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noflashplease: What exactly is the point of a brilliant autofocus system without any adequate telephoto options? Sony needed glass and instead they concentrated on gimmicks and gizmos. The A6000 wasn't deficient in terms of autofocus performance. This big issue was always the limited and unimpressive selection of lenses. I can't imagine very many people shooting sports or wildlife with the corny powerzoom 16-50mm!

A 70-200/2.8 on a APS-C sensor is actually quite nice. I used to have an 80-200/2.8 on the D300, and it was a pretty versatile setup.

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ekaton: Size and weight advantage of mirrorless, where did you go?

The size and weight advantage was mostly touted by m4/3s when they started, as it was a combination of a smaller AND the removal of the mirror box. If you compared the kit lenses of a APS-C DSLR, the 4/3 DSLRs, and the m4/3 cameras, there was a big difference.

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tkbslc: 28mm? Why do we need another boring 28mm f2.8 compact. I was excited for the 2 mintues where I thought it was 35mm like the X100. Where's a compact 35mm like this?

And can 113g really be possible? I mean an iphone 6 is 130g, so I'm thinking that's a big typo.

Funny, I find 35mm boring. Would prefer 24mm but 28mm is an alright compromise.

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I was excited for this when word of it first came out, the Nikon brought out the 300/4 PF. Can we have that here as well? It'd make an awesome light telephoto kit with plenty of reach.

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Mike FL: Years ago, I saw the first TR - the Exilim TRYX EX-TR100 in bigbox, such as Best Buy, Walmart etc, priced less than $200, but I never see it again in all bigbox since then.

Next thing I saw that this thing is priced almost $1000 in amazon, I thought it was a typo.

Now, we know that $1000 is not a typo at least.


The blue one is $1138. Wow, no wonder Samsung is giving up it NX1 which is priced @1,097, but it is still hard to sell.


Yea, China is where the TR line really sells. It's the later models that are higher in demand, due to the extra software features.

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On Connect post Pulse aims to bring advanced wireless control to your DSLR (45 comments in total)

DSLRDashboard and a TP Link MR3040 says hi.

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Nikon, your 1 series cameras already could do 60 FPS in full resolution back in 2012. Why haven't you done anything like this is beyond me.

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"The alpha-series is missing a major, physical control point that is indispensable for sports (and arguably all) photographers: a multi-controller direct toggle for dedicated focus point relocation while shooting on the fly."

That's what I said when the camera first came out (Sony's cameras are annoying to use that way). Someone on DPR staff thinks that it's redundant, that AF point selection is "the camera's job".

Good to see a proper working pro arrive at the same assessment as I did.

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tkbslc: Windows 10 is remarkably nice phone OS. Be honest about your app needs vs just an app count and it works great.

I really would love Snapseed on Windows Phone. If there's something similar (and offers raw editing to boot) I'd like to hear about it.

Also, I couldn't stand the browsing experience in Windows Phone. Have they got rid of that weird font enlarging thing that was going on?

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On Connect post Microsoft Surface Pro 4 comes with larger screen and more power (205 comments in total)
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plainwhite: This is serious equipment for serious work. Quality machines come at a price and the Surface line strikes the right balance for me.

Americans seem to look down on anything that's not 15".

I used to work with Thinkpad X series notebooks before they were widescreen. 10.4" screens with 1024x768 resolution. The real killer was the crappy TN panel used, could never angle the damn screen right.

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Greg Lovern: 3:2 aspect ratio again. I’m looking forward to that aspect ratio spreading to more laptops. 3:2 comes out to roughly 16:11, about 20% taller than the 16:9 of most laptops today.

The old standard of 8x10 is 5:4, still cameras use 4:3 or 3:2, HD videos are 16:9, and movies are about 2.35:1. You're never going to get a screen that'll fit everything. 3:2 is a good compromise.

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Dan DeLion: I had a Surface for two days. Everything went fine till I installed Nikon Viewnx 2 from Nikons USA site. Immediately the Surface lost contact with both front and back cameras. I also found working with the detachable keyboard was clumsy while sitting in a chair. My impression is that if you want to use it for on-the-go editing, you’d be better off with a laptop.

I think it's more like, don't use Nikon software.

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Ben O Connor: Too expensive! Get gm1+15mm kit! Does almost the same-except 4K

And how is the GM1 going to provide a video feed and camera controls for GPS purposes?

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On Connect post Astropad Mini turns your iPhone into a graphics tablet (22 comments in total)
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joe6pack: The real question is why Apple is refusing to support touchscreen on MacOS X.

Shush, you're supposed to follow the company line!

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balios: I see the word stronger and harder being used interchangeably. The problem is that a substance can be 4x harder and resist scratching, but be prone to breaking from impact.

From the text they're saying the coating is harder. So I suspect the underlying glass is the same. While the coating may be durable, coatings don't add strength to the base material. So I wouldn't be using this filter as a ballistic shield, as the glass will break just as easily as before.

The original HD filters were pretty tough. Not so tough were the coatings - I use them when I know the glass will be getting impacted (gravel etc). Sadly a few of them have had the coating scratched off. Hopefully this improvement means they'll survive better when taking hits.

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rrr_hhh: What about the new leg locks ? Do you still have to wind it during hours before it is fixed ? Or is it more like a clamp ? That is not cleared by the above the text.

Oh.. my, what prices ! That is almost twice more as what I paid around the millenium.

Since the G-locks that part no longer applies. You can even untwist them all at once.

Insane prices too. I think there's been a price hike of about 30% from the last lineup!

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iAPX: This will probably not translate in better photos, but probably in less mediocre videos.

But as usually will the optics deliver enough resolution for the sensor, without too much aberration/distortion/vignetting/etc? I don't think so, and it will be "corrected" by the ISP, that is not a solution for anything else than web viewing.

Will the screen be correctly calibrated with great color rendition and dynamic? Don't think so except on high-end.

As usually, will die for a 3MP to 6MP sensor with a quality lens, no magical software, and great display. Says 4MP sensor instead 16MP+ sensor, prime 35mm f/1.4 equivalent lens, QHD screen over 5", to be a great photographic bloc-note.

And good RAW processing software as a bonus, to sort, edit ad minima, and sync photos on different community website simultaneously and automagically (facebook, twitter, flickr, 500px, dpreview; name it!). Maybe with LightRoom compatibility?

Are you aware some of the most advanced optical design is happening in the smartphone arena? Some of them are marvels: Compact 5-6 element aspherical lens design that is designed to be thin yet resolve well enough for those tiny sensors.

Given the money and volume involved, smartphone optics is where it's happening, kind of like how 35mm optics left large and medium format designs in the dust by the 90s.

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On Connect post Samsung launches Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 Edge+ (133 comments in total)

There's that keyboard addon though. *sigh* I really would like my SD card slot.

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On Connect post LxMeter turns your smartphone into a light and flash meter (11 comments in total)
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andrzej bialuski: From the looks of their website, it must have been designed in the 60's..... long before the internet.


Why is DP Review even promoting this App?
They cannot design a simple and easy website?
What about the functionality of the App?
Will it be any better?

I am not going to be the one to test it.

Actually I thought the website was easy enough. It's pretty classic HTML that's common with a lot of smaller industrial firms.

Doesn't look like it's easy to buy though.

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Joe Ogiba: My FE 55mm F1.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar T* on A7r is the sharpest AF 50-58mm lens I have seen for a full frame camera.

And this is why I always groan whenever a Panasonic lens has the Leica branding - it's almost always overpriced for what it is.

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