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peevee1: Absolutely unnecessary if your EVF is working as it should (as even in A57).

EVF will always introduce an ever so slight delay. When you're trying to shoot a somewhat dynamic scene, OVF is really the only option.

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Mike99999: It's funny how everyone gets so excited about what is essentially a repackaged Canon Rebel or Nikon DX. This is some nice marketing from Fuji's side to first release an insanely overpriced X-Pro1 to create a myth, and then cut the price to normal levels. The only thing this camera does differently from a Nikon DX is a nice retro look.

And yes, APS-C can be great. Nikon knew it when they put out their first and second generation DSLRs, and Fuji knows it now. Making a full frame version of this thing is just a recipe for disaster: expensive, bulky lenses, soft corners... and for what? 1 stop of DoF?

I agree, full frame cameras are a completely different beast from x-pro1, if fuji decided to go there it'll be a new line of cameras all together.

X-pro1 has seriously very little in common with any cannon or nikon. You know, being a range finder like, completely different color filter, focus, etc... Seriously, just go to a photography store and play with one.

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Mbaris: Although xpro1 is really a magnificent camera, something with a soul, i have to admit focusing is a mess. Manual focus is slow and unintiutive, autofocus is slow and unreliable, it requires much convincing to make it take a shot really. Still, it is so much fun to use it.

Does the new zoom lens have a faster autofocus motor?

If I had a wish from Fuji for this platform, it would not be a full frame sensor (the sensor is really magnificent already, compared to my 5Dm2) or a zoom lens

It would be a lens with "USM" "FTM" equivalent features I really admire in practicality in my canon L lenses.

I think it's all by wire. Actually I am surprised to hear that there are focusing motors in lens since x-pro1 focuses based on contrast...

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Boxbrownie: Without wishing to wade through every post here, am I the only one who thinks it is a bit odd that when zooming out the veiwfinder frame line magnification cannot revert to the standard magnification and show the true coverage without having to hold the button for two seconds? Or is this a feature that is implemented as an option but not reviewed?

Good observation, but I don't think it's all that weird since additional magnification in OVF is achieved though a mechanical lens moving in and out when you hold the button. I wouldn't want it to jump in and out while I am zooming you know...

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RedwodGuy: Someone said the X-Pro 1 was a repackaged Rebel. If it is, it is a successful job of turning a hum-drum dSLR into an exciting to use RF that produces ridiculously superb IQ, and the whole kit with three lenses, hoods and extra batteries can be carried in a simple feather LIGHT bag. Hooray for the "repackagers" then! They really are brilliant!

Who could compare it to rebel? It's a completely different camera: crop factor is difference, rangefinder-like, color filter etc...

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