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Expect a 2 or more year wait for this. Most of my associates that shoot with the S2 have been so frustrated by the timelines for their lenses.

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On MIT algorithm predicts photo popularity article (97 comments in total)

My picture of the moon was more popular than Kate Upton. Go figure :)

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On A travel-sized large-format 4x5 camera? article (219 comments in total)
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fratiodan: Will this only accept 90mm lenses? I have a kodak ektar 152mm f4.5 that i would want to use.

The focusing helicoid can't handle that focal length. It's optimized for 90mm to keep it compact.

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On Adobe launches Lightroom for iPad post (131 comments in total)
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erichK: The most important factor is Adobe's violation of their assurance that they would not compel Lightroom users to become captives of their "bleed-every-month" subscription system.

A very good reason to look elsewhere that this moster corporation for software. And an opportunbity for *real* innovators.

It's an added feature so you don't have to be tied to this.

Regardless, it wouldn't be possible to not be doing this on a CC because it requires cloud services to work. So if you need this feature you'll be paying for use of the cloud server.

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I put a D800 and a Nikon 1 system beside each other hoping for them to procreate and 'evolve' but all I got was disappointment.

I guess like in nature, evolution requires the big dinosaurs to face a major extinction event where something else comes out of the ashes and takes over... oh wait, evolution is happening over at FujiFilm and Sony.

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Cane: Hasselbad! Didn't they make their own cameras before, or did they just bedazzle other people's cameras?

You mean like this?

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On Sony a7R teardown! Roger Cicala gets his hands dirty article (135 comments in total)
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Jim F: I'm trying to figure out what's the point of Roger disassembling this body? What's the objective here? Not being critical. Just curious.

They service a lot of their rentals, and in some cases a better understanding of serviceable parts expedites repairs rather than sending things back to manufacturers which can take longer than they can afford.

iFixit as an example does these teardowns not merely out of curiosity, but to determine if they can sell parts for self repair.

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On Fujifilm teases upcoming SLR-style X system camera article (921 comments in total)
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sharkcookie: Let's see if DPReview also calls it 'a bit silly'.

This can't be any good... they didn't spend 4 years of research into making this :)

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On Nikon AF-S Nikkor 58mm f/1.4G review preview (412 comments in total)

Very confusing review.... you guys generally gave it a luke warm review with a few stand out performance points like bokeh and coma, then proceed to give it 84% and a silver award??

By the sounds of the review, it's good for one type of shooting, wide open, portrait distance and in the evening. Seems like a very specialized lens for $1700.

From a consumer perspective, as a Nikon users, it just doesn't make sense to spend that kind of money for limited use. Although if Bokeh is the only reason, then perhaps it is worth the extra premium, but experienced shooters will tend to be at F/2 where it appears that the 1.4G is still the value choice.

For a new consumer, the difference of buying a D610 + 58 vs a D800 + 50 (or even a Dƒ +50 ) becomes a pretty obvious choice for value and image quality.

The score you folks put out there make sense if you're that tourist on the ski hill that goes to the shop to buy new gear and has no experience skiing.

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On DPReview Gear of the Year: Canon Rebel SL1 / EOS 100D article (271 comments in total)

I own the EOS-M, SL-1 and of course my other stuff with the 5Dmk3 and Leica gear.

I really love the SL-1 for it's compact size, and perfect amount of features for more than enough advanced amateurs to enjoy.

I rarely put too much bigger onto this camera than the STM lenses, but occasionally I put the 100mm macro L onto it and it's surprisingly fun kit to carry around. It even supports the hybrid-IS which I believe none of the other Rebels support (maybe the the T5i).

Great video on this camera as well and paired up with some great glass it just becomes a sensor to add to a lens because of it's weight and size.

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On Leica unveils D-Lux 6 Silver Edition article (92 comments in total)

soooo this is a Panasonic/Leica repainted to look like it has a retro interchangeable lens on it? (sigh)

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Stu 5: Still not going to cure the problem that the RF lenses do not perform well on the A7 to start with though due to short lens flange.

Steve Huff has already reported that colour shifts are happening on the A7R. This isn't a total deal breaker for me since I don't have any legacy lenses wider than 28mm. I do have a Voightlander 25mm that I hope to test out next week and see how it works on it. I'll report back if I see any colour shift.

