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From my fuji oriented perspective - the key is going to be how it performs against the fuji 14mm lens. I don't own this (see my posts today for various 14mm vs <put your own lens her> topics). I was just about to pull the trigger on buying I have to wait...

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Is this really iso 16000 ? is this a typo - surely 1600 ?

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Neimo: FUJI, here is how to make the manual focus dial enjoyable for this camera, the X10, and probably the other X cameras:

How fast or slow the dial is spun should determine if the focus distance moves a large amount, or just a bit. A fast spin of the dial should move the focus from 2cm to 2m. Another fast spin takes it to infinity. A medium spin should move the focus from 2cm to 50cm. A slow spin makes sure the focus covers every discrete distance position.

In practice, there should not just be fast, medium, and slow speeds. Whatever the speed of the spin is should determine how much more or much less quickly the focus moves.

Chooflaki! Somebody whose actually used MF Like myself!

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Zvonimir Tosic: Many users don't complain about good parts of the XPro1. What is bugging this product is a bunch of obvious design flaws.
Awful manual focus, which is further complicated with lenses that have no depth of field scale, same as X100. So in manual mode camera is very much useless, because one must constantly peek through the viewfinder and rotate the ring like a madman.
Only way to overcome such a blatant design flaw is to rely on AF all the time, and that's where X-Pro1 doesn't shine. Fuji will try to improve AF, yes, but this will still be flawed design of the whole package.
And which is a pity, because good manual focus and cleverly designed lenses would have solved LOTS of problems and improve the overall experience. The package would be a bit more expensive, I presume, and there we realise at what a terrible expense Fuji tried to cut the cost.
A very poor decision, which is a shame. And that decision did come from management, not from engineers, that's so obvious.

Have you actually used the pro1 ? The manual focus is great. IMHO. Please go play with it.

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Plastek: This camera looks like design fail of early '90s. No thanks, I'll stick to something less ugly.

Please could someone remove this rediculous comment.

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JakeB: One way to make these talkbacks more useful is to remove/bar comments from anyone who doesn't own/have extensive experience with the equipment under review.

The majority of these comments seem to come from people with no experience of actually working with the camera or they've handled one for a few minutes in the store.

What possible insight do such posters have to impart, since they're merely repeating others' opinions?

Thanks to actual owners who are sharing their experiences.

I agree with you JakeB, I could never put down the oly om-d em-5, it looks like a great camera. I just haven't used it , but I do own an pro1 and love it, this is the reason why I cannot say its better than the om-d ! All I can (and keep saying) is this is pretty much the ultimate camera. any one in doubt should go look at the public flickr x-pro1 stream.

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wlachan: SILVER for an expensive camera with so many major shortcomings?

This camera has some shortcomings - I agree. But you need to give wieght to those shorcomings in the grand scheme of things this camera's IQ, usability, size and speed of use is just astonishing...

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JackM: Slow AF and "dysfunctional" MF does not inspire. How are people focusing this camera? Fuji should have forgone the gimmick hybrid VF and implemented a reliable rangefinder instead. Seems like Leica is still the only one who "gets it". :-/

I own the pro1 and sold my d300. The focus issue is very interseting indeed in that I love the focus on the pro1.
if you switch to macro mode the focussing is a little slower but out of macro the focussing is just fine. Yes, in very low light it can hunt so I switch to manual which works very well. I am used to poor manual focus on the d300 so on the pro1 I usually hit the a-el button to fix a focus and if it isn't bang on (which it usually is 8/10) then I zoom in with the cmd dian and focus manually with the focus ring,
The focussin on this camer is bang on sharp. As per many people I think this camer is getting some poor reivews. I can tell you after nearly 40 years of taking photos this camer is a total dream. Leica sells on its name mostly and quallity and yes, I like the M9 its so different to use and I'd like one, but I would always use my pro1 for image quality.
If you're like me and just love taking photos I just can't recomend this camera enough.

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ZAnton: It seems that Fuji are one of a few Photo manufacturers, who understand what lenses are good.
23 mm f/1.4 and 55 f/1.4 are good

pcblade - have you left your focussing in macro mode possibly - this is much slower than non macro mode.
Focussing on the pro1 is certainly not the fastest, but its still more than acceptable. Don't you find focussing accuracy, of which the pro1 is pin sharp is more important - in okay light the pro1 is fast enough. I saw earlier comments condemning the pro1, I just can't believe what I'm reading. I've been using hte pro1 for a few months now and its a phenomenal camera.

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Francis Carver: It is painfully obvious that Fuji should not be in the digital camera business. Just about everything they bring to market of late has to be recalled for its guts to be replaced. Major firmware updates are dime a dozen with Fuji as well.

Fuji, please.... stick with making great Fujinon optics and great film stock for both photography and motion picture cameras. But please, bail out of the camera biz, leave it to the big boys.

Please, can we keep our comments in perspective. I bought the pro1 and its a fantastic piece of kit, I really don't mind that it has a few bugs in it which they iron out over time. The apeture issue was just a little annoying, but nevertheless minor. Look how amazing it is that we can get these fixes so quickly.

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