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On CP+ 2015: Canon shows off prototype 120MP CMOS sensor article (255 comments in total)
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karlwunsch: Let the floodgates of open...

It looks very much like prototype they announced in 2010. Some megapixels, same format APS-H, same frames per second.

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jimofcan: So how is a Photograph a "commercial exploitation". Sounds like something the morons in the Tea Party would think up


You just make baseless assertions as fact. You are entitled to your opinion, just do not present it as fact.

It is a fact the US President is a Democrat. Talk to him about the Forestry Service, the Tea Party is not the Government.

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jimofcan: So how is a Photograph a "commercial exploitation". Sounds like something the morons in the Tea Party would think up

Last time I checked the US President was a Democrat.

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On Battle of the titans: Top ball heads tested article (277 comments in total)
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MrSkelter: RRS stuff is over-rated and your money helps fund anti-human rights legislation which targets the families and rights of gay people sponsored by the owner. For those who care it's worth giving them a miss for that reason alone. I know I don't want my money going to fund hate.

I do not accept this nonsense that supporting genuine marriage means you fund "anti-human rights legislation". The Universal Declaration on Human Rights defines marriage as a relationship between one man and one woman, as do most people.

I do not support counterfeit marriage, nor counterfeit products.

Spend your money as you please. I am happy to buy RRS.

Have enough tolerance to allow a different view.

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On Canon updates firmware for EOS-1D X article (72 comments in total)
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Photo Pete: A firmware update prompted by the upcoming Nikon D4s no doubt.

Always makes me wonder why such features weren't in the original firmware... but reassuring ongoing support nontheless.

No, Canon announced the firmware upgrade a few months ago.

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On Photographer revisits images of Vietnam War article (89 comments in total)
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zakk9: Thousands of photos have already been published of this fiasco of a war. Why show more shots from what was little more than a giant killing spree, organised by a gang of misguided politicians and generals? At least a couple of million innocent Vietnamese and other Southeast Asians were killed during the the event and the three involved countries are still suffering from the results of the bombings and the killings.

One photo is called "Charlie Haughey poses with a group of Vietnamese school children." How many Vietnamese school children were killed by American bombs during the Vietnam War? Nobody probably knows. I guess a smiling American soldier with the kids looks nicer than tiny corpses mutilated by bombs and napalm.

Why not try some arguments, instead of a bucket full of anti American diatribe.

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On Snow,water and water vapour in the Solid, Liquid and Gas challenge (14 comments in total)

Really nice shot. Well done.

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On Bee-eater in the Aviary challenge (3 comments in total)

Great shot.

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abolit: how come pentax has not applied for chapter 11 yet?

Maybe because they are owned by Ricoh now.

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On Reuters showcases EOS-1D X multiple exposure modes article (226 comments in total)
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Andy Crowe: > Both cameras retain the ability to save all the original files

Well that's not real multiple exposure then, it's just taking a load of separate images and combining them digitally. You may as well just use Photoshop as you'll have more flexibility over the image that way.

Wasn't there a digital camera that could take real multiple exposures (opening the shutter several times before reading the data off)?

Wrong Andy, you might learn how the camnera works before posting errors. The cammera can retain all the images and also combine them. And if it is so easy, go and waste your time in Photoshop.

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ser dpreview: which the difference between PSP X4 and this new software?

Do not do the same things?

The way to look at it is:

PSPX4 = PhotoShop competitor
ASP = Lightroom competitor

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Photo Pete: When I first saw the announcement of Corel's buyout of Bibble I was really hopeful. Bibble 5 had loads of promise, but was seriously flawed with lots of user interface, feature and stability issues. I had hoped Corel would overcome those.

Try deleting, adding or renaming a photo outside of the software and then try showing the changes in the catalogue... there is no synchronisation option. Makes cataloguing in this software pretty useless IMHO.

Also can't get on with the layer selection tools. Very clunky implementation of what should have been an excellent feature. Needs a magic wand style selection option, or something similar.

Just checked on the highlight recovery as well. Still throwing up some nasty colour casts where lightroom and capture NX2 produce good results.

It seems as though this is a simple re-badging of Bibble 5, so if you want to get the low down on it's performance or problems then it might be worth looking at the bibblelabs support forums. Interesting reading.

There is no shortage of whingers over at the Bibble forum, quite a few with no real justification. Comments based on use carry more weight with me. As a long time Bibble user I can say there are changes, more than cosmetic. Good interface improvements, stability greatly improved (I am Win 7, 64 bit), new colour “engine” to name a few. Did you try ASP for a time before posting your comments?

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