Disappointing, but ironically, newer designed lenses that will work are way cheaper than legacy lenses. Not an M9 or M240 replacement, but still something worth considering. This new adapter makes it even more appealing.

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samhain: F1.4 and 'noctilux' should not be used in the same sentence. Not making it f1.2= laaaaaame.

Yes, samhain it's too small for current lens formulas that Nikon uses. It would take some exotic glass like Plastek has mentioned but price way past their direct competition to warrant it. It's not common knowledge that this is a problem, but it's known in a few circles that this is part of the problem. Some manufacturers have gone so far as to grind the glass to allow for room for the contacts and electronics. This however can introduce other issues in the optical path so it's the not the most desirable solution. Nikon has chosen not to go after F/1.2 for practical reasons, but also that many people make more focusing errors on lenses faster than F/1.4 lenses and blame the lens. In this sense, Nikon F/1.4 lenses appear to be more reliable, and that translates to better customer satisfaction.

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samhain: "Invokes spirit of Noctilux" ?
By changing it from f1.2 to f1.4...I think "insults" would be a better choice than "invokes".

part of the problem is the mount size. It requires a larger rear element and the electronic contacts are in the way.

Direct link | Posted on Oct 17, 2013 at 05:29 UTC

Odd lens to go after? Considering it's a kit in many mid-ranged cameras already. Not sure this makes any sense to focus on?

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TxCamFan: Nice update. I've been wanting to try these filters. Some things you can't do in PP and for others - it's still better to get it right in camera rather than spend time behind a computer in PP.

CarVac, its not a huge difference, but with the quarter wave plate that is used to allow phase detect AF systems to work better and also for proper metering, counteracts some of the polarizing effects that the linear polarizer already performs (probably shouldn't have said much stronger, when it's actually pretty subtle difference). A circular polarizer is technically a linear polarizer with either one or two quarter wave plates. Those quarter wave plates depending on how they are designed also contribute the variations in quality from manufacturer to manufacturers.

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TxCamFan: Nice update. I've been wanting to try these filters. Some things you can't do in PP and for others - it's still better to get it right in camera rather than spend time behind a computer in PP.

Honestly, the only filters that matter are the grad filters for specific long exposure instances. ND filters are multi-coated in circular systems to prevent flare and way more durable and less cumbersome (and do not have a magenta cast). The next is the linear polarizer which gives a much stronger polarization effect over circular polarizers, but only good on contrast detect focus cameras (which is great for all the mirrorless systems).

The other stuff is a waste of money (and yes I still have a Tobacco grad filter lol).

In the days of film I loved Cokin, but in the day of digital, most of the filters were made obsolete not by post processing, but by digital camera technology (specifically white balance correction).

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Bravo Kenko.... thank you for redesigning the antiquated and rather large boxes. I actually reconfigured one of my smaller camera bags into a filter storage system with slide in padded slots. This new packaging to me is the precise kind of evolution that was needed. Whether or not this saves the product is yet to be seen.

It is still a specialty product, but with the growth in CSCs, I've found new life with my ancient A series Cokin filters.

The next thing for the evolution to be complete is to redesign the holders so that they do not allow light leakage from the sides and also to make the filter multi-coated and anti-scratch coatings (perhaps they are going to come out with a Pro series for that).

Other square systems are leaping ahead of Cokin in their filter system, so if Kenko wants this product to survive, then they need to consider durability, flare resistance and light leakage prevention for the future of the system (also round those annoying corners!).

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On Transcend releases new Wi-Fi memory card post (47 comments in total)

Bought it, tried it, compared it to EyeFi cards I have.

Simply put, it's the worst ill conceived product I've ever used. No desktop application to configure it, and it is so inconsistent and loses connections way more than an EyeFi card. DO NOT BUY THIS CARD.... it will frustrate you.

I returned it and told every retailer I know personally never to stock this product.

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Glen78: Man, I was really interested in this until I found two things:

1. It costs $200 US! I imagine the manufacturing cost is no more than $20.

2. They do not have a model that fits the SB-700, only SB-800 or SB-900.

For $200 you can get a dedicated ringflash and not have to fool with this contraption. For $50 and compatible with SB-700, D600 and a 105 VR micro I would have bought it.

PenGun, I have those LED ring flash lights as well. They do not have TTL on them and have a very quick fall off. Pretty much useless for anything but macro work or low light venues.

Direct link | Posted on Aug 23, 2013 at 23:30 UTC
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