cases . But this kind of time wasting are paying for a lot of Porsches.

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AngryCorgi: "Polaroid surprised us at CES with semi-functional mockups of three new interchangeable lens cameras."

From what I read, the cameras themselves were entirely non-functional. The only thing that worked is the Android OS on one of them, but no indication that it was anything more than a plastic fake model with a cheap android phone pcb and screen glued in to look legit.

poloroid is known for bargain basement electronics. i'm sure any smartphone will outdo whqt poloroid produces. unless they are just looking for a 'malmart quality mirrorless camera for the masses'

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backayonder: Barney. Will you be returning there tomorrow? If so take a wet fish and slap the company reps around the head with it and repeat. " I want a viewfinder, I want a viewfinder" You might need more than one fish.

alot of people, like myself, like to immerse themselves in the scene via a viewfinder.. having all that extra info around you when you dont use a viewfinder can detract from the composition.
as. well.
3d viewfinder would be a no no.. photography 101 (or 102) teaches that elemments in a frame may merge together in a unappopriate way.. and you cant see this if you are composing the shot in 3d.. you cant see the merging when you have a real depth perception

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this is my favorite time of the year (not christmas, ;)). looking forward to follow your adventures at the show !

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Anoldgeezer: Kudos to DPR for its reviews and wealth of information for amateurs like myself.

There is one issue that I believe should be discussed a lot more, and that is the "death" of the optical viewfinder. The manufacturers should seriously consider keeping viewfinders with all their cameras. The LCD's are a farce, way over rated.
I purchased a Sony Cyber Shot DSC-HX9V a while back to go on a 3 week trip the next day. A great camera with one exception...NO VIEW FINDER. I was under the impression that the LCD was able to overcome bright light situations, but how wrong I was. I should have been smart enough to return the camera, but I didn't.

How do you overcome not being able to compose your picture and to see your subject clearly? When the sun is behind you it is impossible to know what you are shooting.

My advice to amateurs like myself who has used a viewfinder for years (I'm 73) is to not buy any camera without a viewfinder or else you will be very frustrated and disappointed .

not only running the risk of not seeing what you are shooting, many photographers find that framing with an lcd monitor does not 'immerse you in the frame". for some reason, maybe psychological, i find it much easier to concentrate on what the future viewer will be experiencing when they study the image.. having all kinds of crap in your field of view when your camera is held up in the air, detracts from that creative thought process...
i'm not talkiing about 'travel snaps' , for which the monitor is fine..

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