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An ugly camera, just as ugly as all of its predecessors.

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Why hasn't the 5D III built-in GPS and WiFi, for Goodness' sake! Does Canon assume one will buy a 5D III for all of its advantages and a 6D for the couple of 6D-specific features missing in the more expensive 5D III? How idiotic!
This is one reason I'm seriously reconsidering my former plan of upgrading to 5D III (from 5D II). Intentionally excluding features from 'higher=end" cameras and including them in lower-end ones a few months later is entirely unacceptable.
So, thank you, Canon. No 5D III for me. I'll wait for its successor, hoping for a better sensor, integrated high-sensitivity GPS chip, Wi-Fi, faster flash sync speeds, resolution of the rolling shutter issue, integrated flash, external flash firing (radio, not IR!) capability without a need of add-ons, proper waterproofing.
If not, than bye-bye, Canon…

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Tape5: Canon's act reminds me of a joke.
A boxer inside a ring suddenly starts yelling at his opponent '' stop!, right now!, stop it!, I have to ask you something.'' His opponent stops '' what? what is it?'' he asks. '' why are you trying to hurt me?'' says the guy.
'' Why go higher with megapixels I ask you?'', Canon says. They must be thinking ''We got lucky with all this high ISO and Video craze.''
Canon have hit a technological wall. They would have loved to pull a 36.5 one on Nikon. They just cannot right now. It is sad because I heard many of their top guys saying ''40 mp? no problems at Canon.'' I knew that was a bad sign. And Ah..Canon, thanks for worrying about my processing times and storage with larger files that Nikon delivers. I just bought myself another six terabytes with one tenth the cost of your camera.

The chap, complaining of the Nikon D800(E) file size should note that the camera will probably have a user-selectable RAW size options. So I presume.

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GabrielZ: Even though I'm generally disappointed by the spec of the MKIII next to Nikon's D800, it is a very handsome camera, as is the 7D and pro 1-series. I've always admired the curvaceous uncluttered design, and intuitive control layout of Canon's pro/semi-pro models.

The main reason I haven't swapped my 5D II for a Nikon is its Quick Dial. Rocker dials belong to point-and-shoot cameras, not high-end DSLRs. Otherwise, I regret Canon's lack of foresight in failing to implement an uncompressed HDMI (as an option) video, a few MPs greater resolution, an on-board flash and/or an AF assist lamp; a Thunderbolt, USB3, FireWire 3200 or eSATA networking interface; a built-in GPS (with an integrated digital compass and extensive functionality); a tillable display and so forth… At least, I hope the rumours of allegedly superior video quality (read: less Rolling Shutter) and better compression, along with improved weather-resistance, turn out to be accurate. And - of course, I salute Canon's resort to finally integrate a more or less proper AF into the 5D III, along with all the less significant usability tweaks implemented in the 5D III.
I'm not appreciative of Canon's pricing logic, either.

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Pentax must have had lost common sense (not that they ever had it in abundance): who on earth will go for a small-sensor camera the size of its APSC-sensor competition! That said, physically this Olympus E-series copycat doesn't look too bad.

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