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Part Time photographer located in Bossier City, LA.


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On 900MP portraits show human face in extreme detail article (284 comments in total)

Slap on some heavy Portraiture plugin magic to fix all that mess....

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My Samsung Note 3 shoots in 4K, and it came out months ago. Big file sizes, but wow- you you can zoom into your video and get tremendous details you couldn't get with 1080P. The Note 3's snapdragon 800 and 3GB of ram have no problem handling the files. Also shoots in 1080P at 60fps. Amazing tech.

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moogle73: Adobe, how bout you go back to what your good at, make good software, sell it to your customers on disks like the good old days, and let me (and every other customer) keep our own files secure... thanks.

- From a customer who is no longer a customer as I refuse to buy into your "rent my software" extortion scheme.

My thoughts exactly.

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Sold my trusty EF 24-70 mkI for this new lens. Haven't looked back. A bit sharper than the Canon, and I get MANY more keepers from the VC. It pretty much takes hand-held camera shake out of the equation.

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Eric Sorensen: That's the perfect lens for shooting little league baseball!

Ha - very funny. I could use a zoom lens to get a bit closer. I currently use the 100-400L and it would only take me about 75 games to pay for the new lens!

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That's the perfect lens for shooting little league baseball!

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Looks like a Droid X!

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On L1000003-DNG photo in dpreview review samples's photo gallery (11 comments in total)

I'm sorry, but my 5DmkII with a prime lens is at least as sharp and has less noise. And I can shoot in color AND autofocus. If money wasn't an issue, this little camera might be fun - but the images it produces don't justify the price - and don't by a long shot. If this thing was $800, it might be fun.

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I always liked Chuck. He's a great spokesman for Canon. I can see why the Japanese keep him around - he gives good answers without giving away any secrets.

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At that price, their 70-200 must have a 5-stop image stabilizer, right?

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On Tamron releases image-stabilized 24-70mm F2.8 zoom article (190 comments in total)

I might just have to sell my old tyme EF 24-70 and pick this one up (if it's even the least bit sharp). I really need IS, and that new canon 24-70 is way too much.

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